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  1. Was that what you were looking for?

    1. IcePrick



  2. Pretty much any meat you eat is a dead body. Unless you eat them live, of course. That comes with other complications.
  3. Nice machines, both of them. I don't play my guitars enough to justify the ones I have, though. Good luck with the sale, I imagine guitars are in short supply just like everything else, should demand a premium.
  4. One of my Shorai's lasted eleven years - just occasional charging in the off-season. Will buy again.
  5. It was, but I'm not sure why he was so crabby about it.
  6. I did it just for the halibut.
  7. While they may have a sense of humor, I've never seen evidence. At least, not one that wasn't at a driver's/rider's expense. I don't know if it was here that I heard about it, but legend says a Trooper pulled a guy over on the Dragon, and the dude's bike tipped over on the sandy shoulder at some point during the stop. Naturally, the Trooper didn't miss the opportunity to cite him for losing control of his vehicle or some such thing as well. That probably qualifies as humor in certain circles.
  8. A friend of mine from Kansas to the THP Trooper at the Dragon: "$218 speeding ticket? Fuck, that's a bargain for as much as I got in yesterday, today, and not even counting what I'm gonna do tomorrow!
  9. Trusts employees with dosing radioactive isotopes: check. Prohibits a common pocket knife that every 5th grader carried 30 years ago: fail.
  10. Mine works phenomenally well - especially as an afterthought with the house not being designed around it - but the climate is different enough between Phoenix and Prescott to matter. There has never been a high-temp/low humidity day that this $400 window unit didn't keep temps under 75 inside, and I've seen 103 outside here. It's in an otherwise unused room on the lower level (north side) of the house, so it's rarely seen or heard. Now, when monsoon season comes along and outside humidity gets above 30%, efficiency is essentially nil - it just makes it clammy inside. Having a respectable AC unit is still a requirement for a brief part of the year here. I wish I could design a house with evaporative cooling in mind, there are lots of little things that would make it more efficient. Plumb it into the central air system and install up-ducts that vent into the attic - send the relatively cool, moist house air into the attic and flush some of that heat load as well. Put several solar panels on the south side of the house or on the roof to shade surfaces while generating the power to run the cooler.
  11. Nice instant militia kit. Send it all to Ukraine?
  12. Those purple potatoes are the best for you. I can't wait to make mashed potatoes with them, the color should be interesting.
  13. That guy has some pretty informative videos. He's getting more and more "technical" as time goes by, but I like what he does.
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