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  1. Mine did the exact same thing. It was a broken filament in the bulb on one side and a bad connection on the other (corrosion in the socket). You could literally slap the taillight and the bulb would start working again. So, again, no offense but you're starting at the hardest part of the vehicle to work on, under the dash, where I did 12v electronics for almost a decade.
  2. So...um...no offense...but you started at the HARDEST POSSIBLE AREA. I would have started at the bulbs and worked my way forward. Then again I own GM's and it's always a bulb problem so there's that... (unless it's an Express van then it is, in fact the switch)
  3. Furbird


    I know that the iphone repair shops remove the glass with a Harbor Freight heat gun in like two minutes. I'm sure Apple has a $1000 tool they use for that. Difference is they don't use bailing wire and duct tape like we did, they just use a real tool in a different way whereas we went "that shit'll hold!"
  4. Furbird

    Car Battery

    I've got a battery right now in my shop that will "show" 12 volts at rest and as soon as you put a load on it, it goes "LOL". I've got a couple of Dewalt 12v drill batteries that will charge up just fine then you put them in the tool and they MIGHT last 2 minutes (and y'all have fun with the easiest softball in the world... 🤣)
  5. Furbird


    You know those dumbass plastic inserts Dodge uses on wiper arms and other linkages where the metal "tit" pops in to the plastic "receiver" so it's not metal on metal? Well that plastic piece failed on my dad's 87 Dakota in the drive-thru at Hardee's. I slid under it, popped it into drive with a pair of pliers, and used a hose clamp to keep that shifter rod from the column shifter attached to the transmission. That was at least 25 years ago and I still don't think the current owner has fixed it properly. My grandfather taught me that. He fixed a Soundesign dual cassette jam box I got for Christmas when I was maybe 10. We were playing on the stairs at his house and I fell and broke the handle. I'm 47, that repair still holds, and the radio still works. They'll probably bury me with that radio.
  6. Nothing that drastic, but I was 246 at my heaviest now weigh 200. My secret? Bought a house. Couldn't afford to eat out every day. No diet, no exercise, just eat more sandwiches from home and less food overall. Started off with the sandwiches, then cut out the soft drinks (made my knees feel 100 times better too) and brought sweet tea in a Powerade bottle from home. When I did eat fast food, get the normal size instead of large size. Now the broke part of my life is the norm, even though I make more money now than I did at the dealership. Only eat fast food maybe twice a week, might splurge and get a pizza once every couple of months or a big-ass hamburger, otherwise it's the $5-6 value menu stuff then I'll eat a sandwich for dinner (because my "big" meal was lunch.)
  7. We don't have that issue here. Humidity levels are so high the AC drain is steady. And my drain line is close to 3/4" diameter.
  8. Smoking deal. Too bad it's 800+ miles one way for me. I'm sure Joe will jump at it though.
  9. While I appreciate the test and it's results, the fact is the only time I ever really used these on a regular basis was holes in firewalls for doing car stereo and we never had to drill large holes through anything of any real thickness. If Harbor Freight had been around back then, we would have bought them by the dozen as everything was 1/2" and we used snap or rubber grommets that size. We had a limited depth hole saw (believe it's 3/4 or 1", still have it buried in a drawer somewhere) for large gauge wire installations and roof mount antennas for the old 3 watt permanent mount cell phone antennas. These days, the only time I use the ones I have (Harbor Freight) is to enlarge a hole that doesn't have to be accurate. $40+ for a bit vs $7 when you're going to have to go back through it again with an accurate size drill bit anyway seems a little steep to me, especially if it's already on the drill press.
  10. My question would be why does it need to be replaced? Why are you not suffering like those of us that have had to repair our OE ones? 🤣 In all seriousness, buying an 18 year old harness may not be much better than fixing your 20 year old harness.
  11. This is what I have (minus the passenger backrest and without the blue piping), scored it on ebay before my big Deal's Gap trip over a decade ago and it made all the difference in the world. I don't think I ever put the stock seat back on. It has a tear in it that I never repaired and it never got worse. Best seat hands-down I've ever sat on on any bike I've ever owned. I think I made 11 trips through the Dragon that time plus a run over the Cherohala (did the full loop) plus the Hellbender. Never ridden that much in my life; this seat made all the difference. YMMV.
  12. That's also a red flag, that way it's not in the forum server so admin can pull it up if they play hide-and-go-seek. Pretty sure Carlos keeps backups IIRC. Kinda like ebay tells you to use their message system and not contact a seller outside of ebay.
  13. I sent the OP a direct message because that appears to be their only post. Seems a little fishy to me because they are talking about the neighbor selling the bike for somebody else and you are talking about possible issues with the title and bill of sale.
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