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WTB - Size freakishly large one piece leathers

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Doesn't need to be fashionable. Having a working zipper would be a plus. Budget conscious purchase.



eBay - cool Hershey's Midgies two-piece his-n-hers... 





...mine will be put to use only one - maybe two - days a year.


Baby Huey is thinking of going all track day and shit.


If the mods feel like moving this to the Pub, that might be fun.




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...6'-4", 265lbs, built for beer drinking with child bearing hips.  A former board member 😛 offered to lend me his set. I couldn't get them up past my butt.

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DK has a basement full of gimp suits. He goes maybe 325lbs at 5'5". But you could trim off the belly and ass leather and sow it to lengthen the arms and legs. That should fit you, but no way to get the smell of ass, cum, foreskin, and fear out of that rig. Be perfect to reenact a Trump on Dave scene for a haunted house though.

  Sell it on ebay a year later to Biden for the SNIFFERS collection of auto-erotica. PROFIT!!

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On 1/13/2021 at 3:26 AM, blackhawkxx said:


That sounds like a three cow suit. 😀

A friend of mine shot a buffalo recently, that *should* be a one animal wrap.  Leave the fur on for extra protection.

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Yes they are a good value. For perspective I paid $1300 for a custom suit from Vanson. I am not a big guy, but none of the off the rack stuff would have fit. You want the suit to be snug and not loose. You can have them altered if needed at Barnacle Bill Leathers, he is in KY. Good dude.

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