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  1. I've got one, guaranteed not to work plus it weighs a friggin' ton. If you're a masochist by all means pay for the shipping. PS: It doesn't like windows 7, which is why it got its ass beat. And a phantom paper jam.
  2. Free for the taking, or shipping. Okidata C3400/C3600 toner carts, full color set, remanufactured, and a new drum cart. PM me, available for shipping until may 18, then it'll be a couple of months till next window. Free! Yay!
  3. Whoa-hoe! Trying to get a friend across the border in South Salem off his ass and onto this.
  4. Got a friend in NY who may be interested. I'll send him his link.
  5. Thanks GiveUp, But Sondance has it covered for now. He's farther away but I could use the adventure and get my street legs back just as well.
  6. That sounds good, as come Monday I could be assigned to a remote site at any time. Let me know what day before wednesday and what time I should be where, and I can let you know on that morning if I can make it. My knees and ass thank you. However, contrary to popular rumor, I will not thank you with either. Thanks Beak Oh, BTW, trade, trade w/ money either direction, swap, whatever works for you.
  7. I have an all black Corbin Gunfighter, Leather, on my 2000 bird. The stock seat is in NY but the bike is in Tampa. I would like to ride around on the stock seat, so if anyone wants to swap for a season, or try & buy my seat in the Tampa area for same day deal let me know through a PM ASAP. The Corbin is the stock Corbin build, which is slightly lower than Honda stock. I'm 6' tall so it starts to hurt in the knees after awhile, and is deeper dished so I can't slide back as much as I'd like to. It might be good for a long hauler in the 5' + range. No flaws as far as I can tell. The seat pan does not have protrusions for the manual as the stock seat does. Thanks.
  8. Get the name stamped on the case and post it. I see an inlet hose, diaphram case, tension control knob and outlet port, correct?
  9. It's a Mexican Swine Flu Bomb! Call Homeland security! Yep, as Blackhawkxx says. See if there's a little arm or lever with a hole for a float that would actuate it.
  10. Precicely! Well, er, except I do 1-3/8", but then again, I don't pull down, just let the natural sag be the start point.
  11. The Beakman


    They have a dyno. I have a power Commander on order. " Louis, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful freindship"
  12. The best stuff so far has been some dirt-bike spray I borrowed from a friend. I don't recall the name though. It was ugly but lasted a good long time. Otherwise, the standard Honda brand or the PJ!, applied regularly works for me.
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