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  1. I spoke to Progressive suspensions and they told me they do not make a progressive spring for the Bird. ? Where did you get your progressive's from ?
  2. If you guys will post temps before and after instead of saying it dropped 10-15 degrees, then it will be easier to compare what is average temps everyone is running. Digital gauges are awesome.
  3. My bike has been running rather hot for the past year. First year I owned it I never saw it go above 225 degrees even in hot south florida traffic. Then suddenly it became a problem and ran up to 250 once at Daytona at midnight on a tall bridge in outside temps of 50 degrees with a steady breeze blowing. Stayed out of traffic to keep the temp down till I got back home and immediately flushed system and refilled with pure engine ice. Didnt see any change or cooler temps with the engine ice and have had to be carefull to avoid long traffic jams to prevent the temp going above 235 degrees. Since I leave tomarrow for the FUXXT I put my bike in the shop this week and had a good friend and (MMI) Honda mechanic check it out and he replaced the radiator cap and flushed the system again and replaced the engine ice with Honda coolant. Have run for two days now and temp has not gotten above 221 degrees in traffic. Highway crusing the temp runs about 184 now and fan turns on at 217 and stops climbing at 221/222 but the fan will not bring the temp down by itself. Once I get rolling the temp falls quickly below 200. I am now considering adding alittle waterwetter to the new Honda coolant to see if there is any difference. On my bike the engine ice did nothing for lowering the temp but then there may have been a radiator cap problem the same time that I was using it. Will see what happens this weekend as I put 1000 miles on the Honda coolant and compare to other Birds on the ride. Will post results monday.
  4. John01XX


    My 2001 only has one fan.
  5. Take a look at www.BarEnder.com Not only do they look good but they are very functional too. Also in about a week I will be able to get you a discount also. You can even see them on my Bike at the FUXXT on Sunday.
  6. I have a stock 900RR shock that was given to me. It is Yellow tho so will have to paint it but free none the less. Where refering to the "stocker" does that mean the stock Bird spring or the stock RR spring ? I am a light weight at 150 lbs and rarely ever ride two up. Can I use either the stock Bird or stock RR spring for my set-up ?
  7. I just replaced mine last weekend after 18,000 miles. It cost me $24.50 and 20 minutes to change. The X11 would be nice but not available here in the States. Cept through Joe when he does group buys. Then it is aprox. $50.00.
  8. www.321ignition.co.uk The owners name is Sebastion Seal (Seb)
  9. John01XX


    If I am not mistaken, the 2 brothers last name was Erion. Two brothers had a disagreement and split causeing the making of two company's. 1. Two Brothers Racing 2. Erion Racing
  10. John01XX

    Red FI Light

    Thanks Joe, Will do it first thing in the morning and let you know what I find.
  11. John01XX

    Red FI Light

    2001 Has just started (today) lighting up the Red FI dash light. No apparent change in performance. It came on once before about 3 months ago but cleared it by turning key off and then back on. This time I have stopped the bike 4 times and the FI light keeps coming back on. Saw some info on the English Site in the past but thought it was only a problem with European Spec Bikes. Think it was a warrenty item in Europe. Any idea's on the cause and possible solution. 18 month old 2001 with 16,000 miles
  12. Check out www.sportbikedecals.com They have some really cool headlight, taillight and turnsignal decals. When the new clear front lenses come in, I am having a pair of small Woody's with dark candy apple background covering the lenses. To match the bike of course.
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