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  1. I did the loom permanent repair which solved other issues but not the knock sensor error. I replaced the sensor and I still get the error. Not sure what to do next...
  2. Perfect execution. Its in gods hands now... But He had a lot of help by a mortal named Joe... Between you and me it was all Joe...
  3. Thank you for coming through rockmeupto125. I can live with that slight damage the picture reveals. Put it on a fast plane. My bird is counting on you...
  4. I will pay top dollar to the guy that send me this part ASAP in good condition. Its on Back Ordered I just found out and I need it now to get it back together and sell it before next Wednesday. Call me 787-459-8402 and we can make the arrangements. Thank you.
  5. I am in Puerto Rico and my 99xx runs hot too like the rest of you all, mostly in stop and go traffic. The needle stays near the top of the operating range until you run it down the highway. After 65mph its always comes to our below the halfway mark. At a steady 100mph or more its at the 1/4 mark. I took of the radiator a while back and spent hours straightening the cooling fins one by one(mostly the center ones get tweaked) and this did not seem to make a change in the stopped in traffic, and hot sun situation. Reads high but seems unaffected. Sucks that all the heat blows on you and heats up your nut sack to dangerous levels. I am happy to report that we can split traffic and get to the front of every light. California has this provision also for this very real issue of bikes and balls getting hot, especially bikes with no water. In California I believe you can only split traffic if it is moving at 10mph or less and then can not go more then 10mph above their speed. Here in PR we split at any speed which is to me better than a no helmet law. For instance Texas has a no helmet law but when I tried to split traffic on a stopped up freeway people started freaking out. Just putting past them at a couple mph, some would swerve in front or open doors and shit while they are sitting cool and comfy in their air conditioned cars with several feet between them. If I continued I may have gotten shot with all the guns they have over there. Anyway, the XX always runs hot till you do what is made to do, and that is the bottom line...Keep going!!!
  6. My headlight went out also not long ago. The turn signals were also affected. I added a wire to the green lead the goes to the low beam and attached it to the fairing stay. Solved both the headlight problem and the signals. I must have had a poor ground somewhere.
  7. How many miles does one typically get before these charging issues start cropping up? And what year or years are more susceptible to this problem? I have 25,000 miles on my 99XX. On the third battery. Charging is real strong. Battery maintains 12.7 with the key off. Start it up and it sticks around 14.3 volts or so. The first 2 batteries were ruined by sitting unused for months at a time.
  8. Thanks Redbird. I get it now.
  9. You lost me. I want to lower the 1 to 1 and a 1/4 as you talked about. Turn the shock mount one hole to the right. Do you have a picture you can send. Doesn't seem I have that option. (99XX)
  10. I just bought the same link for safety purposes. Can't quite put both feet down flat. I have several questions to ask you.I am about to install it. Would you give me a call at 787-646-2106 or give me your # and I will call you. One question is how much of a drop did you get with the first hole installation your picture shows? The link comes with 0 instructions. Can either hole be used? Did you carefully grease, transfer the needle bearings, and torque the link to the factory specs? I saw some info about other links made of 7071 for additional stiffness. The weird thing is 6061 is softer and should bend ,not break. Help!!!
  11. I found a site that has some feed back on these tires. Sounds like they are worth a try according to some FJ riders... http://www.fjrowners.ws/discus/messages/2/...html?1109355179
  12. I tried 2 times to download it and it stopped at 47% both times. Any clues???
  13. The shop manual suggests the special cam tensioner stop tool. Haynes says nothing about it. Anybody out there that does there own valve adjustments please clue me in!!! This will be my first at 24,000miles...Thanks (99XX)
  14. As a result, you can now sell this info to the wise guys and give Redbird a portion of the proceeds for watching your back....
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