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  1. Carlos, That has been true in the past but they have recently redesigned the H7. They have only been available since November with the new design. I have a 110w German made bulb in the high beam and the new PIAA as a low beam. There is a huge difference in brightness and "whiteness" of emitted light as well as an apparent improvement in night visibility evn while cornering. I did raise the height of the beam. Verticle adjustment. I like the new PIAA bulbs all tho alittle pricey.
  2. I just bought and installed a pair of PIAA 55w superbright H7 bulbs. The package says they give off the light of 110w. They sure are brighter than stock by a long ways. Great add-on but pricey at $65.00 pair.
  3. North, When setting up my bike on the dyno with the Akro it did have a HP falloff but was at 10800rpm. There was a custom map made for my bike to maximize power instead of a stock downloaded one. The guy here in So. Florida who builds and sets up must of the successful race bikes locally supposedly has the only Dyno in the SE states with the ability to make accurate custom maps for specific engine setups. I say supposedly, since I dont know that to be a fact. I do know that all the bigger names in racing locally take their bikes there for final testing before races. Barry Henson has run his Bird there as well as a couple privateer AMA racers just for the Maps. When I was deciding on the pipe for my bike He, (Kevin Blais) (Blais Racing) told me that in his experience, if I wanted max power achieved, then I should put on a Micron system and the Akro was his next choice but preferred the build quality of the Akro over the Micron. My .02
  4. Rich If there are three of you guys in Winter Springs, how come there is only one Ahole showing ? :grin: nothin but love !!!! FUXXT Rules.
  5. Send Joe (Rockmeupto125) a PM. He has the CCT's imported from Europe.
  6. Diddo what Joe said. The only thing I can add is that the CCT (cam chain tensioner) sometimes needs to be replaced at about 20,000 miles but only sometimes. I replaced mine at 18,000 miles due to me being able to hear it. I now carry a spare for when it starts talking to me again. As a matter of fact I think there are still a few of the European X-Eleven models still available at a great price.
  7. John01XX


    Excellant choice. I also have the pyramid from England. The fit was perfect with no adjust needed. It makes a big difference when cleaning.
  8. John01XX


    Install that Hugger you always wanted, to prevent that dirty shock syndrome. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or something like that.
  9. John01XX

    100W Headlight?

    I emailed him to see if he carries any H7's for the Bird.
  10. John01XX


    Thanks Dave, Not gonna sell it till the new V-5 comes out next year. I just want to stop and go for now.
  11. John01XX


    I just had the front lower fort tubes powdercoated on my 2001 Red (fastest) Bird. Also at the same time had a set of HyperPro progressive front springs installed. The powder coating looks great and the front spring made the handling MUCH improved. BUT now the front brake seems to be rubbing intermittantly when I come to a stop just lightly. If I step on the back brake quickly when stopped it seems to release the front. I have a hard time pushing the bike backwards out of a parking spot if I don't tap the back brake first. Could it be something to do with the mechanical tie between the front and rear ? Where Should I be looking to free up the front caliper or whatever to get them back to normal ? Anyone ever experienced this before?
  12. Check out the Champion Industrial line. We sell them to the Car Wash industry. Check them out on our website : www.sonnysdirect.com For pricing I can fax you a price sheet if you pm me a fax number.
  13. Can anyone verify the part number for the Alternator cover Gasket for the Bird is 11392-MAT-000 ?
  14. I can't pass this one up. As a professional in the Car Wash Industry, I can tell you the dull finish as said in the thread is a scuffing of the clear coat from the abrasive rubbing of the leather. It can be polished out fairly easily with most any good quality polish. Honda spray polish is technically Not a polish but instead a cleaner and protective wax. A true polish has some sort of abrasive material in it, either chemical or physical. When Polishing any surface you have to spend alittle time rubbing the surface vigorously, just like shinning up aluminum. Waxing is done for protection and is only Applied and then lightly buffed. Fine scratches must be rubbed out. I would never recommend using an abrasive polish below 3000 grit on the clear coat of a bike, since you will be thinning out the clear coat and will not leave enough when done to maintain any protection in the future. Scratch's can only be removed by lowering the surrounding clear coat to the depth on the scratch. If scratch's have any depth to them, then another layer of clear coat would need to be applied. That is why nice looking show cars are wet sanded first then polished to a brilliant shine and then waxed to maintain it. There many good quality polish's on the market and for the best results, the use of micro-fiber with a good polish will do the best job in the least amount of time. Just ask DBLXX Dave about the ability of micro-fiber to clean and shine a clear coated finish without ever leaving any scratch's or even lint behind. Did I say "behind" ? oops I won't go there !!!
  15. John01XX


    Velocity racing is who makes the Turbo's at www.velocityracing.com Kents race Bike has a power to weight ratio of 1 to 1 !!!! 505hp and racing weight of 505lbs. And he dose NOT have to rebuild the engine after every race weekend either. Worlds fastest Street Bike "Bar None" No wheelie bar. He rode it on the street on the Thursday night at the Honda Hoot this year. His personal Bird is a Fast RED One (2001) with a Velocity Racing turbo . 8 lbs of boost gives him 262 hp and, as Joe said, all on stock cranks and tranny. Impressive Turbo's on an impressive Bike.
  16. the XX CCT 06140-MAT-0315 or maybe without the "O" (06140-MAT-315) is readily available from Honda. I have bought a few from my local dealer and sent them overseas for a friend and are under $30.00
  17. I use my own personal web page as provided by BellSouth.net Works fine but I only get 10 mgs of storage
  18. X11 (Naked blackbird) CCT: 14520-MCC-601 XX CCT: 06140-MAT-0315
  19. I had my swing arm drilled and taped. Spools have worked great for almost 2 years now in conjunction with the Pit Bull rear stand. No problem for this skinny 150 lb weakling guy to put it on and off the stand by myself.
  20. I had that problem once. The only time I have let someone else do an oil / filter change for me. I learned the lesson and do my own always now. I ended up buying a filter removal tool that looks like a pair of channel locks but has rounded jaws that fit the filter. With them I can only get a 1/8 turn before hitting the pipes but it works great to break it loose. Got it at a local auto parts store for about $5.00.
  21. Troy, I also just ordered a progressive spring kit from www.hyperpro.com Actually I ordered mine through www.whitebuffaloracing.com/hyperpro.htm since it was 15.00 cheaper. I am waiting their arrival. Paid 164.00 total for the springs and Maxima fork oil including shipping. Hopefully will be here on friday.
  22. That is where I got mine from too. In stock, recieved in 3 days. D.I.D. ZVM X-Ring Chains PHOTO Order # Price...... Description...... (58347) $114.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 100 Links Closeout (58348) $116.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 102 Links Closeout (58349) $118.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 104 Links Closeout (58350) $121.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 106 Links Closeout (58351) $123.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 108 Links (58352) $125.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 110 Links (58353) $128.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 112 Links http://www.hipersports.com/did.htm#Chains scroll almost to the bottom
  23. DID ZVM530 is the Dogs Dangles !
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