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  1. Still waiting for the bung adapter, but welding the 18x1,5 was successful and the bike is now running very well with the sensor disconnected. Getting the FI light as expected, but also the fuel gauge seems to not be working. The last indicator bar keeps flashing when the bike is running, not displaying tank level. Maybe i accidentally disconnected the fuel gauge connector when disconnecting the 02 sensor, or could this be a part of the fault indication caused by the missing 02 sensor?
  2. Thanks, got that in mind. Can always grind things down to make sure the sensor ends up in the right spot.
  3. Thanks for your replies, they are really helpful! I had surges and rough engine @2700rpm earlier until I dropped a zeromap in the PC. Immediately became smooth as silk. Will leave the PC in there for a while in case something needs to be adjusted. Solution: Got a M18x1,5 bung which is going to welded in soon allowing me to assemble the bike and make it usable with the bung capped and the sensor disconnected for now. Also ordered an adapter to M12x1,25 which should arrive later. Will install the sensor then.
  4. Seems it is not so straightforward to get a suitable bung right away, så I am left with the choice between assembling the bike without the o2 sensor for now postponing the weld until winter, or leaving the bike unusable for days while waiting for the bung to get delivered. And those are my days off work... So, I it is probably not a good idea to run the bike with the sensor connected not in the exhaust. But what happens if the bike is started with the sensor disconnected entirely?
  5. Agreed on the bung. Disconnected the sensor to take it with me shopping. But the thread gauge for 1,25 does not fit the threads on the sensor. Strange if it is supposed to be 12x1.25. EDIT: Beginners mistake. New thread gauges, and it appears the 1.5 blade and the 1.25 was stuck together. 12x1.25 is correct and it should be pretty easy to get a bung that fits. Have a few shops that may have these in stock nearby.
  6. Finally got my 2006, and traded an Akra full 4-1 system for a stock exhaust from a 99. Now i just need to get the lambda sensor in place, and need to get some stainless nut welded in place, enabling the sensor to be screwed in. But i am not able to figure out where to get a nut with the correct threads. Measuring diameter across the threads of the sensor the caliper shows excactly 12mm. The threads seems not to be metric though; the SAE 20 gauge fits perfectly. Anyone who knows something helpful about this? (Sensor delete is not an option, I am going for stock but without the cats)
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