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  1. Well this does sound like a logical reason and it might as well be coolant flow related - which then makes me think why am I losing coolant in the first place. Winter service is due, I bet I'll be in for many surprises.
  2. Went for a ride today to do some errands, and as soon I got out of the garage I had a green light streak thru the city so by the time I got to my parking lot, the bike presumably got "over" its idle bug and this time I didn't see it happening. And I had to postpone the visit to the garage, but will update when I get to it.
  3. No mention of fast idle in that thread, which part specifically should I take note of, MAP sensor vacuum hose? I will say that I have tinkered with the cables in a very shoddy way - but this was few months ago. I tried to remove the right side handlebar switch and I wasn't able to remove the end weight (screw kept turning in place, nothing happened) so I split opened the switch and tried to maneuver the cables out of their position in the grip, but there wasn't enough slack to do it - or I wasn't skilled enough, could be the reason as well very likely So I put everything back and for a couple of months everything seemed normal. In the meantime I did buy those inner clips or whatever they're called on the grips, because I think my previous mechanic might've over-tightened the weights and now I can't get one of them out. We'll see, I'll be taking care of it these days, just hope it's not something serious.
  4. I'll look into it at my friends garage in a couple of days. Vacuum leak "should" be on the lines under the tank only, no other place right? And I'll give the temp sensor a test, that's the one on the left back side of the rad?
  5. Noticed this few days ago. Bike starts up normally on cold starts, float around 1300 or something, but as soon as I'd move out of the garage to the first junction, that's half minute of distance, when I'd put the bike in neutral I saw the bike having higher revs in idle. And I think it would initially stay at whatever my "last" throttle was before pulling the clutch. I would put the bike in neutral, saw the tacho at 2000 rpm which immediately caught my eye (and ear) and then blipped the throttle slowly to lets say 3000 rpm - release the throttle but the rpm's would stay at 3000 and would creep up, but very very slowly. Then, engaging back the gear and moving down the road, if I'd let the bike move without any throttle - the bike would barely roll forward. I thought that high idle would act as "false throttle" when no actual throttle was applied on the grip, but that wasn't the case, when in gear, no throttle meant no throttle. The problem would occur for maybe a minute (bike would be well into operating temp) and then everything back to normal, neutral gear normal idle speed etc. Where do I start looking? (2002 Bird)
  6. Took the bike for its first wash this year, was a bit nervous since it's fresh paint etc. When I was rinsing the front cowl, I noticed, under both rearview mirrors, a crack. So the "fairing guy" who fixed the crackes on my nose cowl really did a good job, it held up for approx 500 km's. Absolutely pathetic. Also, I told about the forks to my bike buddy and he went checking them with a light, and he says there's a vertical hairline-width scratch on the one that leaks. So that sounds great as well!
  7. This was all done as a part of this year's "big service". To be honest I don't get easily annoyed but with this fork leaking, I am annoyed. The only reason I took my bike to this guy was because of a recommendation. I have a friend that I know for 20 years, he works with cars etc. so I asked him for a friendly advice where could I take my bike to get it serviced and also to repair the cracks on the fairings. He gave me the contact for both the mechanic and bodyshop, since he knows both of them and he "vouched" that they're both stand up guys and I have nothing to worry about. So given that we know each other for 2 decades, I just took the bike over there and let them take care of it, didn't ask any questions. And I'm not the tough customer type, I'm not confrontational (big mistake), I just want to get things done and get on with my life, so I didn't bother with all the small imperfections I saw on the bike regarding the paintjob. It looks good enough for me, but with close inspection you can find mistakes and the guy charged me pretty nice sum of money, one would expect top notch spotless job for that money. But, like I said, I just wanted to get on with it, I wrote about the harness issues I had right after the bike was delivered to me, didn't mind fixing that but that cost me money as well, those errors didn't exist prior to the service. But now that the fork is leaking, I'm just annoyed as fuck. Also I'm annoyed at this friend of mine who recommended me these clowns. I know it's not his fault but fuck, it's just not right. Like I said, I don't expect Pebble Beach concours type of job, I don't go around the bike with a loupe, but this is just ridiculous. It's really a shame you can't trust anyone for anything, this is just a fucking bike service and people still can't resist scamming you out on it, even if you go there on recommendation. Pathetic.
