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  1. Good morning Ric :::... The exhaust is in good shape as seen in the photos. They came off a 97 that I bought used. In all honesty, when I bought the bike, the guy who sold it to me just threw them in. I believe he had swapped them out when he acquired the bike so they have seen very little mileage. I've had 2 more Blackbirds since I acquired them and they're just collecting dust. Unfortunately, I don't have the headers to go along with them. Just the exhausts themselves. If you're interested, please let me know. Thanks...Jay
  2. Good morning Popcorn Lovers :::... Yes, this is my first attempt at a sale here and - for some reason - the website interface is not letting me complete my profile. The exhaust is in Oakland, CA. The sale is in US Dollars only. Shipping won't be cheap due to the 25-30 pound weight. You can buy a new after market pair for about the same price. But - ya know - some folks like to keep it stock. Any reasonable offer would be entertained. I'd rather see them used than stored in my garage. But judging from the responses, I'm guessing you all have a pair of these laying. You can't blame a guy for trying... Enjoy...
  3. For sale. Used pair of OEM Honda Blackbird exhaust. This fits 1997-2003 CBR1100XX Blackbird models. The pair is in good condition with some minor scratches and dings. The baffle is unmodified and still intact. THE OEM PART # IS 18310-MAT-L03 L and 18310-MAT-L03 R and retails for $588.29 each. It came off a 97. SHIPPING charges not included. Asking $500 or best offer
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