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  1. 2002 CBR1100XX Bike sold, but if anyone needs: Stock silencers, perfect condition, though not new. I will try to get them cleaned up and get some picntures up this weekend. Maybe $100/each +shipping (or pick up in San Diego). Factory Shop Manual, $20 + shipping or pick up in San Diego Direct email: Tmasalin@culvercareers.com
  2. SOLD! 2002 CBR1100XX Silver 37,xxx Miles Givi Luggage with SW-Motech Racks. Each bag will accommodate a full face helmet. Delkevic 350mm slip-ons + have stock exhaust as well Great mech + cosmetic condition, doesn’t need anything, never down or dropped, always covered or garaged. Dunlop Sportmax Q2s ~ 800 miles ago, new chain about ~2000 miles ago. Kaoko throttlelock (similar to Throttlemeister) Rear shock shim Owners manual, tool kit, two keys (+ spare luggage keys) + official Honda shop manual comes with bike. I will get some more pictures up this weekend...or I can certainly show whenever if you are in San Diego. If by some odd chance somebody has a 2005-2008 BMW R1200GS they’d like to trade for, that’s what I am planning on trying next.
  3. Need to throw on a set of tires before a ~2k mile trip. Been running a Pilot Power 2ct front and Pilot Road 2 rear sets for a while, like them, buuuuuuuuuut, local dealer is offering a set of the Dunlop Sportmax Q2s for $250 installed. Anyone running these? Thoughts?
  4. Hi there! Thinking about going that route too as my Givi bracket keeps cracking for some reason, nothing to do with overloading or wheelies I'm sure...:-) Do the SW Motech brackets keep the bags more stable as well? Seems like the Givi brackets let them shimmy quite a bit and I imagine that may contribute to the stress cracks...
  5. And it broke again...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Now exploring either metal fabrication to make the crossover part of the bracket out of solid steel instead of the hollow tube that keeps cracking or if that wont work, going to bite the bullet and buy the sw motech bracket. As an added bonus, Givi part is backordered, no availability from anywhere for 3 + weeks. Still love the bags, just gotta get this little gremlin under control!
  6. Just a quick thumbs up to Delkevic (http://www.delkevic.us/?section=about_us) Just put on their 350mm slip ons, $309 shipped, great service (Thanks Luke!), great sound, pretty impressed especially considering the price. And no centerstand stay or any other installation issues!
  7. Currently on PR2 Rear, Power 2CT front, works great and get about 6k out of the rears with fairly aggressive riding...
  8. PR2 on the rear, Pilot Power 2ct on Front = Brilliant!
  9. Did the crack appear in the formed pipe that joins to two wing rack sides? Thats what happened to mine. I just ground off and inserted a 5/8" bolt inside the break and welded it up. Both sides have been done now. I think I overloaded the bags a bit too. LOL Yep! Once there on my 99 BB and then this one ('02) it was on the rear wingrack mount. Getting welded as we speak, also emailed givi to see if they had an updated hardware kit, they actually wrote back to say no they didnt, now trying to get a free replacement kit, wish me luck! T
  10. Greetings! On my second BB and second set of Givi N141/Y158 and E36 side bags. Love the damn things, but now have another crack in mounting bracket. Grrrrr. Anybody else have these issues, suggestions? Or do I just tell the welder to add some plates? I know this is NOT because of wheelies with loaded bags...right?
  11. Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving all! Needing a new chain, mainly due to negligent owner at 17.8K miles. Who uses what, what do you like? Thanks for the info!! T
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