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  1. Tom

    Rebuild my motor

    No I don't have all the answers I'm willing to take advice always willing to take advice and gentlemen I believe in my bird I told you I had it up to about 170 still had throttle left and I was still increasing speed when I had to back off some motor work during and sprockets will get me there my speedometer is not that far off I've had a friends of mind clock me with their vet they're better than others Dead on I was within 1 mile an hour of their speedometer biker build off the showroom floor to 187 maybe your guyses speedometers are off the other way and you just don't know it but again I b
  2. Tom

    Rebuild my motor

    Either way I know what some motor work and maybe a gear change and a sprocket change this bike will do 200 miles an hour it's a 2002 off the showroom floor does 187 and I haven't done anything to the bike it all except put up 4 and 1 on it actually excuse me I made 4 and 1 out of the pipe that was on it cut the light out and kept it and if I was only doing 160 I still had plenty of throttle left and RPM I am willing to travel or send the motor to get it done right
  3. Tom

    Rebuild my motor

    Totally agree I have a 2002 blackbird great bike headed up to 175 still have throttle and RPM left I'm thinking after I poured out will be 200 plus mile an hour bike oh my any suggestions on where to get my work done at I'm out here in California Lake Elsinore area
  4. rebuild my motor or else to a higher CC need a good mechanic and opinions on boring it it out
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