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  1. If you have every dollar you've ever made, you haven't lived. I'm sure most of us can say "where'd all the money go" then start naming off fun times, fuck-ups, and all kinds of stories. I could be 10 times richer, but 1,000 times dumber. And lessons get more expensive as you get older so it's best to learn them whey they're cheap and you're young.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Snowmobile-ATV-Outboard-Jet-Ski-Boat-Engine-Kill-Stop-Switch-Safety-Tether/362201903844?hash=item5454ea72e4:g:wycAAOSwm3paS0vU Easy peasy lemon squeezy
  3. https://www.bmwmtkisco.com/used/Jeep/2017-Jeep-Wrangler-542cdfde0a0d0cc71a38a4b43c16d08f.htm That's not a lot of markup relatively speaking.
  4. Stock (ish) bikes are usually exempted from most of the rules on a test and tune or street-only night. All of the tracks I've gone to are basically full leathers, gloves over the wrist, boots over the ankles, and a DOT full-face helmet that you must keep the visor down on. The only mod I had to have on my drag bird was a lanyard shut down switch. I used one from a jetski and wired it in tandem with the run/off switch on the handlebars. It attaches with a clip to the zipper on my left sleeve.
  5. High end of trade-in value and a check in your hand instead of numbers on a trade-in sheet that they can manipulate. Sweet!
  6. I'm guessing (hoping, praying) that somebody took the pick-up tubes out of those bottles before filling them. When inverted like that they need to have the tubes removed if you didn't know. The stock engine can handle at least 2.5 times that amount of nitrous, but good luck keeping the nose down.
  7. You can probably smooth out the cuts on those ram air tubes as nobody will ever see it and they don't fit perfectly even from the factory. Headlight, cowl, front fender, check the forks, might need the stay might not, just have to check for straightness. Check on ebay or the for sale section to see if anybody has that stuff. Cowl shipping is a big friggin box so shipping will be high.
  8. See box 9 for the 97-98 models in this link. 9 doesn't show up as applicable for the 99-up. https://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c1f98f870023420a2f4b7/upper-cowl
  9. If you're talking about #9 in this image, that does not apply to FI bikes, it is carb only. FI bikes don't have the mesh in the front as the ram air tubes run directly into the airbox. https://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c1fe6f870023420a2f5b5/upper-cowl
  10. $39 shipped on ebay brand new. If they do it like AT&T does, they can reprogram the SIM it comes with for no additional charge. Why you want a flip I have no idea. I personally have a candy bar (straight) phone. You can't kill it. Flips break at the hinge. But here you go. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prepaid-Verizon-E-Talk-Flip-Phone-4G-LTE-2-8-OVGM-dislpay-2-MP-camera-1500-mAh/283646400089?hash=item420aa49659%3Ag%3AZoYAAOSw5nBdqKcV&LH_BIN=1
  11. I was kidding. But also didn't know I'd start a bidding war. So when the nukes go off it will be Carlos' fault since he added in the Vroom one. I was pitting KBB against Carmax but now it's like the Batmobile at Barrett Jackson. I am running low on Reese's cups though so there's that... 🤣
  12. See, it's like ebay but you actually get paid. I expect my bird dog fee 😁
  13. Those guys are going to shit a brick. They don't even have to detail it. I've only ever known one other person as anal (not the board kind, but attention to detail LOL) as you. Older ex-military guy that ordered Firebirds and the dealer would call him on delivery day so he could supervise them rolling it off the truck. They wouldn't even PDI it unless he was there. He pulled all the plastic off of it and did the first detail with Zaino products before he even signed the paperwork.
  14. I feel your pain, legitimately. Now I have a climate controlled shop with a lift and hydraulic jacks because I'm too old for that shit.
  15. KBB.com offers an instant cash deal where you fill in all the pertinent information (and it is pretty detailed) and they will email you a legit offer for it. Trade in shows 22-25k even deducting for the no AC option and that's in my zip code so it should be higher in an area where AC is not basically mandatory. It may be worth attempting to see if you can get what you want out of it. I would also take it to Carmax so that way you'll have some hard numbers to look at to see if it's worth keeping or not. No sense in giving it away if you have firm offers for more money and allowing somebody else to flip it at your loss. If you really don't want it going to a dealer you could stick it on ebay with a buy it now close to what your kbb and carmax offers are.
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