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  1. Two headed your way today. Emailed you tracking #
  2. You should have received an email with the tracking number. Three headed to Montana tomorrow with an expected delivery date of 07/28 Saturday. Payment included shipping, thank you.
  3. I googled the CTL-0026-IT part number from Clear Alternatives and found this picture and description. The BlackBird Taillight is big and uses two of the boards as shown in the picture. You have options on the integrated signals with two boards. Pictured is turn signal wires from both boards hooked up but you can just hook up the turn signals wires on the upper or just the lower for brighter running/brake lights. Hope that makes sense! http://www.streetracerparts.com/Honda_CBR_1100XX_Blackbird_1999_2005_LED_Taillight_p/ctl-0025-it.htm
  4. Not sure if they will fit inside the housing of the earlier model years that have a smaller tail light housing which is why i listed the actual physical size of the board itself. I think they will but not positive since I only owned the later models myself.
  5. edited with price added. When they go to ebay the price becomes $25.00 shipped on ebay
  6. Here is a picture of the replacement LED tail light circuit board that will fit into many motorcycle taillight housings. The turn signals are integrated as well. Main wiring harness plugs right into the stock light socket and color coded turn signal wires splice in. Simple replacement on the BlackBird or many other bikes with large rear facing taillight housings. The physical board measures: 2" X 4.5" Pictured are two boards to view the front and back side. $17.00 per board shipped Priority Mail in the US. I have 10 boards available.
  7. Send Mack a Private Message and he will respond. He has not been on this board much lately. I have two of them and they fit into my Bird collection nicely.
  8. WOW! Welcome Steve pegs should be easy to find here very soon!
  9. Just an FYI,l that is a Corbin Smuggler, not a Gunfighter. Nice looking bike, good luck with the sale. Should make someone a nice deal.
  10. No laziness here! I started the year with a goal of 300 miles for the year. 25 miles per month. Adjusted the goal to 30 miles a month. 360 miles for the year. As of June 1st I have 152.91 miles completed. (5 mths) June 1st thru the 9th (today) I have added 15.37 miles. Total to date; 168.28 miles. Looking to be at 190+ miles by the end of the month. If I keep this up, I may change the goal to 400 miles for the year. I am not interested in muscle mass per se. I don't have the bone structure or genetics for bulk. I am only interested in getting trim and healthy. I like the 170 lb size for my 5'10" height. I have actually dropped a couple pounds as of this morning. 168 lbs currently. I also start my day each morning with stretching and a set of 100 situps for the core/abs. Just added a set of 20 dips immediately after swimming, daily. Swimming is great for my arthritis, says my doctor.
  11. Looks impressive Rick. I just added some PVC privacy fencing to both sides of my house using the PVC sleeves over 4x4 posts. Very durable stuff and easy to work with. Also seeing "Her" room all organized will make her very pleased. Funny, last week, I decided to make a swimming lap counter since i am swimming daily at a rate of about 36 to 72 laps. hard keeping track of number of laps so crafted up a primitive abacus style counter. Using pony beads in three colors, paracord and suction cups I had from Awesome Ears. Seeing all of her crafting supplies so well organized is amazing. I can see where lots of great projects for the kids will be possible now from your efforts. Here is a pic of my little lap counter that I made on my kitchen floor after spending way to much time at Walmart deciding what to buy. Functional and simplistic white beads = 1 lap (50 yds) red beads = 10 laps Blue beads = 1/2 mile I only wish I had the supplies, work table and abilities to produce a craftsmanship project like you just did. Great job.
  12. For my understanding, what is actually happening with a modern engine that claims to shut down a couple cylinders to conserve fuel? I see many V8 cars claiming better gas mileage by shutting down a couple cylinders when not needed while cruising down the highway getting improved mileage.
  13. Carrozzeria didi not at the time but others matched up fine except for the cush drive bolt pattern for the drive sprocket. So we just replaced the drive sprocket at the same time. They offered a cheap price on a choice of two different sprockets, aluminum or steel. I have since replaced mine with a nice matching anodized gold SuperSprox for that extra bling.
