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  1. It's nice that they could dial out that teeny flat spot.
  2. I should note that none of the many reviews I've read and watched ever mentioned abrupt throttle response. This would be in keeping with the massive level of testing and refinement that must have gone into the XX.
  3. Carbs have been trouble-free for me, except for my old Hawk GT. I can live without another attempted carb rebuild. I prefer the simplicity of FI, as long as it's done right. One common fault with literbike FI is on-throttle surge, which can be annoying, particularly in corners. Does the XX FI suffer from that malady? I do prefer the titanium color. No offense intended.
  4. I put stiffer springs and low-end ohlins shocks on my '94 CB1000 (RIP). I felt like a real Wrench for a minute there. Made a big difference, despite the "tuned-flex" frame. Glad to hear to hear that Bird owners sometimes go that route.
  5. That's good to know, Super. My FZ wasn't all that bad either. In-town manners were it's weak point mainly because the rest of the bike was so good. Duallies might be preferable but the state of tune is my biggest concern. Sierra's bike isn't overdone. Do folks upgrade their suspensions on the XX? The fz had a pretty amazing suspension. Penske shock and fork internals rebuilt to match by Traxxion Dynamics. Slightly stiff, but great turn-in and rebound.
  6. No rush, and if you keep them both, who could blame you?
  7. There's gold in them thar hills! I hope that the smoke and fires are moving away from El Dorado, Sierra. Our family vacationed in Tahoe and Yosemite in the summer of 2019. It's no wonder that the natives revered those places. I can't wait to ride up there one day. Sierra, if you decide to sell, I'd be honored to give your Bird a warm nest and regular floggings. Feel free to text me at 919-413-3118.
  8. Super and Sierra, thanks much for the great info. The silver Bird sounds, er, better than ever. My old Gen1 FZ1 had that same "tuned for top-end" feel, and it too had an aftermarket end can. The bit of extra clutch slipping around town must not have bothered me much, because I put 48k on clock before I sold it, end can still present. So, Sierra, where you at? With a name like yours, I'm thinking Bishop or Lake Tahoe, CA.
  9. Wow, both of those birds rawk! I doubt that I could find another titanium '02 in that condition any time soon, if ever. I see that it has a 4-into-1 exhaust. I presume that it's a full Yosh system. The carbon end can looks great and the system probably saves a good bit or weight. Sorry about the following questions. Feel free to tell me to fek off as needed and no harm done. Does the pipe include an O2 sensor? Does it have a power commander or similar? Are there any related intake changes, like maybe to the airbox or injectors? Was it tuned by a pro,
  10. Sierra, an Aermacchi sounds like a tinkerer's dream come true. You probably have your own machine shop. Good for you for keeping that antique bike in running condition. Presumably. Of course, if it's a piece of decor, then all you have to do is dust it. Do you have any photos of your titanium Bird, perhaps including a bikini babe or two? (The photo would still qualify as moto porn without the babes.) 10K miles is way low, but that doesn't mean that it's been neglected. You'd know by now if it hadn't been stored properly. k
  11. Either led or hid fits the bill, without having to add external lights that would mess up the slippery aerodynamics.
  12. I'm not offended easily, but it can be done. 😉 The motto of our riding group is "live to flame, flame to live." Most of us live to ride. For me, that $6K XX compares favorably with the S1000XR at twice the price. It doesn't have all the electronics, but I haven't missed any of that stuff so far. I had cycletrader tech support contact the guy. Still no word, and no update showing sold status. Jee zuss.
  13. Wow, the XX really does live up to it's reputation. Thanks for the welcome Red, this seems like a friendly gang. ReXX, that tour of your's should get sponsorship bucks from Honda! 😉 Maybe I'll find a 2001... My issue with the headlights is seeing into corners on backroads. For me, all headlights work well enough straight ahead. A pair of those little LEDs would work wonders. Saw a very nice titanium on cycletrader down in Braedenton, FL. The guy won't return my emails. Looks primo. Maybe he wants to sell to a lister? https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/200
  14. Thanks for the guidance Swamp and Fur. I'm glad to hear that good news about high-mileage reliability. And I'm glad that I don't need to get a valve adjust, at least right away. I should ammend my original statement to include any FI year, with mileage up to 40K. Note that the owner's manual has a periodic maintenance table that calls for a value clearance adjustment at 27K miles. Glad that I don't have to run out and do that. What I read is that after you buy one, you change the timing chain tensioner and the rectifier and you're good to go. Sounds reasonab
  15. I'm in the market for a sport-tourer that is fun to ride and is also considered to be one of the best bikes ever made. The ideal candidate would be a clean FI Bird in good running condition, good paint, good wheels, all or mostly stock, with mileage somewhere around the point of the first valve clearance adjustment. I've seen them for sale, so I know they exist. I will pay for shipment as needed. Wish-list mods include Heli bars, aux led headlamps, aftermarket seat, hard bags, GPS mount, aux power outlet, and a gorgeous redheaded pillion. I mean, it doesn't hurt to drea
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