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  1. So luckily they did come with a heat shield in them so I'm all good there and I love how the dual nitrous cans compliments the repsol fairings. I think the only thing I want to put on the birb now after I repair the front end by finding an upper cowl stay bracket and headlight assembly is an underglow kit which is cheap and easy along with trunk for the rear but those are hard to find and really expensive My buddy and I are planning a trip to West Virginia in September as our first long distance trip. I'll be on my bird and he'll be on a Tiger 800 XCX. Alo
  2. I got a bird I'm fixing currently and all I really need left is a new headlight assembly and Upper cowl stay bracket(atleast i think that's the name, the bracket that holds the mirrors and dash). If you have one, leave a message and a price you're selling it for! Looking to get them very soon so i can finish assembling my bird.
  3. It won't let me file a "not as described" complaint and only a full return one, they shipped the item under 2 different tracking numbers and the second one is just sitting there dormant. So I'm a bit confused how to go about this.
  4. I still need to get ahold of a dash frame bracket and headlight assembly before I can even worry about getting the nose on. I'm just not sure where to look for oem ones so I might put out an ISO on here
  5. I guess you could put it like that lol They look good when fitted and it took me longer since the NOS tanks. I got ahold of my old manager who does auto body work on the side and he might be able to help me fix it for free, just need to get the supplies myself.
  6. Screw holes are slightly off and the curves are wrong but right? Its hard to explain, it gets on with a lil bit of work. I actually had to saw the rear cowl, I actually forgot about the NOS tanks and how the last owner had cut outs in the fairings for them to fit lol
  7. Thickness and weight of them compared to oem feels identical but fitment can uhhh, it can be an absolute bitch. It took me nearly 3 hours to get just 4 of the panels on.
  8. This was purchased on my debit card like 3 weeks ago 😕 Since I placed the fairings on, it immediately invalidates any sort of refund/return, I left them with a neutral review saying the item wasnt as describe and customer service was bad.
  9. Thanks!! I appreciate the help, Itll be some time before I put the front nose on since I still need to fix it but I got the rest of the fairings on and it looks really good! Here's a walk around: https://streamable.com/6jwnh
  10. I will leave a mediocre review soon, sadly it is a bit disappointing but I don't have the money to deal with returning them and they already said they aren't going do much. A neutral review was left on their ebay already from me. I just want others to know to be careful with them.
  11. I have no idea how much and they just didn't give an answer about the nose when I asked about a replacement. I payed on ebay with PayPal and I think I might just go the route of finding a body shop to fix it. It doesn't seem like a major job. I'm super happy with the rest of the fairings though
  12. So I've been working in my blackbird ever since I got in an accident in August, i finally got around to buying new fairings and i loved the look of the Repsol Black/White ones auctmarts did. I ordered them and the whole process took around 3 weeks, when they sent me the photo showing them completed before being sent out I noticed the Repsol on the nose was crooked but assured me that it wasnt. So I let it be and to wait for them to come in. They came in 2 days ago and I'm a little annoyed since everything else looks great. I'm in love with them except for the crooked repsol on the nose is both
  13. Oh no worries bud! I get that, I work overnights myself so my days are spent sleeping, eating or working. I'm in no rush!
  14. Yup, lower fairing set is honestly entirely okay, I'd like to get a new upper cowl so I can have OEM fairings ontop of that, I plan on getting repsol black/white fairings so I can have 2 sets to switch between. Just gotta wet sand, paint over, and seal.
  15. I did check the wiring and wasnt affected at all! The one near me is NHRA so I'd look for another but I could just run it stock, I still need a lanyard kill switch though since it does a quarter mile faster than 11 seconds/can do over 120mph in that time, thats just the track rules
  16. Basically to make it short, dude slammed brakes, I slammed mine, front disc locked, skidded towards him and hit him doing about 15-20mph
  17. I know the one near me requires I have a kevlar wrap on my engine because it does have NOS injection, I could run it without NOS but still would need full leathers which I do not have.
  18. I'd love to take it to the strip near me but theres many many rules and regulations i have to go through so itll be some time before I do that.
  19. Yes they did! Theres no problems with them luckily, 30 shot is plenty though, its stupidly powerful without it and with it is just overkill
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