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  1. Best place to buy a chain & sprocket set??

    Ordered on Monday and was at the house on Friday. $209 and some change with free shipping and handling! Installed and ready for work Monday morning. Thanks for the link.
  2. This is not mine but someone may like! 2002 Honda Gold WIng - $9900 (spring/woodlands) pic motorcycles/scooters - by owner
  3. CBR1100XX Honda OEM Alarm w/Dual imobilizer

    Nice find! Congrats.

    Give us a review after your trip Standard! I am interested.
  5. picked up a small piece of metal

    Will patch in the am, thanks. With less than three thousand miles, patch it BABY!! Thanks... Patch it is! I just can't imagine having someone else wearing it out for me and enjoying all my fun. Thanks Picking up a patch kit on the way into work (just in case)
  6. Noticed a small piece of metal inn the back tire today. Pulled the piece of metal and then did a soap test, bubble every second or so. Looking for recommendations , new tire or patch? Only two tires makes me ay buy a new one.and bite the bullet on this one. :-(
  7. Deleted

    PM sent.
  8. they are on backorder for the 35w 6000k
  9. Do you know what the shipping would be for 77354?
  10. Cutting lath and stucco. Any ideas?

    I was talking about the mason blade on a skill saw and the stone trowel would work for feathering concrete if not very old. Mason blade is more for budget than diamond tip metal blade. nice project.
  11. Cutting lath and stucco. Any ideas?

    Depending on how much metal lath and stucco you have to cut the best thing is a universal metal/mason blade. Do not rush or it will start chunking the edge. With the cement patching you can pick up a concrete stone trowel that should work good enough.
  12. Family

    Enjoying everything in life