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  1. Bill, the guide is misleading. Remember, your name plate says 120v. 

    You don't have 220v on 1 phase. Nameplate is everything.

    Ask your home insurance agent what he thinks about supplying 220v to this 120v rated appliance.

  2. Anytime it's heating, it will draw the same amount of current. 10ga wire minimum. 


    Your guide shows a 1P 30a breaker for the 220v 06 model. You don't have 220v on a 1-Pole breaker.

    The guide is a little misleading. Europe. You can;t get 220v on one phase using the neutral at your house.

    You would have to wire 1 Line directly hot instead of the neutral. Don't do it.

    Baseboard heaters were allowed to do that in the sixties.

    NEC put a stop to that bullshit.


    Neither the 04 and 06 have a thermostat. You need to rethink this application.

    If you have 10ga wire in the wall, connect one Line to a 30A 1P breaker, one line to neutral for 120v.

    Since you don't have temp control, you can do the mixing valve thing or buy one with a thermostat.

    Bill, don't run it anymore until this is corrected.


    The 220V 1ph is Europe. That can be confusing.

    In the U.S., and in fact everywhere in North America, the standard voltage is 110 V (with a frequency of 60 Hz) rather than the 220 volts used in Europe. The 06 model will not help your situation.
  3. Bill, I see the model -04 does not have a thermostat. More like an Insta-hot for making tea.

    You are supplying it with twice the voltage beyond the nameplate rating. Turn it off and get control of it.

    If you are going to keep it, have the Electrician come back and move one phase off the 2-P breaker back to Neutral

    and supply it with 120. Your chart shows 1P 30A breaker 10ga wire minimum.  


  4. Bill, the name plate reads 120V. Hmmmm

    Is there another diagram undercover in the make up box showing the taps and elements in series or parallel ?

    It must have a thermostat also. Adjusted where? I would be surprised if it is fixed at 161.

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  5. My hot water heater is only about 25 feet away. I re-plumbed the house about 15yrs ago with Aqua-Plex.

    Made a big difference replacing all that copper tubing and iron pipe. Hot water much faster even in winter.


    and yeah 161 is pretty damn hot. Are you sure it's a fixed set point?

  6. 7 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

    Interesting.  With the Ducati 999, the R model gets a stronger sand cast case than the base and S models.

    It requires a lot more gusseting to equal the strength of the die cast cases. Die cast. no porosity.

    Ducati must have undoubtedly made a mold with extra gusseting. Otherwise, no. Hope it never fractures.

    Cast aluminum is extremely hard to weld. Especially if it is oil impregnated. Good luck with that.

    Been down that road.

  7. I have Yoshi slip-ons on my #2 XX.

    The previous owner gutted them it is loud yet it's music to my ears. 


    D&D is the loudest I have heard so far.

  8. On 4/21/2023 at 7:45 PM, Furbird said:

    The only company that I know of that made a bolt-on kit was Pingel, and I don't see it on their site anymore.  Maybe if you call them they still have one or can assemble one for you?  Good luck finding one because the only person that ever bought a set from Pingel was apparently... me! 😁

    I am curious. Do you have a picture?

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