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  1. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    <iframe width="472" height="265" srcHA="httpsHa://ww.youtube." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Ha! Works now on new Asus ZenPad!
  2. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

  3. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    <iframe width="439
  4. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    How did you copy?
  5. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    Chrome, Dolphin, Ghostery. I don't blame the ipad though, it doesn't work for my BlackBerry either.
  6. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    AFAIKBZITE it's an iPad pro - don't they just work?
  7. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    Dear Zero, Quite a few times I've found some fun music that I would like to share with the .org but I can't successfully embed the music video in the posting no matter what I think is the correct way. My dick has atrophied with shame when I see all the other videos succesfully place in the "What Moves You" threads. Can you tell me how to do this, and in step by step simple language or will I be destined to remain a music video gamma cuck poster?
  8. Beakman's Hom O' Stuff

    House and Garden stuff
  9. Free! Toner Cartridges!

    I've got one, guaranteed not to work plus it weighs a friggin' ton. If you're a masochist by all means pay for the shipping. PS: It doesn't like windows 7, which is why it got its ass beat. And a phantom paper jam.
  10. Free for the taking, or shipping. Okidata C3400/C3600 toner carts, full color set, remanufactured, and a new drum cart. PM me, available for shipping until may 18, then it'll be a couple of months till next window. Free! Yay!
  11. Whoa-hoe! Trying to get a friend across the border in South Salem off his ass and onto this.
  12. Got a friend in NY who may be interested. I'll send him his link.
  13. Tampa Area Seat Swap

    Thanks GiveUp, But Sondance has it covered for now. He's farther away but I could use the adventure and get my street legs back just as well.
  14. Tampa Area Seat Swap

    That sounds good, as come Monday I could be assigned to a remote site at any time. Let me know what day before wednesday and what time I should be where, and I can let you know on that morning if I can make it. My knees and ass thank you. However, contrary to popular rumor, I will not thank you with either. Thanks Beak Oh, BTW, trade, trade w/ money either direction, swap, whatever works for you.