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  1. NorthtexdoubleX

    Parting out 2000 1100xx

    I like where this is going... thanks Redbird ! Anyone pending in making a desicion just shoot me a reasonable offer. Or... After viewing it today with a little more depth, I may venture to rebuild if anyone chimes in with a FI gauge cluster and headlight laying around. I know I seem indecisive, Just kicking some ideas out there to get the ball rolling. Wanting to thank those chiming in and assisting in any way possible. NorthTexXX
  2. NorthtexdoubleX

    Parting out 2000 1100xx

    Yes clean blue texas title, and does say exempt mileage. I'm hoping it's the angle of the pic, I kind of was at an angle snapping the front photos. I would rebuild and see if there is any sway or drift on the alignment after bike is back together, hoping not. I will keep my feelers out to see if anyone may have a use for the low mileage engine swap on their 1100xx and perhaps eBay the rest
  3. NorthtexdoubleX

    Parting out 2000 1100xx

    Yep. Anything and everything occurred this week. Really need it gone so I'm changing the picture's priority level to code red. Check in pics will be there end of day
  4. NorthtexdoubleX

    Parting out 2000 1100xx

    Sure lemme get back in town tomorrow and I will upload a few. Thanks
  5. Greetings XX riders, First time forum user. Figured I'd let the XX world discover my bike. I have a clean 2000 model FI 1100xx that had 6800 legit miles when registered, and still less than 7500 miles when crashed. May dilemna is the bike overall isn't in terrible condition after the wreck, and I had full intentions of rebuild but finding it hard to locate all needed parts, primarily the FI instrument gauge cluster which got wiped out. I'm starting with gauges before I commit to the rest of the build parts since they are the hardest to find. For value purposes, I'd rather see the bike back together since it has such low miles, but can't prove mileage now that the odometer was scattered across the highway. Im also needing windshield, headlight, mirrors, brackets, fairings, some wire harnesses, bars, switches, & other odds and ends to put it back together. To say the least I would build and sell or simply less as is if anyone is craving a new engine and misc parts. Anyone know who may have some good uses parts to help my build on this 2000? Or... anyone interested in a 2000 year 1100xx bike and complete engine and attached parts with less than 7500 miles located in North Texas ? Guessing I'd start price at a hopeful $2000. Or make me an offer for pickup. Have title to bike. Reply or PM me I will try and keep an eye on the forum board. thanks for viewing and any input, NotthTexXX