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  1. Lowered to $5495; will entertain trades for late model FZ1 within reasonable driving distance of Charlotte....
  2. In the interest of letting a buyer enjoy more of the riding season, I will accept $6399 - rock bottom; also listed locally here: http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/1297181958.html Cheers, T.
  3. Looks great, but I'm holding out for the '09 in black. Rode the Connie 14 and an FJR1300 last weekend, and loved them both, but the shifting on the FJR was horrible; tried to be smooth as I could, but always got a jerky shift, esp. from 1 to 2.
  4. Beautiful '03 XX (last year made for US) for sale with 28,271 miles. I'm only selling to get something more comfortable (FJR, Connie 14, K1200) for longer trips, and also because there are so few places to really let the 'Bird all out where I live (Charlotte). Bike has been garaged since acquired (and before) in Kansas. No performance (pipe/mappings/airbox) modifications were done to this bike...bone stock! Farkles include: LSL sliders ($200 installed) Pigspotter mirror extenders ($80) ZeroGravity windscreen (stock comes with the bike, $80) Throttelmeister ($147) ConvertiBar kit with braided lines (stock clipons & lines available, $580, installed) Dunlop Sportmax tires (1 season left) OEM replica decals (including extras I did not put on) Taped wheel accents Custom paint scheme from SouthernCycleWerks ($1600) KBB value: 4,345-6,305 (stock) NADA value: 4,340-5,425 (stock) Asking $7250 firm...serious inquiries only; bike will be simultaneously listed elsewhere. Will not ship; local pickup in 28216 only. More pix available upon request <anderson_terry@hotmail.com>. First buyer with the $ rides away with a beautiful, one of a kind XX!!
  5. Thanks for the 411...I'll look them up, and see what they stock. T.
  6. Looking for recommendation on frame and/or swingarm sliders for the XX...looked at Aero, but they didn't stock them for the 'Bird at RG Racing. Thanks!
  7. A little additional info for anyone interested... I am currently running the Dunlop Sportmax Qualifiers (120 front, 180 rear). According to some folks I've spoken to, these perform very poorly in cold weather...I can attest to that. Of course, it probably doesn't help that I ran these tires at Elkhart Lake in '06 at the Reg Predmore CLASS school (my 3rd time...highly recommended). As an aside...it was raining on one of the track days, and the Qualifier (rear) did break loose on a corner (I saved it). All things considered, my experience with them has been pretty sketchy. They're probably fine for running hot & dry, but then those are ideal conditions for any tire. Live and learn...I'm probably going to put on a set of Michelin Road Pilot 2's this year. They are said to warm very quickly (for short rides in town, etc...), and have widely favorable feedback.
  8. Note to self: anyone can go down pulling out of IHOP when it's 30 degrees. (Cold rear tire meets godknowswhat 6 feet onto the highway) Good news: at 8 MPH, only a minor raspberry on my knee for my troubles... Bad news: just dropped $1600 on a custom paint job, and need another right side lower (and right mirror) fairing; any color BTW, any inputs on dealing with "Auctmart" on eBay?? They're asking $398 for a full fairing suite + $225 s/h...? Feel free to directly e-mail me with any leads, or if you're local to Charlotte to ride...: Terry
  9. Thanks for the pointers, gents! The explanation for the '04 Bird is that I buggered up the sig...mine is an '03. Also just got Convertibars installed, and am hoping I can get a Throttlemeister (heavy/black) that will fit them. Also got a Laminarlip, and am eyeballing up a Corbin gunfighter in anticipation for a great season (and the Honda Hoot). Would really like to find beefier rubber coated front pegs too...don't like the scrawny stock metallic ones much. Too bad the large pin holding the stock ones on looks like a pain to change out. Cheers, Terry '03 1100xx (black) / Nashville mailto:anderson_terry@hotmail.com
  10. Anyone have a good recommendation for XX-friendly gel- or foam-based grips? I'm looking for something a little larger than stack that will be comfortable over the long haul. Stock grips ('04) feel like I'm just resting on the clip-ons themselves! Thx, Terry '04 1100xx (black) / Nashville mailto:anderson_terry@hotmail.com
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