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  1. I got bored at the desk today and took it out to clear the cobwebs out. It will do that quick. I got it on a long open piece and tried it. I haven't pined it in 1st yet so today i just let it build to 10,000 slowly, pulled in a little more and poped 2nd.............damn it will wake you up............ Just let it go to 100 and pulled it down. I need to be back out west for this stuff. The East coast sucks for trying to find open space.
  2. Uh........no thanks.........I got the shivers just reading that........... Thanks for responding though, I felt sure some one had done this a few times. Does the front actuall clear the ground or just unweight. Can I still be in the seat but over the tank or should I be on the tank and off the seat? I will work up to what ever it takes but I'm definitely going to do it some time. A strip would be a good place to really nail it but I'll probably end up on empty roads to learn how. Bring the girls in the pic and I'll be right there.............
  3. My neck and shoulders start aching after a couple of hours. I find my self trying to straighten up a little. I think I will give them a try along with the "double bubble" wind screen I am under 200, 170 to be exact. So a full throttle 1 -2 shift wou;d probably land me on my head. I'll have to stay away from that and back off abunch untill I kind of get the feel. "She is a tough girl and can handle running hard. Just don't be stupid about it." Are you the master of understatements? One of my Docs rides a 1400 Ninja and had a Blackbird a few years ago. He still loves the bird. But anyhow we were talking and I said (and he agreed) "I can't imagine needing anymore power than this thing offers across the band". What A COOL bike!
  4. I just picked up a 2003 model with 12,000 on it. I knew I had wanted one for a long time but I never knew how much fun it would be. What a sweet ride. OK questions: 1) I read somewhere about using VFR handlebars on the bird. Does this raise the rider up? Is there a down side to this mod? 2) Although I have yet to pin it in any gear, I am itching to do a 0 to 100mph run. I've found that I'll hit the 100mph mark at the top of second gear. It seems that it should happen in about 6 seconds. Is this correct? What I need to know is; if I am able to pin the throttle in 1st, then do a full throttle shift into second, will the bike stay together? Will it wheele and stand me on my head? Will it break the back tire loose? Thanks for the info. Rich
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