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  1. N1K

    Oil leak?

    Good idea... Its right around that area...
  2. N1K

    Oil leak?

    53,957 I think I put like 25-30 on it the first 5 years... and about the same the last 14 I think NeXXt 2006 was probably the last time I put more than 100 miles on in a day...
  3. N1K

    Oil leak?

    Yeah, it seems so widespread up there and in vertical places that seem odd to have an engine oil leak go there. Is the front sprocket exposed enough to fling chain wax up there? I have had to ride on wet roads a few times in the past week and maybe the excess chain lube + a little moisture from the road is enough to release some of that.
  4. N1K

    Oil leak?

    Raised up the tank to take a look. Oily residue in the to places shown with an arrow. Any ideas? At first I thought maybe it was excess chain lube build-up/fling. But I don't know that would accumulate there. The front of the chain/front sprocket is covered isn't it? Any ideas?
  5. N1K

    Oil leak?

    Noticed a tiny splattering of what I think was oil on my left shoe (yeah, wasn't riding in flip flops today). Its probably the 2nd time I noticed it in the past few weeks. Its right about where the left foot hits the shifter. Looking closer I think I might have have an oil leak. Went to check the oil but I forgot the protocol and browsing through the service manual I couldn't find the procedure to check the oil. Do you put it on the centerstand? or side stand to check the oil? And then do you thread the dipstick all the way in? Or just put it in until it makes contact without threading it? Thanks! N1K
  6. Actually it was, (not way low, but a little low) but I think the reason why is that last time I did an oil change was the oil-pan episode... And after having the pan off and sitting for a week with no oil pan on ALLLLLLL the oil was out of the bike. I think I put 4 quarts in after getting it all replaced etc, but didn't check to see where the oil level was on the dipstick... and 4 quarts in a completely empty oil system probably didn't fill the pan as high on the dipstick as the 4 quarts I put in yesterday in a system that had some oil left in it. Bike runs great, never noticed any smoke or residual in the pipe (except for the bike running a tick rich at low RPM's so I'm not at all worried about it.
  7. So I changed the oil on the XX this weekend. I used synthetic on my last oil change, and I can't remember exactly how many miles are on this oil, but I think its around 10,000 or so. Really don't know. So I drained the oil, (spilled some on my driveway) etc, replaced filter, put new oil in, and then just for shits and giggles I decided to put the old oil back in the empty quarts the new oil had just come out of. So I put 4 quarts in the bike, upon re-filling the empties with the waste oil it filled back-up to 3 and 1/2 qt's. I know I spilled some on the driveway and I know there is oil in the filter, etc. But it got me thinking, how much oil would an XX typically consume between oil changes?
  8. Yeah, too bad I'm moving... I thought of concrete sawing the slab out and putting the slab somewhere in my new house, but it just wouldn't be feasible. (but how cool would it be to have it set in my new basement floor or something...)
  9. Yeah, in the summer of 05 I was thinking "ok, this thing has been here for 2 years now... I wonder what it would take to remove it" Glad I didn't.
  10. Redd moved to St'allis! MOvin up in the world eh Redd? Rich, if its not a hassle I'll take one off your hands... you should have my cell, but I'll pm it to you. if I'm not home, I'll leave some money on the deck or something.
  11. Whats a good brand/part number for an oil filter for the bird? I don't plan on buying a honda filter, just something at Wally world or Advanced Auto or something. Also, the torque spec on the drain bolt is 200 ft lbs correct?
  12. Ok. so I see 2 counts of child labor, 2 counts of illegal immigrant labor... You're going to jail dude! Seriously though... Looking awesome... Are you flipping this or living in it? :icon_clap:
  13. I hung drywall for a few years in college... UGH.. Actually hanging it is fun... Taping isn't bad... Sanding.... Ugh... I always wondered if the shop vac attachment thing I saw at Home Depot worked well. Sounds like you're giving it the thumbs up?
  14. N1K

    My house project

    I did 400 sq ft. of tile in my current house. But on my new construction the bank doesn't like it if you do stuff yourself. You can, but you have to get competing bids and the builder has to guarentee your work and stuff... its complicated... I'd rather pay for it this time around.
  15. N1K

    My house project

    I've been amazed at the difference in cost of tile... I guess I just don't have a trained eye cause I'll see some that is $10 a sq.ft. and it doesn't look any 'higher end' then some thats a 1/3rd of that price. I think I'm going to put slate floors in my house. I know material cost is within my allowance, I'm just not sure if they charge more to put in slate than ceramic. I know slate you can't scribe and snap, you have to wet-saw. Some people have told me they'll charge more per square, the people at home depot (which aren't the ones I'm using, but just decided to ask) said they charge the same for installing ceramic or slate.) approx 8 a square installation on plywood floor (material not included) around $6 installed on concrete.
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