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  1. Ok Walmart has the 4 pack for $1.34 so that’ll be 2,238 packs but I’ll cut you a deal at 2,200 packs. Thats like 152 Peanutbutter cups off my asking price.
  2. 1676 of the 2 cup packs @ $1.79. Save up 1650 packs worth of $ and it’s a go.
  3. OK guys and gals my beloved Blackbird has become a must move item. Everything listed in the original post above and more. The first $3000 gets it. An offer close enough to $3000 gets it. I have to get this bike out of my enclosed patio before my wife kills me in my sleep. Call or Text (504) 452-1988. I can't always get back to the forum but I can always reply to text or talk.
  4. Deal didn't go through due to shipping costs. It comes to about $600 to ship the bike to California. Still Available
  5. I hate to sell it but I never ride it anymore. At one point I’d ride it everyday. It is to nice to let it go to waste. I can make it local, where are you? LOL.
  6. Why? Well because one with low miles became available. It has a little less miles on it (20k) than the bike has. Yes it it is one unit but that one unit houses the engine and gearbox. You can find engines needing work on the gearbox and engines needing engine repair but the gearbox is fine. This was a pristine unit when pulled engine and gearbox. The guy wanted to be a Ken Stotz and had a custom engine built and turbo’d. I picked this up from him the day he pulled it. I rode the bike before he pulled it and it was perfect. I had thoughts of putting it on a go cart fo
  7. Thanks for the correction. I’d read an add with a gunfighter seat and that was still stuck in my head. Yes it is a Smuggler and I also have the factory seat that comes with the bike should you need to seat a passenger.
  8. Location is New Orleans Louisiana. I have it listed locally for $3700. Make me an offer close to that and we’ll make it work.
  9. Yes and more extras than I can remember I have. The tires are new as well. It is wired for a Valentine One radar detector complete with a heads up display unit that sits atop the dash.
  10. One owner purchased new of off showroom floor 1999 fuel injected fast and comfortable. I’ve ridden from Houston Tx to Pensacola Fl in comfort. Bike one owner and has 21k miles on it. Bike comes with LOTS of extras like handlebar risers, clutchless shifter, Corbin Smuggler saddle, complete gearbox and engine for parts or rebuild to name a few. Please serious inquiries only. Text or call (504) 452-1988 The extra engine ran great when removed but has sat in storage for and extended amount of time. It may be fully functional with a tear down and cleaning.
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