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  1. Ya -- i was trying to walk him through a stator test this afternoon but he got a bit spooked by the prospect -- what should the bird do --bout 80 acv on all 3 legs ?
  2. yup - keep in mind all systems checks must be done with a known good battery so, i'd bite the bullet and get a new one if there is any doubt -- rotor and stator failures are fairly rare -- but rectifier/regulator failures are not -- plus all wiring from the stator to the r/r needs to be checked -- burnt connectors are a big problem on "classic " bikes The busa was having issues, but a new battery and battery tender fixed that right up -- keep in mind superbikes don't charge well at cruising speeds -- usually need at least 4k rpm to get decent amperage feel free to call me -- you can fly down and feed me or chili's gift cards are accepted There is no red trolley on draft here tho
  3. Please don't do both at the same time. :icon_snooty: some brake cleaner is flammable -- some is not -- if you lose your eyebrows and get a reverse mowhawk -- you have the flammable kind
  4. I think what BG is saying is the hex portion on top of the bolt rounded off on him -- not the threads I'd be very leery of helicoiling anything that held my bars on
  5. Another trick is to hammer in a slightly larger allen -- and i have had some luck with torx bits You want torque on it not a sharp blow If you are using a torch I'm glad I'm out of the area
  6. Looks like I was too late. The bolt thread is stripped. I bought a hex bolt socket set today and put a little pressure on the bolt and it's officially stripped. If I don't mess with the bars, I assume I can keep riding it the way it is? I never made any leverage on loosening that bolt anyway.... hoooooboy --- here we go again -- BG---BAD BG (slaps hand) -- don't touch !!! Sorry bud I'm 2k miles away
  7. Yeah....it's more like.....here's what you screwed up.....now go get me a beer while I fix it. Good thing I don't have any food in the house or I'd be making sandwiches too...... Good mechanic trainees have to make good sandwiches too :icon_clap:
  8. Don't sweat it Mr Gibb -- we'll git ya up to speed in no time I actually pretty much just point out whats wrong to him and let him do it -- the ol "teach a man to fish" thing
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