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  1. FTM

    Headlight upgrade

    One question about LED lights and circuit issues - is it true that putting LED's on a Bird results in significant drop in load of the circuit, making rectifier work hard to dissipate the excess and leading to faster failure?
  2. FTM

    Forks / swingarms

    I'm digging around japanese web trying to find if there's some new trick to the front fork business SP1? RC45? This is a SC59 bridge...did anyone convert the Bird's fork to SC59?
  3. FTM

    Forks / swingarms

    Thinking about doing something with the Bird over the winter, and there are so many threads on these topics, figured I'd try to make one and distill all the info as much as possible before diving into this, since I'm not really a garage guy. As far as I managed to read, Busa front forks (2006 model year?) are easiest to install, RC51 are "easy" too but those bike are very rare as of late. I found few pics of Nissin big brakes with USD forks, apparently WP branded...any ideas what's the source on these forks? KTM usually puts WP pieces on their bikes... As for swingarms, I saw few threads mentioning TSR swingarms, and they are very cool looking (there's one incredible, fully spec'd out red Bird here that has (had) one) but they remind me of 929 swingarms, with a bit of material welded on TSR aside, 929 should be the direct fit right?
  4. FTM

    Bar End Weights

    Just a sec, does this mean I can't buy those generic bar end weights that are sold on eBay, Bird requires special kind? Or not?
  5. FTM

    Aftermarket wheels

    In the meantime I've sent a inquiry to Carrozzeria and this is the response; Hello, To fit a wheel to this bike would require all new components to be engineered and produced. We do not have Data related to this model and have no plans to make wheels for this model. Sorry to say, The investment required to roll out a new wheel heavily out weighs the market for this model. There may be another wheel brand out there that does have an application for this bike. I wish you luck. Its a great bike, Hope you enjoy it.
  6. FTM

    Aftermarket wheels

    Just out of curiosity - why can't regular XX sprocket be included in the aftermarket wheel setup, something on Honda design part or something else? I can't wrap my head around it since I never had any deal with aftermarket bike wheels, my brain is wired to think in car terms, bolt pattern/PCD, offset, J width, center bore...
  7. FTM

    Aftermarket wheels

    Oh nice, was the ZX sprocket featured because of practicality with their stock, or some technical issue that prevented them for making the wheel ready for Bird's OEM sprocket?
  8. Been looking thru some topics on this subject but my knowledge of bikes is too simple, I need someone to walk me through this. Knowing that bike wheels are nowhere near as simple as car wheels, swapping them needs knowledge and attention. So first question, well not really since I think I know the answer - is there a set of wheels from Honda that could fit 2002 Blackbird straight up? But more importantly, if I was to order set of aftermarket wheels (I've seen Carrozzeria is a popular choice here) do they have the set for the Bird, in a way that I don't have to buy any additional gear, i.e. leave the stock brake discs sprocket and all that, just put the new wheel instead of 3 spoke oem atrocities and go? Or are there some measurements I need to know and give it to the wheel company, like you have the offset, J values on car wheels etc.
  9. Tested this today, went for a short ride. Expressway ride, bike kept completely normal temp like it always does. Pull up, shut the bike down, nothing happened. Then went on a slower ride, temp got up very close to fan switching level, pulled over, let the engine run, gauge was at 103'C meaning the fan should've started to operate, nothing happened, 105'C still nothing, 107'C still nothing, shut the bike off, coolant dripped out from above the center stand. Yeah, I will...don't know what attitude to take though.
  10. Is there a chance that the coolant dripping is a sign of something catastrophic (gasket etc?) and also, theoretically is the bike good to ride now if I drive it on open road where fan doesn't have to come in?
  11. Hey folks, first post worst post, bike troubles brief introduction, started riding 2 years ago by getting myself the Bird since I always like that specific bike when I was a kid, made quite some miles on it, made my first stoppie, wheelie, traveled around and became even more of a fan of this turbine smooth easy going machine. The only thing that bothered me was cooling. I know it's not the ideal bike for the city, but at times it would get to that dreadful above 120'C zone so for this year's service I gave my mechanic the new rad (aluminum ebay thing) and OEM rad cap, cap gasket and thermoswitch. He assessed that the rad cap and switch were ok so he didn't change them, they're in my parts box. I have no hands on mechanical experience nor the means to learn, I live near the city center, so giving the bike to the mechanic is my only option. I don't know if this mechanic is sloppy, but he has a good reputation (Honda bikes mainly, owned a Bird 10 years ago etc). But the bike doesn't cool good enough. For example I expected that the cruising temp. would drop a few 'C on the new aluminum rad, that didn't happen, still 84'C. City scooting was as usual, quick to go into 100'C+ and there were few instances when it would go into 110+. Also, I noticed a pattern, not sure if this means anything but on the days when I would ride open roads, cooling was a complete non issue, temps all low and normal. But if I made the bike go into 104'C and more, it would have a hard time coming down, and it would often have some sporadic fan operation, sometimes I would hear it coming on at those temps, sometimes not. Without blaming the mechanic, how the hell is this happening on the "new system", with new rad and all. Is it possible that the bike is tough to burp? Or could it be the faulty fan, since the mechanic mention something about the fan needing the replacement on my next service. Today the bike went into 110'C in the city, I pulled to the side and after half a minute water started to leak from above the bike stand. How do I fix this, or better yet, what the heck do I tell my mechanic to do this time?
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