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  1. Hi, The light comes on whilst riding, I pull over flip side stand down to read the code. I disconnected the ecu last night to have a look at the pins and they are like brand new. Wiggled the ecu wires while bike was running and the light didn't come back on at the time the bike was ticking over. I went to work this morning this and got 500yds up the road and the light is back on code 25
  2. Bike runs a little flat more so wen cold, wen the light is on she is a little on off the throttle below 2.5k we all know how smooth these bikes should be. Thanku for the above
  3. Thankyou buddy for the kind comment , she does have the key symbol in the rpm counter with green light so I assume that’s Hiss ??
  4. Sorry peeps I should have said it’s a U.K. bike. Code 25 is knock sensor, anyone on here had this ?
  5. Hi peeps, thankyou for having me, I've just picked up a Blackbird, 1999 9,600 mile on her, FSH 1 owner, I think the ECU is on the way out as now and again im getting code 25 with the Side stand down. SO im looking for a ECU but don't know if my bike has HISS or not? It doesn't have HISS on the Ignition key surround just says HONDA Thankyou in advance
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