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  1. Hi all,My beloved 2000 EFi has recently started showing some (electrical ?) issues, I have owned the bike since 2009 and did the loom fix in 2010, since then all was well apart from the usual charging system faults. The bike has done ~55K miles. Anyway, 2-3weeks ago i noticed the fuel pump wouldn't always prime when I turned on the ignition, or sometimes the starter wouldn't do anything, or I would get (random) FI error codes. Last week the engine cut out on me at 80mph for about 3 seconds before coming back to life!! When I got home I checked for FI error codes but none were present. This morning I used the bike again (I know!) and this time the FI light came on and stayed on. I will report the code when I get home, but the bike felt like I had full power, so probably not a major fault. I have removed and tested the bank angle sensor and that appears fine.This weekend I intend to re-look at my loom-fix, but has anyone experienced similar issues?Thanks Spanish
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