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  1. How long can a grown man be seen driving around on that yellow dildo before he snaps back into reality and decides he is too ridicules for even his distorted reality. What about when someone shows him a picture of himself with the matching piss yellow helmet. IN PUBLIC......
  2. Wait...... You got an email from... A A Ron?????
  3. What about oil? What do you guys run? I've been running Super Tech 0-20, and my mileage has gotten about 12-13% better. Bike runs smoother, and is quicker too. Might run about 5 or 10 degrees warmer though.
  4. I'm loving the Pirelli angel GT's . wear is outstanding. If you take the bird to the track, or are a canyon carver that doesn't care about the short life, the Dunlop sport Q series stick like glue....they give it up quick if you push it hard.
  5. https://www.st-owners.com/forums/threads/brakes-operation-of-the-master-cylinder.159167/
  6. Did you locate a fluid return passage in the master cylinder?
  7. It's really distracting when the rear locks up and stays that way.
  8. A rebuild kit won't fix a plugged relief passage.
  9. Have you cleaned and inspected the bar mounted cylinder? Did you check the relief passage to see if is clogged?
  10. Awesome! If I were closer....... Love that and the Chevy SS.
  11. Oh, and set it up where the mice can get to the top near the string. Or put a section of 2x4 up to the rim.
  12. Five gallon bucket with about two inches of used cooking oil on the bottom. String tied across the top with a used tuna can (not washed after contents emptied) with peanut butter smeared on the outside diameter suspended in the middle free to spin on the string. Mouse motel open for business .....
  13. XX tank? Was it rusty? If you etched it to remove rust add a little premix and slosh it around. Even without being full the vapors will protect it. Skip using ethanol and use pure gas.
  14. Fuck! From the "how did I miss that" category....I'll have to dig through my spare parts bin to see if I can reinstall one....
  15. I removed the left side. I was tired of having to replace it after grinding several down cornering. It hits pretty hard after the peg feelers are worn down.
  16. I used WD-40 for years. I must have been lucky, as I never had issues With at least ten bikes. I don't tempt fate now and use cheese whiz. Cheddar works best below 40 degrees. It's messy when the temps rise so Carlos won't like it. In locks anyway....
  17. You could use milk, whole milk, as a cleaner. Cheese, or more particularly cheese whiz, is a superior lubricant for gas caps.
  18. Whatever you do, don't use WD-40, it turns into an epoxy like substance once it hardens.
  19. Try cleaning all the sockets and all the wiring harness plugs and all grounds with whole milk. If you are flushing the braking system with milk, you can do this while the milk is "cleaning" all of the brake line interiors, master, LBS components, and calipers etc.
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