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  1. In order to own a repairable unit that will give you 1000's of hours of use trouble free you are going to have to spend $1500.00+ 
    My brothers company owned over 75 Dri-Eaz  model 1200's for over 20 years with only a hand full of repairs needed over the years.
    Said repairs were quick, easy and low cost performed my me in the shop.
    The cheap china made units at Lowes of the Depot are disposable only with a short life span.

  2. Yea, I saw that outdoor option. Also their site says they are currently working on a dedicated outdoor model.
    I am still researching, not liking the 12 second recording time after motion is detected  followed by a 5 minute cool down. 
    Still looking and learning trying to avoid a $250 model that I like but can not justify the cost for right now.


  3. My neighbor has 2 of the ring brand camera's that work amazingly well and have proved out to be worthwhile. Twice the local police have utilized video from his camera's to help solve a crime. They are fully customizable as far as alarms, voice over, night vision, and notifications but do utilize the cloud for most storage. Cheap annual cost.
    I am looking to add a pair on my house as soon as the $500 budget allows.

    I have no prior experience with security cameras so take my opinion with a grain of salt. They are rated well.

    Here is the one that I am looking at 


  4. 1 hour ago, joblock said:

    I'm sure most of you already know this but if any of you don't please be advised rockmeupto125 as a really nice guy. Kung Fu aside I wish I could shake his hand and buy him a beer.

    Perhaps you could plan to attend NeXXT in early September and meet Joe in person as well as a bunch of other great people.


  5. Check out the ride events thread and plan on attending NeXXT in Sept right there in PA.



  6. With you being in PA you are very close to a number of well educated blackbird owners and one person in particular that has just about most any stock part needed for any year Blackbird and is an honest straight shooter as a bonus!! 

  7. Past research and talking with "sales" reps all seem to agree with internet reviews that Star Brite brand is the best performing and lowest cost per oz on the market. But yes they all only claim to be effective on ethanol based fuels and make no claims for pure gas other than possibly a bit of cleaning action for carbs or injectors.


  8. 40 minutes ago, StubirdBluebird said:

    Thanks, have had a look at that forum and will probably become a member!

    I am good friends and business associate with John (Jaws) myself. I also know a bunch of the BlackBird riders/owners in England very well. John actually sold his business (Jaws Motorcycles) and retired but is still active on the forum and organizes annual Blackbird Bash get togethers the last week of May, (Bank Holiday) in Thetford. I attended 6 times myself back in the early 2000's.
    He is a wealth of knowledge on the BlackBird and has helped out many blokes over there. 


  9. Post up on the forum at www.superblackbird.co.uk and you will get lots of replies about the Jaws model offered since Jaws is a Mod for the that forum. John (Jaws) is a straight shooter and will give you good info and help if needed. I have bought many items from Jaws and always very satisfied with the products and always have help available if questions or issues come up.

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  10. 15 minutes ago, superhawk996 said:

    I have a smuggler, or whatever that solo version is called, but it's pretty busted up.  It's probably not a terribly hard repair, but I've never worked with fiberglass.  Carlos and one of my local buddies both have, I should get off my ass and get it fixed up, then figure out a good comfy seat build.

    The smuggler concept is awesome, I just never liked the comfort level of any corbin seat that I have ridden on. I will be doing a custom build seat with Sargeant Seats in Jacksonville. for my FJR. Make an appointment, ride in at 0800, pick out materials, take measurements while sitting on the bike, sit down on a fake seat that has like a memory foam top layer that leaves an impression from you butt to use as a mold to custom form the new seat. Ride home on the new seat in the afternoon.


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  11. 1 hour ago, superhawk996 said:

    I have a stock seat in perfect condition, but haven't decided if I really prefer the Corbin over it.  I'll give it another test ride when I can and decide which to sell.

    I had a Corbin Smuggler and made a couple trips on it. Hated it and sold it.

    I bought an embroidered seat condom in England. Used an electric turkey knife and panned out my stock seat, then stretched the new cover over it and stapled in place. Love it far more than the Corbin.

  12. 27 minutes ago, SwampNut said:

    You could determine how much DNA the two of you share.  Do you KNOW he's her real father?  Could you get your mother to do the test?  The more samples, the more it paints the picture.

    Unfortunately I can not easily get a sample from my mother. Yes I know my sister's real father but suspect that there may have been an affair or rape that produced me. I wish that Dad could have done a DNA test before he passed away in 2001 but it was just not very well known or publicised back then. Mom is 93 and not receptive to the subject at all, unfortunately.

    to add; My sister and i both carry a genetic gene that comes from my mother so we know for sure we are both from the same mother. All three of us have a genetic defect called the Nail Patella Syndrome that is a dominant gene in my mothers side of the family.

  13. Strange question for those of you in the know!
    I am suspect that my deceased father is possibly not my real blood father.
    If I compare DNA ancestry samples from my sister and my own is it possible to determine if we had the same father from birth?
    Or do I have to have a sample from my Dad?


  14. You and your wife should fly down for a quick vacation and attend RacerXX along with a bunch of other forum members.
    There will be extra CBR250's and a GSXR600 to ride in a safe and controlled environment and a whole lot of fun as well.
    Do the rock star fly-in and ride as many others have done and Chris is doing this year from Washington State.


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