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  1. Me too. I forget about some of the great recipes I've made - not that I forget what they are and how to make them, they just escape from my repertoire. I guess I need to write them down and make a menu, something I've never been able to make a habit of though I've tried in the past. Too easy to fall into the peanut butter on toast routine, I'm more of a spontaneous "what do you want for dinner tonight - we have some of this, that, and the other stuff?" type cook than a planner and shopper. Thanks. I wish I had the patience to write something that could maybe make some money, but I like mangling metal in the shop too much.
  2. Well, veg-based protein drink with berries, soy milk, and flax seeds. Making quinoa in veg broth now to get mixed with cucumber, tomatoes, celery, red onion, white beans, parsley, and kale for dinner. Maybe some air fryer chickpeas for more crunch. Lunch will be leftover tacos from last night - cabbage leaf shells and spicy riced cauliflower instead of ground beef.
  3. All of the plant-based cartels come under the secretive umbrella of Big Vegetable. This whole health/nutrition/clean eating thing is the next scam - wait until people get addicted to comparatively inexpensive, hormone and bacteria-deficient vegetables and start rejecting the wholesomeness of the high fat, sodium-drenched Standard American Diet. Then they'll spring their trap and charge more for veggies. By then, there will be no McDonalds left to turn to, run out of business by the likes of the broccoli mob, the kale consortium, the legume cartel. Think of the tragedy of a world without Happy Meals, kids having to eat a salad with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FRIED IN IT, and missing the $0.03 Chinese-made plastic toy that will eventually find itself wedged in the seat rails of your Kia. Just ponder that reality for a moment, America. Terrifying to think of entire acres of plants filtering water and creating oxygen where methane-belching, water-soiling red meat machines once grazed at their engineered feed. The horror. I've said too much already. If you find my body wrapped in cabbage leaves and left to fertilize a Brussels sprouts farm, you'll know I spoke the truth.
  4. In other news, the international carrot cartel has introduced a diabolical new product for dogs, called "baby carrots". Some dogs are slower to show addiction, but most are hooked after 3-5 doses. The bastards are going to peddle this shit at prices that undercut almost all commercial dog treats. Worse, the product carries with it almost zero detrimental nutrition, causing comfortably plump dogs to lose crucial excessive fat reserves. Paradoxically, this increases their desire for the treat, eventually turning them into lean, potentially athletic shadows of their former selves.
  5. I guess that forum has to stay open for unregistered members to post as guests so that legit people with legit problems can get an answer from an admin? I imagine others will follow... Some of the links were spoof links: while displaying a legit link it would direct you to a similarly named link but not what you were looking for. The first one I noticed was their Xhamster.com link actually going to 1Xhamster.com, likely for nefarious purposes. My browser is only displayed the html, so I could see right away that it was a misdirection and not my favorite porn site an even more sordid corner of the web than where most of those filthy porno addicts hang out.
  6. I should have been more specific when I said "plain old oatmeal". Think what your grandmother used to make when you were a toddler, not the stuff in the packet with brown sugar and cinnamon, or anything that has microwave instructions... with one exception below. Anything that is "instant" or in a package with flavored powder is going to be fooling yourself that it's healthy. There's actually a different method, where the groat is cracked instead of cut and/or rolled. I like Coach's Oats, which are toasted first and then done in this manner. I have no idea what the toasting does for it nutritionally, but they cook quickly and have a very robust texture to them. The biggest problem - nutritionally - with oatmeal is what people do to flavor it. This is the perfect application for a banana that's a little past what you'd normally eat - mash it up and mix it in. Really, any fresh fruit cooked in oatmeal will be pretty good. A scant handful of pecans on top makes it yummier.
  7. Hmmm, I don't know about the cucumber/tomato thing. I'll do a little searching. Finding decent granola/muesli without all kinds of additives can be a challenge. If you find a brand that isn't entirely compromised with sugar and can keep some with you, or reliably find it again when you need it when traveling, that's a score. Sugars and oils on nuts and dried fruits are often overlooked. I left dried fruits off my "grab something quick" list because they're so unpredictable with additives. Like granola, If you're not shopping at the same place every day, you may not find the same brand you normally get and you'd have to read labels... negating the "quick" part. It's hard to beat plain old oatmeal. Cut up some fresh fruit to cook it with to add flavor and sweetness. Whole fruits are better than the equivalent amount of sugar that they contain, unless you're doing stupid amounts of grapes or something. Stick with apples, the fiber is good for you. Beans. There's not a whole lot of things as good for you as beans. Maybe broccoli or blueberries. Beans are satisfying and easily prepared in many ways. Canned ones can even be fairly clean, some brands have low-sodium options. Gotta read the label.
  8. Broccoli florets or baby carrots and a single-serving cup of hummus. Can of cut green beans, drain and dump in a little Italian dressing (good hot or cold). Can of black beans, can of corn, drain and mix with a can of Rotel in a plastic storage bowl. Peanut butter on a rice cake (watch for added sugar in the PB). That's mostly borderline survival food, but it isn't horribly dirty except be aware of sodium in canned beans (brands differ) and the sugar levels in the corn. None of it will leave you "slugged" and in a carb coma. If you can get fresh stuff, a cucumber and some cherry or grape tomatoes and a few leaves of basil is awesome. Better if you can slice the tomatoes and the cucumber and let them self-marinade together for a while. Add a little cheese if you need the fat and protein. Apple, pear, banana for a snack. Unsalted nuts. Just wander around in the produce department and grab a couple things that look good, whatever is fresh. That's on-the-go stuff as you asked, sort of the "crap, I'm not going to have time to make a real lunch, I'll just grab something that isn't fast food". With some preparation and cold storage options, you can do a lot. Veggie sushi? It can be amazing...
  9. So that's why you never take that sweater off.
  10. Dude, he won't move to Arizona because it's too cold in the winter.
  11. Can you hear the fuel pump run at key on before cranking? Fuel pressure data is such an important diagnostic value, I think it's sad that there isn't a sensor for it on many cars (on the few I've worked on, when there is one, it's usually just a Pressure/no pressure, not a value or constant data stream). "...there are no codes" - It's important to know what scan tool you're using to determine this, some of the budget or older ones don't read every parameter. As always, is the battery healthy?
  12. Now would be an excellent time to do a ZX14 front end conversion. You lose linked brakes, but the improvement in the front, both suspension and braking, is significant.
  13. I just watched both of the Project Farm videos, the Milwaukee pliers finished below the middle of the pack. I guess the redeeming factor is the ability to return the HF version to a store that's under 5 miles away, no hassle for the swap-out. I've seen the way they do returns here, they glance at it briefly and throw it in a bin and say, "okay, go grab another one". Lowes and HD, not quite so simple.
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