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    Canyon riding with my old 1983 VF750F Interceptor, i got in 1984 and put 144,000 on her. Yes i don't have a XX yet but i want one bad. The other thing im into is Mustangs I have two a 1988 LX "T" top 5.0L 5 speed and a 1990 GT 5.0L auto.
  1. One word "Meguiar's "
  2. Ride it OR show it! Make up your mind! :icon_duh:
  3. I got mine from the first one, vary good seller "A1". My bike uses only one bulb that's why i got this kit. Been 3 mouths and no pmoblem. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...em=230030498482 Stephen
  4. Got my boots in today, and they are great!! The size is right on, im a 9.5 and i orded a 9.5 .
  5. Hi All, I just orded a set of these. I was told they run large (size 9 = 9.5 or 10). I wear a 9.5 and i orded a 9.5, they should be in about 12/5/06 so i will give you all a update. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/product.a...thletic-For-Men
  6. "02 Fastest" What do you mean fastest? Im a newbe to XX please help. Stephen
  7. Check this out!! The why witch filter is good and bad!!! http://www.tobycreek.org/oil_filters/index.shtml Stephen
  8. I have beed using PJ for years and got about 15,000 to 17,000 mi's on it. Now im trying Motorex Motoline from Switzerland :icon_think: it has teflon in it, thay say spray and go. So far it seims i have to use a lot of spray to get a good cover and is pritty clean on the rear wheel. New chain, sprockets and lube 3000 mi. At Cycle Gear i payed $9.99 for 16.9 fl.oz can. Stephen
  9. Ok you got it. I dont have much torque. If i remember it is like 45 ft bls I have been riding this bike for 22 years and have tryed all types of gearing, been on 2 race tracks and the gearing i have is the best for my 3/4 L. I can't wait the get on a XX.
  10. Got some links for HID's? And or do you know of some good aftermark bulbs? Stephen
  11. ouch!!! That is going the wrong way. Only from what I have read, the gearing is thought the moon allready. I have found on my bike (1983 VF750F) I went down 1 in the front and up one in the back helps me in the corners and did not hert my top end. Is there a nother way of adjusting the speedo on FI XX's? Stephen
  12. I have not got my XX yet, so please help me out what is the stock front? Stephen
  13. I like little to no play.
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