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  1. 35 minutes ago, SwampNut said:

    So, why did you hate it so much?


    I have two HomePods, kinda kicked around the mini idea around the house, but we always have our watches.  Already have music where it's wanted.



    Music.  The Alexa thingies connect to commercial free amazon music.  With Apple I need to pay...Amazon it's included in Prime.  If it gave me free access to Apple music I'd keep it.  Pandora - the free has too many commercials.

  2. 1 hour ago, RXX said:

    Let me see if I can wear a size 9. I’ll take them if so. I have the Titan, and sometimes it is a little too much glove. 

    I am going to cyclegear in a few days to get Atticus a new helmet and I will try them on.

    If you and tecman agree to $70, it is all good. I do not want to bugger up an ongoing deal.

    Haven’t heard from him. If you want em’ they are yours. Just LMK. 

  3. 53 minutes ago, blackhawkxx said:

    My guess is he is asking that price because of "It’s got 420 original miles with zero mods".  I know what everyone is going to say but if he finds that one guy that really wants a new one....they can find it for a dollar less and 14 years newer  



  4. 10 hours ago, SwampNut said:

    Clearly gouging I guess?


    Can you really claim gouging on something like that?  I don't think so.  JMHO.


    Honestly...if the bike was a minty fresh as it looks and it was being sold by a store within 3 miles of my house....I might consider buying it.  For me it's all about convenience.  I was going to buy Fred's bikes...for more than he was asking...but the hassle of getting them made it not worthy.  I just don't have that kind of time...

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