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Spark plugs for 1997 XX


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I just pulled one of the spark plugs to check its condition, there was a lot of carbon on it. The plugs I have in there are NGK CR9EHVX-9, I probably installed them at least 15 years ago.

They have been discontinued and replaced by NGK 6216 CR9EHIX-9 Iridium IX spark plug. 

Is there any major difference? 

I'm guessing it would be a good time to change them seeing as I have access to them. 

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Don’t waste the planet’s incredibly small supply of this vital metal on a spark plug for a recreational toy. Use platinum if you can. We should hoard it and use it only where it supports our nation’s vital interests.

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Presumably, this is the same bike that you are rebuilding the carbs on in a sister thread. This has never happened to me personally, but I understand that if you foul an iridium plug, it is very difficult to bring it back to life. In case your carb rebuild fails, I would get her running properly with the old plugs, then switch to iridium. 

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