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  1. OK just finished the garage test on both amber and my white led cluster. We are gonna be soldering again, these 2000mcd leds are way to much, both pics were taken from the same spot, same exposure iso f everything. It looks drastic on the photo, human eye compensates bit better for this BUT - the difference from rev gauge to the LCD is just distracting. I definitely picked too bright LEDs. Back to solder city
  2. But this is a phone snap and I took the exposure down because you know how crappy these phones are in these challenging dynamic range situations. When I took the video of it, it looked better, on this photo it looks as if the numbers and washed out on LCD which is not the case. I'll take better pics tonight.
  3. My first soldering project passed the test!
  4. Here they are, just snapped a pic of them. The strip on the left is the ones I bought, Sloan SMD-WPLCC-02 is the name.
  5. It would be kinda cool to have the cluster look stripped down I agree Forgot to ask - I bought 3 packs of 3528 SMD LEDs (PLCC2), rated at different intensity - 1000, 1200, 2000. Any idea if the 2000 mcd intensity would be too much, causing hotspots of light?
  6. So I decided to change the orange lights in my cluster, and also change the "old" rev gauge face with the new one, the one with blue strip. Bought the late model cluster for that, if this whole operation goes well I'll sell it. I took the clusters apart, the rev gauge faces are made from pretty solid cardboard material, with halftone pattern printed on the bottom side, to disperse the light from those 2 bulbs that light up the rev gauge. So my idea of designing my own gauge face was nulled, I don't think any aftermarket guy doing gauges can make them on such precise level, and I p
  7. Thanks for the advice hawk! One more question though, last year my mechanic did the regular service on the bike and mentioned that one of the main loom connectors, not sure which one but one of the "main ones" is going bad, I think he was saying that it started to show signs of corrosion, or something akin to it - not sure. Either way I will strip the bike down during the winter so I'll have a better look - but lets say one of those main loom plugs is showing signs of toast - is it possible to fix it without buying the loom from ebay or, yikes - Honda
  8. Noob question fellas - is there a way to check the wires/installation on these bikes, given that they're 20+ year machines now for the most part? Other than visual "corroded plug" inspection, how would one test if a wire is going bad?
  9. One question about LED lights and circuit issues - is it true that putting LED's on a Bird results in significant drop in load of the circuit, making rectifier work hard to dissipate the excess and leading to faster failure?
  10. FTM

    Forks / swingarms

    I'm digging around japanese web trying to find if there's some new trick to the front fork business SP1? RC45? This is a SC59 bridge...did anyone convert the Bird's fork to SC59?
  11. Thinking about doing something with the Bird over the winter, and there are so many threads on these topics, figured I'd try to make one and distill all the info as much as possible before diving into this, since I'm not really a garage guy. As far as I managed to read, Busa front forks (2006 model year?) are easiest to install, RC51 are "easy" too but those bike are very rare as of late. I found few pics of Nissin big brakes with USD forks, apparently WP branded...any ideas what's the source on these forks? KTM usually puts WP pieces on their bikes... As for swin
  12. Just a sec, does this mean I can't buy those generic bar end weights that are sold on eBay, Bird requires special kind? Or not?
  13. FTM

    Aftermarket wheels

    In the meantime I've sent a inquiry to Carrozzeria and this is the response; Hello, To fit a wheel to this bike would require all new components to be engineered and produced. We do not have Data related to this model and have no plans to make wheels for this model. Sorry to say, The investment required to roll out a new wheel heavily out weighs the market for this model. There may be another wheel brand out there that does have an application for this bike. I wish you luck. Its a great bike, Hope you enjoy it.
  14. FTM

    Aftermarket wheels

    Just out of curiosity - why can't regular XX sprocket be included in the aftermarket wheel setup, something on Honda design part or something else? I can't wrap my head around it since I never had any deal with aftermarket bike wheels, my brain is wired to think in car terms, bolt pattern/PCD, offset, J width, center bore...
  15. FTM

    Aftermarket wheels

    Oh nice, was the ZX sprocket featured because of practicality with their stock, or some technical issue that prevented them for making the wheel ready for Bird's OEM sprocket?
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