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    If I am not mistaken, the 2 brothers last name was Erion. Two brothers had a disagreement and split causeing the making of two company's. 1. Two Brothers Racing 2. Erion Racing
  2. John01XX

    Red FI Light

    Thanks Joe, Will do it first thing in the morning and let you know what I find.
  3. John01XX

    Red FI Light

    2001 Has just started (today) lighting up the Red FI dash light. No apparent change in performance. It came on once before about 3 months ago but cleared it by turning key off and then back on. This time I have stopped the bike 4 times and the FI light keeps coming back on. Saw some info on the English Site in the past but thought it was only a problem with European Spec Bikes. Think it was a warrenty item in Europe. Any idea's on the cause and possible solution. 18 month old 2001 with 16,000 miles
  4. Check out www.sportbikedecals.com They have some really cool headlight, taillight and turnsignal decals. When the new clear front lenses come in, I am having a pair of small Woody's with dark candy apple background covering the lenses. To match the bike of course.
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