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  1. I got this in 2013 at a benefit auction for $7500. It was valued at the time at $10,000. Financial issues are causing me to look to sell it. I believe the piece is currently valued in the $20,000 to $25,000 range, but not positive. I am open to reasonable offers. It is called "Spring" and it is derived from another work of hers, "Band of Brothers." It is called "bastard art" because it is many different mediums, lithography, painting, drawing, all covered in lacquer. It is 24" x 24" X 2". It is signed by the artist on the back, and there is a book of her art that comes with it.
  2. I don't think they were lying to me. The right light was not nearly as bright as the left light when not engaged as a turn signal. It was probably about half as bright as the left one. I have been taking my bike to this shop for over 10 years. They installed my Penske and my Race Tech front fork springs, as well as all tune ups. I have never felt like I was taken advantage of or given false information. My signal is working just fine now, they did not need to order new parts, so I am happy. And $80 was not that steep for me.
  3. Topic Update I replaced the left turn signal bulb and it worked perfectly. No problems. I decided that since I bought a package of two lights I would change the right bulb to make them consistent. Bad idea! After removing the mirror and putting the new bulb in the flashing element would not work. The bulb would be on for normal running but when I engaged the turn signal the front did not flash and the rear flashed really fast. I switched bulbs to see if that was the problem and it was not. Shit! Just got back from the shope, $80 to fix a loose ground wire in the right front turn signal. Lesson learned. With an "older" bike like my '02 Bird if it ain't broke don't fix it, change it, mess with it.
  4. Yeah, gonna get right on that...
  5. I did not think it was a dual filament, I thought it was a single filament. I probably have a spare bulb laying around, I will try that first. Thanks for the ideas.
  6. I am having an issue with my left front turn signal. For a while my turn signals did not start flashing the first time I engaged the toggle. I figured it was just an old bike (I have an '02 Bird) and since they still worked I ignored it. Just recently my left front blinker will not come on when the turn signal is not engaged. The right one works fine and is on all the time. The left one only comes on when the turn signal is engaged, otherwise it is dark. Any ideas for an easy fix or what the problem may be? I am not a great mechanic or electrician and probably just need to make an appointment at the shop, but I wanted to ask around here first. Thanks.
  7. Problem resolved. Not a perfect fit to the header but I can make it work with some tie wire. Not as loud as the Two Brothers, either.
  8. I measured the header and it is 2". I took some pictures of the muffler and the crack. Looks like the header is not quite straight and it finally wore out the side of the neck of the muffler. I was looking at these two mufflers as possible replacements. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/yoshimura-rs3-slip-on-exhaust https://www.revzilla.com/product/yoshimura-rs1-street-bolt-on-exhaust-honda-cbr954rr-cbr929rr I appreciate the link to the full systems but I do not want to have to change the entire thing, just get a new slip on. If that is possible.
  9. So I heard back from Two Brothers and they do not make anything that will fit the system I have on the Bird. I sent them pictures and they said no go. I am looking around and not finding anything specific for a 4 into 1 for the Bird. I see some mufflers that are rated for the CBR 929/954 and was wondering if that would work on a Blackbird or if the increased ccs would blow it out. I have looked at mufflers that are for bikes with larger ccs, like the Kawasaki Connie, and some of those look like they would fit. I just don't want to get a muffler that "looks" like it will work with my system but then be an issue later. I may just buy an inexpensive stand in to use temporarily while I get the Two Brothers repaired. Something like this: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/danmoto-conical-gp-slip-on-exhaust Thoughts? Suggestions? I would love anyone with better knowledge to give me a hand. Thanks again.
  10. You know, I thought about mentioning that but did not. When I got the bike (I am the third owner) it had 18K miles. The second owner put the 4 into 1 system on the bike but I don't know what the mileage was when he did so. I got some photos when the clock hit 100K. I will take more when it hits 118K knowing that I put 100K on my Bird. :-)
  11. I have reached out to Two Brothers to see what they may have for a replacement. I think that is really going to be the best way to go to fix the problem properly. If Two Brothers doesn't have something comparable I would love some suggestions on alternatives. Thanks again.
  12. I have an '02 XX that the previous owner put a 4 into 1 Two Brothers exhaust on. When I got the bike it had 18K on the clock. I am nearing 104K now. I like the exhaust, the way it sounds and the weight savings. My issue is that there is now a crack in the neck of the muffler, right before the can starts. I noticed it the other day on a cold morning when I noticed a secondary puff of exhaust coming out of the hole. I have looked all over but Two Brothers does not seem to make this same muffler any more. I have not reached out to them directly but I have looked at their web site extensively and there is nothing listed as being for the Bird. I have also looked at Ebay and found nothing. I thought the exhaust was getting a little loud and wondered if I needed to get the can re-packed. I had also thought about buying a new muffler. Now that there is a crack I am feeling more pressed to do something. Can I get JB Weld or something else to fix the crack? Would another muffler, not a Two Brothers, have a problem fitting on the pipe? Any suggestions for mufflers? I would be grateful for some help and guidance with this. Thanks.
  13. I was wondering if you still have the pilot foot pegs. Mine are almost worn out and I need a new set. As for the bodywork I guess it is silver since it is an '02? Do you have a full set: front fender, side panels, rear section? I might be interested if they are in good shape and we can work out a good price for both of us. Thanks.
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