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  1. srideaux

    Power Commander vs TFI Controller, winner is...?

    Please forgive, I misspoke, it was 153 rear-wheel HP not 163 My bad.!!!
  2. srideaux

    Power Commander vs TFI Controller, winner is...?

    With a Tri-Y four into one exhust, K&N filter and the use of a DynoJet chassis dyno I was able to Achieve 163 rear wheel HP. this was with a Power Commander 3 This was 10-12 years ago. This bike still runing well with no issues. I added a Speedohealer, droped the primarry sprocket one tooth and she was good for 10sec. flat.........well depending on the humidity.
  3. srideaux

    Brake pad issue

    Is it possible that the pads are mislabeled (in the wrong box)? would the source who sold them to you. exchange with you? If you are stuck with these pads you can" sand screen" them down with a flat surface ( I use window Glass) this also eliminates having to "brake in " the new pads this is an old trick we did prepping for track days, you do loose a little surface material. but the first time you clamp down on them ......you will be glad you did.
  4. srideaux

    replace header/downpipes

    I have to agree with rockmeupto125 this is excellent input / advice.
  5. srideaux

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    I tend to push mine hard, if I were you I would be looking into Coolant change, ( Dexcool works for me) oil and Filter change, new Battery and tires. Go have fun............
  6. srideaux

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    I agree with Ironmike, its purely subjective, what are you willing to accept as normal ware and tear ( Good to go) these tires if they are the originals are 15 yrs. old. how old is the battery? What if anything are you willing to spend to make it reliably roadworthy ? by all means ride this first , have the brake lines been bled and fluid replaced ? where has this bike been stored ? Good luck
  7. srideaux

    Speedo Quit after Heavy Rain Ride

    I have used the Speedohealer product on three different bikes over the years including my 01 Bird. sense 2005 . I would look first at the VSS connector. Pull it apart, check it for corrosion. clean all electrical connectors with "channel changer cleaner" it comes in an aerosol can, I have not bought any in several years, but use to get it from Radio Shack, I would look at E-Bay for it now. Good Luck
  8. srideaux

    1985 Kawi GPZ550 crossthreaded oil filter

    From time to time i buy "used or non running" bikes as winter projects to resell or keep for my collection, If I had a color picture and knew the mileage, I might be interested on a as is basis, only thing is you are a long way from Dallas.
  9. srideaux

    Strut/Shock Replacement...Part Question

    Best ride quality and warranty( Bilsteins) can be bought seperatly or in sets. you will not be disipointed
  10. srideaux

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    There are no catalytic converters on that bike, so running it should improve throttle response especially at lower RPM, but be advised, there are no stabilizing additives in Aviation Fuel. add Ste-bil for long term storage only, in a full tank. at the beginning of your riding season, siphon off as much as possible and refill with regular unleaded ( it burns faster and hotter than premium pump gas) My 02. cents
  11. srideaux

    Stainless brake lines

    In my own experience, after about three hours out in the country your back and wrist may speak to you in a painful way, the Helibars may help this.
  12. srideaux

    Stainless brake lines

    I must agree, in 04 I parked the Bird and bought a Busa. just to see how the other side lived. I gave it a year and sold it. I found it heavy feeling in traffic, we never connected the way I did with the Bird, I am 5'10" with a 28" inseam, with less than $1000. in up grades, including lowering the bike I can get 10sec. 1/4 mile times ( I am heavy and Old) Thanks to a Power Commander, and about two hours on a Dynojet chassis Dyno. one tooth smaller on the primary, and a trick Exhaust.
  13. srideaux

    Stainless brake lines

    To be honest, I haven't even looked at a can of Brake Fluid in 5-7 years, I will read up on the Motul RBF 660.......not to old to learn.
  14. srideaux

    Stainless brake lines

    Paul do what works best for you, but in the beginning don't take anything apart you cannot put back.