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  1. I agree with Dave that it works for weight loss. I am a desk jockey by day and couch potato by night. I started walking daily 5000 to 10000 plus steps a day after one of my dogs passed away. Keeping my non-vegetable diet of bad for you food (no changes) and just walking I was able to drop a pound to two a week. My pace is similar to Dave's or perhaps a little quicker when by myself. When I walk the dog it becomes a leisurely pace as I let my dog be a dog. However he has lost about 3 pounds himself and acts like a puppy for being almost 14 years old. I think the key is consistency on a regular basis. I don't think walking would be effective for me if it was just walking my dog, but by myself at an elevated pace it works well. I also change up my route by taking different trails in the woods. I use strictly New Balance as I have wide feet and they work best for me. Wired ear buds are making a come back. I definitely prefer them myself and use the wired to the phone type and not the wired Bluetooth type.
  2. CAN YOU CERAMIC COAT POLISHED ALUMINUM WHEELS? (EXPLAINED) Polished aluminum wheels look amazing. But they stain easily. If you own a set of bare aluminum wheels, you can testify how tiring it is for you to polish them every time. A ceramic coat can seal the aluminum by creating a surface barrier. When you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels, your wheels will retain that shiny look for longer. The ceramic coat will prevent grime, dirt, and brake dust from staining the wheels. Can I ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels? Absolutely! You can ceramic coat your polished aluminum wheels. There are two ways how you can approach this. First, you can buy a ceramic coating kit and apply it to the wheels. Alternatively, you can take your car to an auto body shop for professional ceramic coating. When you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels, you won’t have to clean the wheels after every drive. The ceramic coat gives you peace of mind knowing that your aluminum wheels will retain that decent polish. And whenever you get the time, you can clean the surface of the wheels, and the stains should come off easily.
  3. I wonder if applying something like a ceramic coating to your wheels would minimize the clean up by just spraying them off and wiping them down?
  4. Hmmm. Ten hour drive. Wonder if they would let me take it for a "test" ride?
  5. I miss Discount. Used them for about 35 years and no issues and lots of no cost repairs. I used the local military auto shop and they did a crappy job. The good thing is I found a good German tire shop that does great work and is reasonable.
  6. azxr

    Car Battery

    i drove it the 5 or so miles home and then hooked it up to a trickle charger for about 15 hours. The instrument panel indicated 14.4 volts on my drive to work and start/stop now works.
  7. azxr

    Car Battery

    Expensive yes. The store was pretty good. I was going to carry the battery out and he insisted I use their push cart. I swapped it in the parking lot and returned the old one to them a few minutes later. Luckily I can repair most anything I need to and can usually order my parts from the states or bring them back when I visit.
  8. azxr

    Car Battery

    Lol - true dat no Walmart/Costco. You all reaffirmed what I expected. Went to a local auto store and got raped a very good Varta AGM 800 CCA battery and should be good for a couple of years. 192 euros with a VAT form and a discount. I could have got the same one from Amazon.de for about 145 but was concerned about getting old stock and they wouldn’t allow returns. No doubt it is more difficult and expensive to DIY over here but better then having a garage do it.
  9. azxr

    Car Battery

    I think I am asking the obvious and already know the answer, but.... Vehicle is just over 7 years old with original battery. The start/stop feature (annoyance) stopped working around the 3 year mark and I noticed the message alerting me that it is not ready has increasingly popped up progressively much sooner over the years. The indicated battery voltage when running has also decreased over that time from 14.2/14/4 to 13.7/14.0. when not running the voltage at the terminals is 12.3. I am guessing I pushed my luck far enough and should just replace the battery before it leaves me stranded. No issues otherwise as far as starting or running.
  10. Salt and vinegar potatoes. Pretty good but need to cut down the salt or use a substitute. https://www.nigella.com/recipes/salt-and-vinegar-potatoes not sure if I specifically used this recipe but generally the same.
  11. How do they get away calling their product cheese? Cheese is a dairy product, derived from milk and produced in wide ranges of flavors, textures and forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein. It comprises proteins and fat from milk, usually the milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep.
  12. What are the chicken looking items? I see the broccoli and chili pods and looks like something I would eat; heat doesn't bother me.
  13. The stuff that comes out of your smoker looks much more appetizing.
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