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    73 Honda CB750 ,always looking
  1. 100% correct Hank Just moving to another area in same city,
  2. Some parts , I don't want to move Stock Seat- perfect shape-125$ Mufflers(2)- perfect shape-350$ for 2 Stock Shock with Hyperpro spring-45$ Left mirror with rubber boot-12$ Brake and Clutch lever-25$ for both All prices negotiable- Located in Kingston Ont (250K north of Syracuse NY) email- gburnzz3@gmail.com
  3. BlueBlackBird


    Anybody know or use this site for Pyramid huggers?
  4. BlueBlackBird

    Chain guard

    I have one , Im in Kingston Ont, from a 2000
  5. BlueBlackBird

    Pete's Superbikes Montreal

    they are not cheaper if you pick them up, if you are out of province. I was told on the phone that being in Ont. I would not pay Que. Prov. tax and the disposal fee. The total + shipping fee was less than the pick up in Que.
  6. BlueBlackBird

    Reading oil level

    If you put on new filter(which you should) it will take a bit more. Dont screw dipstick in, then read.
  7. BlueBlackBird

    mid frame paint colour

    That's right, the Canadian frame is different too. Thanks Timmy............ Shit, I might have to go to the .com or European site! Thanks
  8. BlueBlackBird

    mid frame paint colour

    I have a Blue 2000 BB Cdn model, Does anyone know the colour code for the mid frame(the part you see behind lower fairings) , clutch and stator covers? Im having a hard time matching it up?
  9. BlueBlackBird

    Plugs Replaced

  10. BlueBlackBird

    Best Reasonable Fork Upgrade ?

    Little different from the rest of us , but I use Hyperpro-Combi
  11. BlueBlackBird

    Rear Axle Nut, How Tight?

    Why dont you just look in the shop manual, it has all the torque values !! Its so easy, rather than guessing.
  12. BlueBlackBird

    yellowbird assembly question

    The shop manual has great diagrams on where the pipework , wires etc are to be located and run. An invaluable tool (the manual).
  13. I have A 120/70/17 pilot power for sale 4000KM no track so lots of life in it 70.00$ CDN and Ill throw in a rear Pilot Road 180/ etc. almost down to the wear bars but life in it yet. Gord PM me or gburnz@yahoo.ca
  14. BlueBlackBird

    axel diameter?

    Thanks Joe,thats what I need, I was going to have the wheel rotate on a shaft using external bearings, not the ones on the wheel itself, .
  15. BlueBlackBird

    axel diameter?

    Does anyone know off the top of their head the diameter of the axels front and rear?, Im in the process of making a tire balancer.