  8. Went for a ride yesterday, this whole saga with this shitty service really took the wind from my bike sails and all...but I went scooting around town yesterday just to see if all is ok, and stopped by a local garage, asked the guy to take a look... Turns out the oily residue on the caliper isn't coming from the brake lines, rather from the fork. So the left side of the fork is leaking, which is great because I bough every single part from Honda and had it rebuilt.
  9. I went to clean up the bike now, few days after that last ride, and on the left cowling, just behind the calipers, there was a trail of dirt. So I cleaned that part of the fairing, and then I noticed a little scuff, like from a stone chip....but I don't recall that being there before. The bike was just resprayed. Then I figured maybe it's not from a stone, maybe it's DOT4, since the caliper is all oily (check the first post here) maybe it's not from "dripping coolant" maybe the idiot who serviced the bike botched the job? So I went to check the fluid levels in the cylinders. And well...
  10. Tried something just now...cranked the bike and left it to sit in a parking lot, few minutes later the temp was in the "cooling fan" zone...the fan turned on, but we all know Bird can be hard to chill if it doesn't move. I left it idling some more, the temp crawled slowly, 105'C, 107...I looked away for a moment, the temp got up to 114'C which is pretty high, fan was trying its best but no avail...but one thing I noticed - the fairing under the radiator was WET again. So it seems this happens when the temp gets really high, way outside the cooling fan temp which is 104'C....so, whatever this means. Also it's pretty hard to find a decent mechanic here nowadays, or any solid craftmanship, it seems to keep eroding...
  11. Motul Factory Line is what most stores here have - https://www.motul.com/hr/hr/products/motocool-factory-line But if I see correctly, this is a premixed solution that shouldn't be diluted? And it says its nitrite free, amine free, phosphate free, borate free, silicate free, the silicate part being important for the Bird, correct?
  12. Would you say that this dark patch on the radiator is something to worry about, stone chip damage or something? Hoses were replaced at the service...at this point I really have a problem finding a proper mechanic, if it turns out it's a hose leak or something I'll go insane, I'm just trying to get a damn standard 20 year old mass produced Honda bike serviced ffs
  13. So I've finally managed to sort out the electrics on the Bird after the soap opera episode I had this year with the service and with repairing the cracks that started to appear on these old fairings... and I finally went out for a ride. All was nice, normal, felt good to be on the bike again and all the usual stuff. However, throughout the day as I was riding around I was also focused a bit on how the bike behaves, since I didn't ride it for months. Naturally, in this summer heat, I kept my eye on the temp display. Riding on the open road, without any traffic in front, but with palpable summer heat in the air, the temperature was probably 5 celsius above the usual 82-84 numbers that I would normally see. Didn't think too much about it, I figured it was because of the summer heat. However, when I would get behind some traffic (tourists) on the road and slowed down to 40 km/h or whatever, the temperature would go up and it would bounce between the 95 and 105, which is right around the cooling fan range. So I figured the fan works normally. Also, when I would ride on a big downhill road, letting the bike coast down without any throttle, the temp would fall to 79 celsius which is really low and I thought all is well. However, on a gas station I noticed some drips of water (hopefully it's just water...) on the fairing "triangle" under the exhaust. Right where my 3 year old chinese radiator is. Figured I'll look into it when I get home, and on my way home I did ride a bit more spirited, and well, when I parked the bike this is what I saw; So what happened here? I still have the OEM radiator, I bought the chinese one because I thought it cools the bike better, but it really made no difference. What coolant should I buy, Motul Motocool or something, and should I mix it with distilled water or just pure Motul? Thanks!
  14. What's the procedure to get this thing off the bike? I went with the most logical thing - the screw on the side of the weight, managed to get the weight "out" a bit, but the whole thing would rotate when unscrewing...so what's the exact procedure on getting this thing out, why can't I take the screw out first?
  15. So here it is, given that connector continuity test gave some suspicion, and with @superhawk996 saying the connector terminals look worse than expected, I went on with one more test... Bit hack, bit ghetto approach but jumping male and female sides of it with this specialized device gave results. High/low rocker switch works, Passing button works. Crimp time!
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