  14. Paging Hank ! He knows all the details and spec's on what we did with the group buy and what will bolt right up from Carrozzeria. Hank is who I went through to pick up a replacement set of cush drive rubbers.
  15. Thanks Mike, You jogged my memory or lack there of. I don't think there was such a thing as a ZX10 when we did the group buy ! Back then it was a ZX9 I think. I need to edit my posts to say ZX12 in place of ZX10.
  16. If I am not mistaken, they did not make a cush drive with the matching sprocket bolt pattern that the BlackBird has. The ZX12 cush drive is what came with the rear wheel so you were forced to buy a new ZX12 sprocket .
  17. We did a group buy many years ago for the Carrozzeria wheels which is why you see so many here from members of this forum, myself included. Don't quote me on this but I think we got wheels designed for the ZX12. Everything matched up perfectly as far as brake caliper, axle etc except the bolt pattern for the sprocket. We had to buy a new sprocket (for the ZX12) with the rear wheel. I love my Carrozzeria gold wheels and they have held up beautiful for over 10 years. I did replace the cush drive rubbers a couple years ago. Others that have more knowledge than I should speak up soon as there may be some other spec that is needed to get the correct wheels for a direct swap-out.
  18. I used to sell them on Bike Bits but the box of 50 that I had, took over 10 years to sell out ! Fastenal is where I bought them but I no longer have the part number. Take a broken one to Fastenal and they can match it up.
  19. Scott posted up a clean very low miles 99 that looks very nice that is listed at $4000 or Best Offer. Guessing it could be had for less. Black and fuel injected with only 8400 miles
  20. R/R location is different on varying model years. The wire leeds are of different length. I think maybe the later model R/Rs provide a slightly higher amperage output. Rockmeup ??
  21. If only one is bad, then the stator would most likely be the good one. usually when the Stator goes bad (shorted) it kills the R/R. Since the R/R is after the Stator, usually when the R/R goes bad it does not affect the Stator, USUALLY!
  22. Correct - Lithium ion are similar to what was used in laptops etc and had a tendency to catch fire. Different animal with Lithium Iron Phosphate. I may be wrong but think that all motorcycle batteries are Now Lithium Iron Phosphate and the Ion is no longer available for use in Bike.
  23. I have bought from and would recommend "Battery Stuff" They carry Shorai, Scorpion and other brands. I think Scorpion is their own house brand and is usually slightly cheaper than the known name brands like Shorai, hence my cheapness decided on the Scorpion and have not been disappointed with the choice. https://www.batterystuff.com/ They carry a full line of Lithium Battery products as well as chargers. I personally have 2 of the Scorpion brand Lithium batteries. 1 has been in my BlackBird for 5 years so far. I like the Cranking Amps of the Lithium batteries and the almost zero voltage loss over time while bike is in winter storage. Or in the case of my Bird that sits for long periods of time with little or no use. When I bought my first one, from Battery Stuff, it was delivered in a Priority Mail flat rate box and left on my front porch while I was at work. When I got home I was excited to see the new battery had arrived but when I went to pick up the box, I was mad because I realized that they sent me a box with no battery inside. Couldn't believe that it was a real battery inside when I opened the box. Thought it had to be a hollow plastic fake display of a battery due to its lack of weight. Seemed to weight about the same as 1 "D"-cell flashlight battery! Love the high rating for CCA's. Has a push button on top to tell you if it is fully charged just like a Duracell battery!
  24. I hard boil a dozen at a time. Eat at least 2 a day so never left for more than 6 days in the frig. I hard boil and then shell them, while they are still slightly warm so the shell comes off easily. If you refrigerate them with the shell on, it is tough getting the shell off without removing much of the egg white, along with the shell. Our local grocery store (Publix) sells hard boiled eggs that are already shelled, They are sealed in a plastic bag and have a 3 week store shelf life, so I figure 1 week freshly hard boiled is good for me.
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