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  1. OK ok ! I'll make sure there is oil present, check the tank for rust, hook up a batt and see what happens. Unfortunately I cant get to it until the weekend now because of work/life. Yes I could get another which might be a mores sensible route, however, I've owned this one for some time and would love to get it going myself. PS: Thanks for all the replies!
  2. Hello to the CBR1100xx horde. I'm brand new here having just joined after pulling my "old girl" out from under the covers so I can (hopefully) ride her again. About 4 years ago my wife left me, my mother died suddenly and I somehow contracted Vertigo PLUS was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, hence the bikes hastilly stored and "forgotten". Incorrectly stored for over 3 years in the harshest tropical environment imaginable, everything on the Blackbird will need some sort of attention. I am not a mechanic, but I am also not an absolute noob, when it comes to working on my bik
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