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  1. Still sitting in Fred's driveway waiting on Joe to show up. Tomorrow at 7:59pm they're mine! 😁
  2. I'm sitting in your driveway and Joe is the winning bidder? I want a recount 🤣 Surprised it wasn't marked sold as soon as Joe replied. I'm 300 miles closer and he still would have beat me there 😁
  3. My new state vehicle! Gotta figure out where to put the lightbar though... 🤣
  4. Buy it, LS swap it, done 🤣
  5. Furbird

    True disc

    I'm guessing they turn them on a flat plate, similar to an automotive flywheel?
  6. I agree Carlos. It's overwhelming. Like if Tammy Faye Baker's makeup artist became an artisan of wood.
  7. My mom uses a corded. I have no idea how old it is because it's been around as long as I've been around. Craftsman. However, if it ever dies, she has a Black & Decker cordless that uses the same 20v batteries as the weed eater, which she absolutely LOVES because it's so light. I have the weed eater as well, and have been using it for about 7 years on the original batteries. Agree with Oscar, you should youtube how to sharpen the blades. It can't be that difficult.
  8. Furbird

    Chain Question

    If you put a new sprocket on an old chain that could be the source of your noise also.
  9. It's been so long I don't even remember how I did it. But considering that would have been back several head injuries ago, I would assume it involved a big ass socket and a sledgehammer.
  10. Steering stem bearings. Never heard of them going out in a clunk like that but the description is exactly what mine felt like. Go with tapered bearings so you never have to do it again.
  11. You do a bulb upgrade on a bird and you'll realize why we all have stock headlight housings. I run HID and that virtually eliminates any visibility issues. The low beam cut off is so dramatic straight ahead that it's deceptive in that you think corner visibility is nill. But the edges still rise up significantly, so when you're leaned over you get quite a bit of light at the roadside and on on corners. Those of us with parts will do everything humanly possible to save these housings, they are that good. And with the high beam on, it's like the sun rose. But God have mercy on your soul if
  12. You leave out the fastest color by not accepting 99 models (black). Well over 50k on mine, never had the valve cover off. They don't "need" a valve adjustment, and I can only clearly recall one person actually doing it and finding it was off (believe it was .001 or .002, basically not even worth pulling the valve cover off) and that was over 100k. I've got a 99 with 2000 body work (because they are the same bike) but it doesn't fit within your parameters.
  13. The going rumor is you need to shake it up first as it may separate out. I've heard that synthetics are prone to this, and the oil will come out in distinctly two different colors. I always shake the bottles no matter how old they are so can't confirm this personally.
  14. Furbird


    I went through a couple of bad batches of bearings when I was drag racing constantly. Enter a corner, whine. Going straight, no noise. Zero wobble, just noise similar to your experience.
  15. Do you need a two stage? Sure, it would make my life easier, but my single stage 60 gallon does everything I need it to do. Sandblast cabinet, lug nuts on the 2500hd, so far no problems (although some of these axle torque ratings are absolutely bonkers which means reversing is LOL levels of stupidity.) Don't forget, if you hard pipe your shop, all that pipe adds to your capacity.
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