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  1. Sold...maybe the new owner will sign up..seems like a pretty good guy.
  2. Comes with the Givi wingrack and Monokey top trunk.
  3. '01 Redbird...less than 6.6k miles, new Pilots last year, Givi Monokey bags including trunk, heavy throttlemeisters, CF hugger, Mag Knight tank protector, Amsoil oil since 2400 miles VFR bars, new battery last year. Always on battery tender. I'm sure I'm forgetting more. Miles are orginal no problems, two scratches that are noteworthy, neither are bigger than 1/2 "ish. I have pics to email. $4500 cash money. Located in Spokane, WA.
  4. I think you have it priced right on CL. Its hard to find the 01's and especially with the very low miles yours has. I'm sure you have a little wiggle room and may have to negotiate down a little but not much. The board member price, in my opinion, is a bargain. If it would have been that clean in the pictures you sent me back in the spring, I probably would have owned it. The shop was a mess, the 'Bird was dusty, and all I had was my crappy cell phone for pics...it's the same bike just dusted off and a little better camera...happy you got the bird you were looking for though!
  5. I concur...beauty...best of luck. Oh and mow your lawn. J
  6. Very pretty bike. Somewhere buried in my shop I have a set of Genmar risers you'd be welcome to. If you don't find VFR clip ons before I can locate them and are interested, they are yours. J
  7. Check out my listing here. http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=77759 I would be willing to separate these from the bike. I also have the trunk mount and trunk. Let me know. J
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