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  1. Thank again!! Love this site. Everyone very helpful. When I get my girl running I'll let you what it was!
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies. I will continue trouble shooting and let you know what I find. All great suggestions!!!!!!!
  3. Basic scenario with fresh set plugs= start bike, bike starts but no idle, turn idle adjust all way up and will barely idle, rap the throttle bike stumbles until about 3-4,000 rpm then smooths out, if I open throttle all the way the bike will not hit the rev limiter. Bike runs in this manner until the plugs go. Pull the plugs and they're wet and black.
  4. Thank you for your replies. Checked fpr no fuel in vac lines. And yes I meant running rich. It fowls random plugs in random order. No fi light. Have taken harness apart from front of tank to the computer. Infamous "plug" and all other connections in tip top shape. No corrision. I have spark and fuel to all cylinders. I have spent many hours and $ trying to diagnose this issue. Wondering if I've been overlooking a simple vacuum leak. Wondered if anyone else has had issues with vacuum leaks and if there is a common area on the bird they can occur. Checked and good. No fuel in
  5. First time on forum for me so please be patient. I have a 99 bird that has ran like a dream for years. The other day I was riding and outta nowhere started running super lean and would not idle. I've got spark an fuel. Put a new set plugs in. Bike will start but will not idle. Runs very rough until you rev to higher rpms. Eventually fowls plugs. New fpr, wires, etc. gotta be a vac leak. Having problem locate leak. Any advice?????
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