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  1. MIne arrived today. Thanks Mack Very nice piece. Now I need a second one to display both sides!
  2. Mack, Paypal sent but you show a "space" between the @ and the UN.org which I deleted. Verify that you received my payment and delete the space if received. I would have sent the $20 via friends and family (No Fee) but unsure if it would go through. You can also refund the payment and I will resend via Friends and Family if the email is correct. Shipping address is with the payment John01XX John@BikeBits.us
  3. John01XX

    Soft Lugagge

    Here is a deal on a set of Chase Harper Bags
  4. I have to get past the 600 mile break-in period before I consider any other farkles or performance mods!
  5. I have the HEL kit on my 01 Bird that I brought back from England (JAWS) in , I think 2004 or 2005. It replaced the rubber lines and left the hard lines. Still working perfect today with DOT 4 fluid. My poor memory says that it was like 13 lines, including the clutch.
  6. No issues with either the new house or the new bike, thank you for asking. As everyone knows that has had dealings with him, Scott gave me an incredible deal and the transaction went smooth as butter. Got her out yesterday for a decent shakedown ride mainly to learn all the fancy electronics. Put almost 100 miles yesterday and another 65 today. learning how to take the basic stuff apart this morning and installing 2 Yamaha helmet locks with a custom bracket I got from the FJR forum guys. I figured out how to key the helmet locks to the ignition key and will now mount them in the morning.I will add a couple more farkles in the next week or two such as a touring windscreen and a passenger back rest so my girlfriend can ride with me. Maybe a pair of slip-on cans for a mild sound improvement. Just got to get her broken in and the first service completed at 600 miles and then put some more miles on her. Very comfy and smooth and will be enjoying her immensely. (the bike and the girlfriend). The new house was not effected by the hurricane at all. I don't thing it even lost power there. Closing date set for Oct. 6th, can't wait to move in.
  7. With Irma bearing down on So. Florida my new FJR is in Orlando this morning. Expecting to be delivered to me here in Vero Beach in a couple hours. Going to take it for a ride and then put her up in a nice high and dry spot inside a concrete garage all covered up for the storm. I will be heading "South" about 60 miles to my 90 year old mothers house to ride out the storm with her. She has a concrete block house with concrete tile roof and hurricane shutters on all the windows and doors. She is all stocked up with needed supplies and I am bringing my Honda generator with me for the inevitable power loss. My EU2000 should provide enough juice to run the refrigerator and computer so we can keep everything charged up. I am all set to close on my new house in Vero in 3 weeks, so looking to see how well it fairs in a Cat 4/5 hurricane before actually buying! It is CBS construction with architectural roofing shingles. Hurricane shutters are up on the windows and doors and the house is elevated so no worries of flooding. It should be fine.
  8. Got the call that my bike is now in Austin, TX where the driver is dropping a load there and then will beeline for my place. The driver lives in Tampa which is exactly due west of Vero Beach right across Highway 60. The plan is to drop my FJR Friday morning and head home to prepare for Irma himself.
  9. Was suppose to take delivery this weekend but looks like that may not happen with the now Cat 5 hurricane approaching!! At least the new home is still bank owned until after the hurricane passes!
  10. Watching the GPS on the transport truck as it passes through Kansas City this morning, heading to Vero Beach, FL. A huge shout out and thanks goes to Scott (racer212) for his amazingly generous offer that enabled me to buy the new FJR1300ES. Like his deals on many guns that were made with forum members, I was on the receiving end of a deal better than even dave offers up regularly on a new sport touring ride. Not only was the new bike a great deal but the extra 48 month (YES) extended warranty came with it heavily discounted as well. The anxiety on my part is watching it travel towards me while knowing that it will probably arrive before the keys and paperwork will arrive via UPS 2nd day air service! Due to the holiday weekend (Labor Day) 2nd day air will get the key packet here on Wednesday and the bike will be here on Tuesday, probably. All this took place in the same week as an accepted offer by the bank for me to purchase a new home here in Vero Beach and attending the opening season game for the Miami Hurricanes who were victorious. Actually e-signed the contract for the house while standing at the Club Level bar at the Hard Rock Stadium with the score at 34 - 6, Go Canes! I have much to be grateful for and blessed beyond understanding.
  11. I don't know of any saddle bags that will work with High mount pipes.
  12. Probably Not! They have rubber type flaps to protect the tail of the Bird from chaffing. The high mount Migs surely would melt them quickly!
  13. Unfortunately I do not have a pic of them on my Bird. I am scheduled to close on my house, a week from tomorrow and am moving about 100 north of where I live now. They are in my storage unit up in Vero Beach where I am moving to next week. I can't get them shipped out until I get back up to Vero which should be next weekend. I did just make a run this morning and could have brought them back here had I known there was interest. They are in good shape and for someone that has the need a great deal as said.
  14. Sorry no front fender. Ask Rockmeup, he may have one
  15. Gotta sell the house first before buying anything new. Under contract with closing in about 3 weeks or so. I may buy something used instead of spending $16,000. on a new FJR. Haven't decided yet, but will be getting something the girlfriend can enjoy riding on the back of over distance.
  16. I was more concerned about residual brake fluid in the brake calipers and lines etc!
  17. Any chance at getting the Cruise working again? I might be interested after I close on my house sale.
  18. The rear sets went out today Priority Mail so you should get them on Monday. Sent tracking also to your gmail account.
  19. Should have been 3 boxes totaling 67 lbs ! I was notified of delivery of the (2) 30lb boxes but not the 7lb box. Did you get all three? The 7lb box had the two radiators inside.
  20. A big thank you for the help unloading a trailer full. Good to spend a little time with you.
  21. Sent messages to TOXXIC , Shoe & Furbird Zero's is in the mail
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