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  1. XX tank? Was it rusty? If you etched it to remove rust add a little premix and slosh it around. Even without being full the vapors will protect it. Skip using ethanol and use pure gas.
  2. Fuck! From the "how did I miss that" category....I'll have to dig through my spare parts bin to see if I can reinstall one....
  3. I removed the left side. I was tired of having to replace it after grinding several down cornering. It hits pretty hard after the peg feelers are worn down.
  4. I used WD-40 for years. I must have been lucky, as I never had issues With at least ten bikes. I don't tempt fate now and use cheese whiz. Cheddar works best below 40 degrees. It's messy when the temps rise so Carlos won't like it. In locks anyway....
  5. You could use milk, whole milk, as a cleaner. Cheese, or more particularly cheese whiz, is a superior lubricant for gas caps.
  6. Whatever you do, don't use WD-40, it turns into an epoxy like substance once it hardens.
  7. Try cleaning all the sockets and all the wiring harness plugs and all grounds with whole milk. If you are flushing the braking system with milk, you can do this while the milk is "cleaning" all of the brake line interiors, master, LBS components, and calipers etc.
  8. I find whole milk does yeoman's work cleaning braking systems. Drain all the fluid, replace with milk, bleed all the air, cap it up and let it "work" for about a week. Parking the bike outside in the warm sun makes the process work more thoroughly.
  9. Its again a question you haven't answered. Was there shrapnel in the case that could have damaged the chain? If not exactly how did you damage the chain?
  10. I understand the screen was plugged. But again, did the rod destruction lead to the chain damage?
  11. Tomek seems to have at least a fundamental knowledge of motors and wrenching. But, late at night while tired sometimes even good wrenches make bad decisions. Whether it was a mistake doing the top end work that damaged the chain, or the rod self destructed I'd like to know. Inquiring minds and all....
  12. It's the by product of his mom fucking and blowing every erect cock in Cuba. Only way to get "a head" in a communist island shit hole.... Does a number on mom's little darlings though.....
  13. I can't imagine how the top end work you describe could have dislodged something that would have damaged the chain pictured. What type of shrapnel was floating around the engine when you tore it down? Anything large enough to damage the chain as pictured? Did the failure lead to the oil pump pickup clogging as the described?
  14. You can get the EBC's domestically all day long.
  15. Basically all pads are sintered. It's just the method for manufacturing the pad. You're only saving about $25 on a full brake job. Last time I did them, stockers weren't available so I ran the EBC's. So far, better feel and braking.
  16. How did the damage to the chain occur?
  17. Are you sure the destruction of that journal didn't produce shrapnel that damaged the chain, and subsequently the guides? That bearing didn't just spin, it looks totally gone.
  18. How did the damage to the chain occur?
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