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  1. That is easy enough, i will give that a try first.
  2. I pulled the bird out to clean her up and get her ready to sell and it wouldn't start. I have had it on a battery tender any time is wasn't being ridden. I pulled it out and started it about 6 months ago and I remember the FI light being on. This time it doesn't even turn over. Just one click that sounds like it comes from the relay. When I put my hand on the relay I could feel it click. It's like it has a blown fuse or bad ground or something. I was expecting some fuel issues from sitting for so long without starting it but this sounds like something else. Any thoughts?
  3. Well, I think the time has come. Those of you who know me have seen the bike. I am not sure how much to ask but I am thinking $4k. Here are the details: K&N Power Commander with custom tune Erion ceramic coated (black) header (4:1) with Akrapovic race can (titanium) Block off plates Puig windscreen (smoked) CF hugger Ohlins rear shock Ohlins internals in front forks built by Dan Kyle Racing Throttlemeister HID high and low 65 (+/-) miles Tapered head bearings Givi top case SW Motech Day Pack tank bag with Quick Lock ring R&G racing frame sliders Powder coated (black) foot pegs, passenger pegs, shifter, brake pedal Pazzo levers (black) I am sure I am forgetting a few things but this was a spur of the moment decision. I had to list it before I changed my mind again. It's like selling a best friend.
  4. I just moved up from the Sena SMH10 to the 20s and it is a really good set up. it's louder than the 10, has a radio that is remarkably clear and increased functionality. I am please with it. The new design allows you to run speakers or earbuds. I use the in ear type as well and couldn't be happier with the set up. The 20s even has an ambient noise button for when you are stopped at a gas station and need to hear what someone is saying to you.
  5. Agreed. This would finally put an end to the misdirected light issue.
  6. Somebody finally made a projector HID available for the bird. I think this is the same guy that did one on the other site. http://eshop.ktautopart.com/motorcycle-custom-headlights/honda-custom-headlights/honda-cbr1100xx-custom-headlight-assembly/honda-cbr1100xx-custom-headlight-assembly-1997-2007.html
  7. It was definately the force in this case. Takes that flat spot out, right? Exactly! Pulled hard in every gear and every throttle position. Much quicker resoponse as well. Not to mention it made the bike run cooler.
  8. Went great! Got it in no problem. Much easier than expected. Getting the hole drilled straight was the hardest part. I stayed up till 2am Friday night putting her all back together and rode with two buddies at 7am Saturday morning. The new jet kit did wonders. Completely different bike.
  9. Got the Heli Coil kit but dont have any special tools for tapping or installing the Heli Coil. Most videos I've seen they are using a tap handle and a tool for inserting the Heli Coil. Maybe it is in the kit but I had it open to see if there was a drill bit (which there wasnt). I had to get the drill bit seperately. The package contained a tap, some kind of black tool and the inserts. I guess I will learn more when i get home.
  10. Great advise! I've heard kerosene is the thing to use when tapping aluminium. Do you think the tapped hole will hold as good as a helicoil would?
  11. I installed a jet kit and float bowl in the dirtbike and stripped one of the carb body threads that hold the float bowl screw. Should I Helicoil it or tap for a larger screw?
  12. I like the way you did the rock border and base. How do you do that?
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