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  1. Hey Hoss!! how ya doing? I haven't chatted with you in a while hope you are doing better since the last we spoke. Done anything new to the bird?? We still going to have to get together and burn some rubber..

  2. I had a peice of crap K&N and it made the bird run crappy! To me it was a waste because it never fits flush even after taking the ring, and like he said it lets more dirt in your engine.. After I went back to stock the bike ran fine, more power and evertything... If you want one that bad I will sell you mine.. Also, with the factory filter you can usually clean it after a few miles and re insert it, that is what I did to mine..
  3. quote name='rockmeupto125' date='Oct 18 2006, 08:39 PM' post='455866'] Yak, the leak you describe is quite different from the one indicated by rcone. I thought you said you were posting a picture. There are two covers on the right side of the engine...one is the timing cover, and one is the clutch cover. The timing cover has a removable center cap, and it would be relatively easy to have a leak there. The clutch cover has a removable center cap as well, and it would not be so easy to have a leak there. Regardless, neither of those areas is on the seam of the case halves, and therefore, a completely different issue. I guess I am not camera savy, but I tried again today... :icon_think: [attachmentid=4378]
  4. You are absolutely correct sir... I tried to upload some pics on yesterday, but I was unsuccessful. Every time I tried I got an error.. But I tried again today, hopefully I was successful this time... :icon_think:
  5. I am hoping that some type of remedy comes our way for this problem.. :icon_think: Hopefully nothing major s going on with it????
  6. I have the same problem on my 00 blackbird!!! I noticed it about a couple of months ago.. It is coming from I guess is the right engine case cover, right areound where the center cap is... I thought that maybe I was just seeing an excess of oil from my oil change, but I cleaned it and sure enough it is leaking.. :icon_think: If needed I will try to take a pic and show you the area of concern...
  7. Warchild, I have been noticing you here on the forum... I really appreciate you looking out for the what is left of the bird owners... :icon_clap: But anyway DAMMIT I'm in.... :icon_lmao:
  8. How much did you pay for that tail??? That is sweet... And where can I get it??
  9. +1 i also need a full set of the nuts for a 97 I do so agree...
  10. How many you need? I've got a full set of the bolts, as I took them off to put some black anodized ones on.... verrrrrrrry sharp now! I gave two of the nuts/rubber washers to Dion at Nexxt... I may have one of those floating around, two. I picked them up at the dealer, just brough them a matching one to compare it to. Well I need about four of them along with the rubber nut that fits into the windscreen. Are you sellimg?? Those black anodized sure sounds nice!!! :icon_clap:
  11. Anyone know what the part number is for the bolt and nut that is used to secure the shield on the blackbird????? Or where can I buy them?????
  12. I agree that was some mighty detailed work!!! :icon_clap: I had that same problem on my 00 blackbird and I tried to read a previous post and got sorta confused.. So I just found the loom and did a major cleaning on it.. But no problem since, but I will save this post just in case... Great work, and awesome detail.....
  13. I had the same problem on my 00 Blackbird. I went into the loom and cleaned out the connectors, then reconnected them. I then resealed the connection so that no type of moisture could get inside... I don't know if this exactly your problem, but it is a known problem with the 99-00 Blackbird. Here is a link that will maybe help you.... Let me know if you need anymore help!!!! http://www.bikersoracle.com/blackbird/foru...ead.php?t=16438
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