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  1. My guess is those pics were taken in 2014 or 2015, based on the expiration sticker on the plate. Maybe he moved to New England from WA since then? Not sure the tires are "real close to needing replacement" in those photos either.
  2. Ummm... you know Phillip, right? It will more likely resemble slutty hoe #1 and slutty hoe #2. Ride them both mercilessly until they both need chains, tires, and oil changes, then fix the one that requires the least until that one is broke more than the other. Oh, wait - that's me. Nevermind.
  3. True. I'm staring bewildered at so many house projects that would be trivial for many.
  4. Not to mention, they make traps for that - inexpensive and trivial to install.
  5. Ha! Name a post lately that stayed on topic. I think there are so few of us left and we know each other so well that there's not much angst about thread derailment.
  6. Again, that's not a reason. Well, not to me anyways.
  7. Can you at least help out with a reason why someone would leave the country simply due to the current leadership? I guess anyone could find a reason to go at any time, like "the newly elected president has a consonant in his last name" or something equally odd. And what is a "reason" is entirely subjective. "Because of Trump" isn't a reason, so I'm interested in finding the real reason - my guess is there isn't a reason, but abandoning the country is instead an irrational response to the stress of a triggered snowflake.
  8. I'm not sure where you get that impression. Certainly an element, but I think Trump was hired more because he wasn't Hillary than anything else. I think the electorate was willing to try something - anything - different than the usual politicians. We've had the discussion about picking the least worst candidate before.
  9. I think most people have resigned themselves to DC being full of liars and cheats. I'm not condoning it, but I fear it's a permanent reality. It's a shame, but who has the time or power to do anything but complain? It's rare to find a ballot choice without some filth, and even if there was one, they don't have a lot of unpolluted choices for staff. Even the few good ones can be corrupted. If the choices are only between liars and cheats or liars and cheats with a good economy, lower taxes, lower unemployment, etc., I don't know why I wouldn't choose the latter. There may be some logical reasons why someone would leave the country because of the president... someone with strong socialist values not seeing movement in the direction they wish, illegal aliens in fear of new enforcement measures who decide to just self-deport on their own terms, probably a few others that I haven't considered. Those are two that a change of country might rectify. I just can't think of many reasons to leave the US wherein an alternative flag would be a marked improvement as opposed to waiting out the current administration.
  10. I was attempting to find a reason why someone would leave the country over what is unquestionably a temporary political figure. I presented those examples as a sarcastic counterpoint to highlight that I am unaware of anything perpetrated by President Trump so aggregious as to make a sane, logical person flee the most free country in the world. If you have some examples to support an alternative argument, you're free to present them, or contradict my exemplars. Otherwise, it sounds like another whining liberal casting broad, nonspecific allegations because they don't like the man in the White House for reasons they may not even have yet realized or admitted to themselves.
  11. The first failure point is where you decided to overthink this. I hope the second sentence isn't the second failrure point. Best of luck.
  12. It ain't all roses. He may be as batshit crazy as Ron Paul or Bernie. But... which of those do you contest?
  13. I wonder what it was that made them leave? The consistently improving unemployment numbers? The steadily rising economy? The the evidence that aggressive anti-US foreign dictatorships are begrudgingly reaquainting themselves with respect, moderation, and diplomacy on the international stage? Could it be the attempts to prevent the US from going down the same failed path the EU is stuck on in regards to immigration? Maybe it was the protecting and defending of the Constitution that pushed them over the edge?
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