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  1. Sold the monkey. 


    Funny story, the dude drove from Cleveland to my house last Sunday. His wife is holding a checkbook in her hand....and I say, I’m only taking cash.  


    Back to Cleveland they went.


    Coming back in 2 weeks.  

  2. I have one of those expensive LEGAL SPEEDING ones that cost me $9,000.  If it didn't weigh 5,000 pounds I'd have sold it to one of you knuckleheads a long time ago.

  3. On 7/30/2019 at 11:51 AM, Furbird said:

    I'm sure Dave could find out, but this is probably why hotels have all of that on a single switch. 


    In most hotels the vent is permanently on...no switch.


    We don't normally rely on humans to care about mold issues, peeling paint, wallpaper....after they leave :)

  4. 6 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

    This review makes the Vanderhall look pretty unappealing  https://www.cycleworld.com/2017-vanderhall-venice-puts-style-ahead-substance/


    One thing that shocked me a bit was the guy saying that it had massive understeer at parking lot speed.  My guess is they copy/pasted the steering from a car so the Ackermann is fucked up which is going to fuck with the handling at all speeds.


    On their website is a video with Jay Leno and the Vanderhall guy explains why they went with front wheel drive.  The explanation stuck out as a retarded reason for using FWD.  There was a different reason given in the cycleworld review.



    From the tiny bit I know, I recommend a scrutinizing test drive before buying.


    Test drove one for about 50 back road miles. It's sublime.

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  5. 4 hours ago, XXBirdSlapper said:

    How long can a grown man be seen driving around on that yellow dildo before he snaps back into reality and decides he is too ridicules for even his distorted reality. What about when someone shows him a picture of himself with the matching piss yellow helmet. IN PUBLIC......


    Weird - because your mom loves the yellow dildo. 



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