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  1. Ok, so counter clockwise will put more pressure on the chain right?
  2. The CCT is only 4K miles old and an automatic one. I have turned the adjuster clockwise to take the plunger away from the chain then pulled the screwdriver out and you can hear the tensioner clunk against the chain again resetting itself. If I hear this could it still be knackered?
  3. Thanks a lot guys. Got the panels off and had a screwdriver against different parts of engine. Going off what I’m hearing everything is good and smooth inside. Are there any baffles in the exhaust manifold does anyone know? I have reset the cam chain tensioner and it’s only 4K miles old so I cant see it being that. The sound is quite a tinny rattlesnake sound. If all else fails I’ll probably have to take it to the local bike mechanic who is very good but knows how to charge!😳
  4. HI, New Here. 2005 Blackbird 40k miles. I was on a trip in Spain a couple of years ago and had the FI light come on with no issue with the running of the bike or affecting anything. I had already done the loom fix. Turned out it was the ECM unit thats located at the rear under the seat near the rear tail light. I simply used some velcro to fasten it down securely to the plastic tray it is sat on/sliding around on as its not fastened down (well mine wasn't anyway). It was being bumped around and vibrated while riding. Sorted my problem out with the FI light. They don't like being moved around/vibrated/bumped around apparently. May be worth a try. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi All, Im new here! I have a 2005 Blackbird with 42k miles clocked. I have just noticed a strange noise coming from what seems to be the engine. The best way to describe it is like a rattle snake sound that comes in and out intermittently on tick over (its like a tinny rattle snake sound if that makes sense). I don't seem to notice it once the revs climb. I have attached a sound file if anyone would like to throw any light on the issue. You need to listen beyond the sound of the engine. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks engine noise.mp3
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