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WTB: Trashed CBR1100XX

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Wanted to buy.


I'm not sure why, because I certainly have all the parts that I need to pull something like this together two, perhaps three times over.  Maybe because its easier to start with a roller.


Anyway, if you have or know of a trashed, neglected, salvage or otherwise cheap XX, I'm interested.  I have two projects I'd like to fool with this coming year and am just looking to see what's out there.  I don't care if it has bodywork or not, and doesn't have to run, but I would like a usable engine.


I'm not above paying to ship the right item, and also will be traveling from PA to northern FL this March.


Thanks for reading.   Should a non-member read this ad through a search or referral, I can also be reached as ixxion97 at a place that starts with the letter between x and z.

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Just how trashed? I'm sure we could find a way to get this poor thing to you. With the current exchange you could probably pick it up for $1000 USD



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How cheap?  You remember the one I bought from you that had the body in a separate box?  I still have it.  I think I'm about 2300 in it.

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On 2/17/2018 at 9:48 AM, rockmeupto125 said:

Sorry, guys.  I was kinda thinking in the $500-$750 range, but flexible depending on what all was there.   Don't need it, just thought I'd see what was out there.


I still have my wrecked '02 and I should get rid of it. I'm probably going to sell the bluebird come spring anyway since I've been riding the FJR pretty much exclusively since I bought it. 


It's in the same shape it was a couple years ago after I wrecked it (and we traded PMs about it). It's sort of gridlocked in the shed right now, though... how big of a hurry are you in? I'm in SW Ohio, down near Cincinnati. It has an Ohio salvage title, though honestly there's no reason it couldn't be streetable. 


It'll start and run, though the stator cover has a hairline crack in it so it drips oil. I just parked it in the shed with a pan under it, but I can check on it if you're interested, top it off, and make sure all is well. I haven't scavenged much off of it other than brake rotors I don't think. I can check on that, too, since my memory isn't always 100%. ;-)

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