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  1. Been a month and a half. Still sticking to it and where are you at? Just trying to hold you accountable! 😀
  2. 40 percent of the 190 for the Bell and Sena? If so add it to the pile to ship and let me know what to pay
  3. Dave I will take it if he doesn't. When I purchased your ST I bought your helmet and it fit perfectly so this should fit plus I like the BMW branding. 🙂 Let me know.
  4. Wait! I will throw in ........ Ah, never mind, I can't top Casa Bonita. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride.
  5. Since you haven't delivered it yet, sell it to me. I will pay you in Sonoran dogs and cabbage filled tacos.
  6. I think he is joking on this. He would NEVER sell a vehicle looking like that. Glad to see you got some dirt on it. Now CLEAN that Jeep!
  7. Hmmm. Jeeps are just as much OCD enablers in my opinion although hard to keep looking perfect once you take them off road. I obsessed about mine until my wife came home after driving it and there was a large chunk of paint missing from the hood. That was when it had about 1500 miles on it. Traded it for my truck once it hit 2000 miles. Like you I buy a ton of shit, never or barely use it then sell it. Just who I am. People often don't believe that I am selling a new item until they see it. If I was looking for a bike, I would have snapped up your BMW minutes after you posted. Almost wish I needed one.
  8. It kept taking me to the cbrxx.com login page and I don't have an account.
  9. Looks like your links for the pics require a login to where they are hosted.
  10. Glad it arrived safe and in DaveK condition.
  11. SOLD First generation Ipad Air - MD785LL/A 16GB WiFi Space Gray. DaveK condition. Original box, charger, and a relatively new case with the magnetic switch. It was an occasional coffee table tablet. It is two and a half years old. Still holds a charge and works excellent. $150.00 shipped.
  12. Here is how to transfer Applecare. I am not sure if Apple would even care if they saw a device was covered but just to be safe I transferred my Applecare policies when I sold my devices. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202712
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