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  1. IcePrick

    Server error?

    Wow! Fun times. Good that you were able to catch it early.
  2. IcePrick

    Server error?

    Just now... Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX126
  3. See my dog food recipe in the Beans thread - omit the hot dogs, otherwise it's a pretty good protein source that's tasty and low in fat. Add veggies and some fruit at different times of the day, dairy (cheese, yogurt, or milk) for fat. Eggs as necessary, they aren't the devil. No, that's all bullshit, but I figured I'd add my 2 cents as I'm the picture of health.
  4. IcePrick

    Server error?

    Yeah, I got one again a little while ago.
  5. IcePrick

    Server error?

    No issues so far today. A couple days ago, it was maybe 1 in 6 new pages.
  6. IcePrick

    Server error?

    I was getting it intermittently the last few days on OSX 10.11.6/Safari 11.1. Figured it was just a temporary issue, probably not mine as the .org is the only site I see it happen on.
  7. IcePrick

    FS: 1997 CBR1100XX

    That's a smokin' price for a nice, low-mile XX.
  8. I know that just slapping on a wild map without doing the reinforcement necessary to handle the additional stresses is risky, at best. What mechanical mods should be done prior to adding modest levels of boost and increasing fueling? I can guess at head studs, maybe head gaskets... I know that's a very open-ended question, and dependent on what one starts with as a base motor and how they define "modest - but what are some common ones? Keeping it simple and staying on the motor, not the driveline and tires
  9. Are there alternatives to tune a modern Diesel that is digitally controlled? Wouldn't the existing stock software try to work against any mechanical mods one makes to attempt to bring it back into the stock parameters? If you increased injector size, FP, or mechanically altered boost pressure, wouldn't the software read the additional fuel flow or boost pressure and try to "correct" it? I've never done any sort of performance tuning on a Diesel - a computer-controlled one or not - so I have no idea - but since I find myself thinking about Diesels a lot lately, I'd like to hear your thoughts on alternatives to performance modification software.
  10. IcePrick

    help to i.d. a mount

    Thank heavens for context. Looks like something out of Penthouse Letters.
  11. IcePrick

    Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    It depends on what the issue is internally. Most modern drives have integral controller boards, you can't swap it with another controller if that's the problem. Sometimes the damper on the arm goes - I once actually took the top off a drive, damped the arm with my finger, and it was able to seek well enough for long enough to image. Bearing and other mechanical issues - I've had about 50-50 luck freezing them for 24 hours, then putting them between two cold packs (isolated with a ziplock bag to prevent any water from contacting the drive) and powering up. Critical data - Krollontrack.com.
  12. IcePrick

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    I filled up a tank with 100 octane avgas in my SuperHawk once... the fuel cap seal leaked forevermore. Something was incompatible with the rubber used, and I don't know that the fuel cap seal would be the only victim. It could have been entirely coincidental, but it sort of swelled up and wrinkled. YMMV.
  13. IcePrick

    FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Somebody here FINALLY admitted they wanted a tranny. The exodus from the closet should look like someone yelled "free boobies" at midnight in the parking lot at NeXXt.
  14. IcePrick

    Radar detector mounting

    Constant-on, you will get that alert long before it's your turn in the crosshairs even with a marginal detector. Instant-on is the issue - that's where good, long-distance alerts that a quality machine, like a Redline or well-tuned V1, will help. I've had an instant-on hit from over 8 miles (rural New Mexico, flat land and the guy was in a depression in the median, almost totally invisible until less than 100 yards away) on both of these units... just enough to let me know there's someone way ahead sampling traffic. Now, if you're the only possible target for a very long distance, or in heavy vegetation, rolling hills and around corners from the shooter, you will probably be toast. There are dozens of winning scenarios for verbal interaction, but I've had decent luck with honesty - "such a nice day WITH GREAT VISIBILITY, beautiful road WITH NO TRAFFIC, I didn't realize I was going too fast FOR CONDITIONS. I usually have traffic to sort of gauge my speed to, but WITH NO OTHER VEHICLES OUT HERE I guess I let it sneak up on me a little".
  15. IcePrick

    Radar detector mounting

    Modern RADAR units can track two targets and display the faster and slower speeds. It is up to the operator to visually discern which is which and be able to provide viable testimony to that effect. I have a couple thoughts on the radar/laser encounter: first, the operator may not have had a dual-speed unit, and feared a court challenge considering the disparity of the size of the bike vs. the truck on the radar return. So he picked up his handy laser to single you out, but failed to get a good shot because he wasn't prepared for it. Or, he just had his radar running constantly and was using his laser exclusively due to the heavy traffic, but didn't get a good shot on you. I see this with surprising frequency, and I think it's hysterical - like a sniper wearing international orange to anyone with a decent detector.