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  1. My KZ was so low it didn't even have a kickstand, you just leaned it slightly to the right and it sat on the header. The sucky part of that was the 3 closest tracks were all right turn exit roads so it made for some wide radius and very slow turn-offs on the big end. But we all had them so everybody was in the same boat. It's funny when a slingshot dragster has a tighter turning radius than a 7 foot long motorcycle.
  2. Best Buy usually has a remote start car alarm on sale installed for $300 or so. Then your truck can be locked, unlocked, starts and warms up, and if you don't want the false alarm problems just tell them to not install the shock sensor so it only goes off if the door is opened. Cheapest option is a weatherproof switch like would be on a boat and you hide it in a fenderwell or possibly drill into the base of the door mirror and install it in that. I've seen that done before also.
  3. Meanwhile in Alabama, we have KZ1000's riding around with Vance and Hines Sidewinders with no baffle. The Furbird (race bike) has a D&D full system with their exhaust from hell or whatever they called it which is a straight pipe. It is ungodly loud but at the track if you can't see me coming, you can damn sure hear me!
  4. Dual slip-ons still saves a ton of weight (those stock mufflers are HEAVY) but a full system is so much lighter. Function before style, that's why we don't ride Harleys (well, most of us haven't gone to the dark side!) You can remove decals with heat, but I personally just catch an edge and pull them off manually. Residual glue can be cleaned up with WD40 and a terry cloth with no paint damage.
  5. That bike says "The Flying Dutchman" on it, wonder if that's a member or former one, as that sounds familiar. As far as the stickers go, nothing an exacto knife and some time won't remove. Wheels could easily be painted back black. Why you want stock exhaust I have no clue, but you do you. That was the first thing I took off my 99 when I bought it new and put a full system on it. Changed the oil and the exhaust on the trailer after initial break-in.
  6. Same on my 99. And I noticed it on the way to work one morning. I pulled the tank at work and we rigged the shit out of it to get it to hold until I got home. The crazy thing is the one on the drag bike, which has been pulled far, far more times and was cut to feed the wet nitrous system has never leaked.
  7. If you have every dollar you've ever made, you haven't lived. I'm sure most of us can say "where'd all the money go" then start naming off fun times, fuck-ups, and all kinds of stories. I could be 10 times richer, but 1,000 times dumber. And lessons get more expensive as you get older so it's best to learn them whey they're cheap and you're young.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Snowmobile-ATV-Outboard-Jet-Ski-Boat-Engine-Kill-Stop-Switch-Safety-Tether/362201903844?hash=item5454ea72e4:g:wycAAOSwm3paS0vU Easy peasy lemon squeezy
  9. https://www.bmwmtkisco.com/used/Jeep/2017-Jeep-Wrangler-542cdfde0a0d0cc71a38a4b43c16d08f.htm That's not a lot of markup relatively speaking.
  10. Stock (ish) bikes are usually exempted from most of the rules on a test and tune or street-only night. All of the tracks I've gone to are basically full leathers, gloves over the wrist, boots over the ankles, and a DOT full-face helmet that you must keep the visor down on. The only mod I had to have on my drag bird was a lanyard shut down switch. I used one from a jetski and wired it in tandem with the run/off switch on the handlebars. It attaches with a clip to the zipper on my left sleeve.
  11. High end of trade-in value and a check in your hand instead of numbers on a trade-in sheet that they can manipulate. Sweet!
  12. I'm guessing (hoping, praying) that somebody took the pick-up tubes out of those bottles before filling them. When inverted like that they need to have the tubes removed if you didn't know. The stock engine can handle at least 2.5 times that amount of nitrous, but good luck keeping the nose down.
  13. You can probably smooth out the cuts on those ram air tubes as nobody will ever see it and they don't fit perfectly even from the factory. Headlight, cowl, front fender, check the forks, might need the stay might not, just have to check for straightness. Check on ebay or the for sale section to see if anybody has that stuff. Cowl shipping is a big friggin box so shipping will be high.
  14. See box 9 for the 97-98 models in this link. 9 doesn't show up as applicable for the 99-up. https://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c1f98f870023420a2f4b7/upper-cowl
  15. If you're talking about #9 in this image, that does not apply to FI bikes, it is carb only. FI bikes don't have the mesh in the front as the ram air tubes run directly into the airbox. https://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c1fe6f870023420a2f5b5/upper-cowl
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