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  1. Just spent the weekend riding 1900 miles to, at and from TBME with the MRA Vario and it was worth every cent I paid. I had a GIVI for two years and had to go back to the stocker when it got broken. With the GIVI I got a little bit of buffeting above 110 with the wind hittng me in the face. The stock screen had wind right in my chest with no real buffeting. The Vario has no buffeting and you can tweak the spoiler for the ridng you are doing though even at it's highest I catch the breeze at the eyebrow level. Also the fit and finish is even better than the GIVI though the smoke isn't as dark as the GIVI.
  2. Found the exact thing in my '02 when I stripped it down after the accident last summer. The crack wasn't deep but when I had a friend weld it he found oxidation which he said meant the crack had happened some time before. I'm wondering how many others have had this happen. Hmmmm.
  3. Oh yeah. When the temps ar hovering around 95 (Also known as a fine cool afternoon in Las Vegas.) the 30 minute trip I have from work to the house leaves my inner thighs red. :roll: This is becuause the traffic doesn't allow airflow and the bike temps sit arround 240. That gets absorbed by the gas in the tank which is a wonderful heat sink. Looking at the big picture, I'm wondering if for bikes in the hotter climes it might be a necessary evil. If you insulate the bottom the best direction for head in or out would be the top and when I make a Vegas/SoCal run and it's 115 deg the last thing I need is more heat in my upper torso to complement the baking I'm getting on my back. Then again, I may be over analyzing things. Let us know how it works out.
  4. I use the kick stand as well. That way I know it is down when I get off the bike. :roll:
  5. I have to vote "Bird" since there really isn't another option. :wink:
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