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  1. Ya ever been in NYC? Some of them potholes end in Long Island Sound. Yer supposed to drive around those things...one of the few advantages of being in Manhattan on 2 wheels.
  2. I would replace highly customized with "upgraded" Get rid of the tinkered line. Total turn off. And besides, what bike owner doesn't tinker with their bike?
  3. Lots of extra heat with pressure that low. Lucky the tire didn't blow out.
  4. I remember reading somewhere that researchers couldn't track cancer in humans before the advent of enriched flour.
  5. My current routine..... 1-2x a week... Squat machine Leg press Leg curl Calf raises Various Ab workouts (ab machine, crunches, swiss ball, planks, roman chair) Back extension machine Bench press (alt w/ dumbell flys) Trap machine Lat machine Tricep machine Military press (alt w/ dumbells) Curls (freeweight & dumbell) Shrugs/vert. cable pulls 1-2x a week... Les Mills Body Pump class (light-moderate weight lotsa reps.. about 130 reps per exercise. Lotsa pushups too) Alternate the above (2 weight training sessions and 1 Body Pump class week 1, 2 Body Pump classes and 1 weight training session week 2.... repeat) Cardio... Jog 2-3 x a week (about 2 miles a day.. would like to eventually get back up to 10k 2x a week) Mountian bike 1-2hrs or MX 2-3 hrs a week on the weekend (about 80% of total time spent above anerobic threshold) Just need to work on the diet. Between business travel, vendor lunches and general lack of willpower my diet goes from marginal to total suck.
  6. Uh, last time I checked 49CFR 571.119 includes motorcycles manufactured after 1948....but OK.
  7. It's an Arizona thing.. all you need is a headlight, tail light, 1 mirror and a horn and you are "street legal". If you're riding in the city you may get hassled for not having DOT tires but otherwise it's game on.
  8. Sweet!! Didn't realize they made a Rekluse for that beast.
  9. Yeah, I always thought a set of sneaky petes would fit nice inside the tail cowl along the outside of the subframe.
  10. Clean XX :icon_thumbsup: Is it a 49 state or a Cali bike?
  11. Getting ready to try one of these..... For the bike I just "shoe-gooed" it inside the upper cowl. Water resistant, theft proof, great receive-sensitivity.
  12. If they were that cheap I would replace them too. But the wifeys Nissan headlight assemblies are $189 a piece (online) I may try the toothpaste thing as an option.
  13. I betcha BarryG paid HALF as much as you did for his icon kitty jacket.
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