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  1. 2 hours ago, DBLXX said:

    Not that it's an issue for me but this morning every time I post something I get this (below) - it posts AND gives me the error message.


    And the Unread post button no longer works.


    Again, not a big deal.



    2 hours ago, DBLXX said:



  2. 4 minutes ago, SwampNut said:

    No idea.  In the admin console, there are hundreds of buttons across dozens of menus.



    A button for the user to turn it off.  John turned his off, or a moderator did so I wanted to inquire about doing the same.


    It appears someone did it for him and I wanted that someone to do it for me if i wasn't able to do it for myself.

  3. Sit down, take a deep breath.


    All I said was that after the confrontation between you and John and you specifically asking me to not post his "Last Visited" info it now doesn't show on his profile.  Take what you wish from that... I made no such accusation.  Sorry you felt that it added up to me saying that you did it or any other mod.  I was just stating the facts.


    It still remains something that is not user adjustable and his no longer shows so it was modified by someone.  Unless it was magic...which is very possible, I guess.

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