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  1. help to i.d. a mount

    Thank heavens for context. Looks like something out of Penthouse Letters.
  2. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    It depends on what the issue is internally. Most modern drives have integral controller boards, you can't swap it with another controller if that's the problem. Sometimes the damper on the arm goes - I once actually took the top off a drive, damped the arm with my finger, and it was able to seek well enough for long enough to image. Bearing and other mechanical issues - I've had about 50-50 luck freezing them for 24 hours, then putting them between two cold packs (isolated with a ziplock bag to prevent any water from contacting the drive) and powering up. Critical data - Krollontrack.com.
  3. Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    I filled up a tank with 100 octane avgas in my SuperHawk once... the fuel cap seal leaked forevermore. Something was incompatible with the rubber used, and I don't know that the fuel cap seal would be the only victim. It could have been entirely coincidental, but it sort of swelled up and wrinkled. YMMV.
  4. FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Somebody here FINALLY admitted they wanted a tranny. The exodus from the closet should look like someone yelled "free boobies" at midnight in the parking lot at NeXXt.
  5. Radar detector mounting

    Constant-on, you will get that alert long before it's your turn in the crosshairs even with a marginal detector. Instant-on is the issue - that's where good, long-distance alerts that a quality machine, like a Redline or well-tuned V1, will help. I've had an instant-on hit from over 8 miles (rural New Mexico, flat land and the guy was in a depression in the median, almost totally invisible until less than 100 yards away) on both of these units... just enough to let me know there's someone way ahead sampling traffic. Now, if you're the only possible target for a very long distance, or in heavy vegetation, rolling hills and around corners from the shooter, you will probably be toast. There are dozens of winning scenarios for verbal interaction, but I've had decent luck with honesty - "such a nice day WITH GREAT VISIBILITY, beautiful road WITH NO TRAFFIC, I didn't realize I was going too fast FOR CONDITIONS. I usually have traffic to sort of gauge my speed to, but WITH NO OTHER VEHICLES OUT HERE I guess I let it sneak up on me a little".
  6. Radar detector mounting

    Modern RADAR units can track two targets and display the faster and slower speeds. It is up to the operator to visually discern which is which and be able to provide viable testimony to that effect. I have a couple thoughts on the radar/laser encounter: first, the operator may not have had a dual-speed unit, and feared a court challenge considering the disparity of the size of the bike vs. the truck on the radar return. So he picked up his handy laser to single you out, but failed to get a good shot because he wasn't prepared for it. Or, he just had his radar running constantly and was using his laser exclusively due to the heavy traffic, but didn't get a good shot on you. I see this with surprising frequency, and I think it's hysterical - like a sniper wearing international orange to anyone with a decent detector.
  7. Radar detector mounting

    I once had such a device in the cowl of the XX, right on top of the headlight. It had to be removed from the housing and put in a heat seal bag to fit. It escaped a close inspection by VA State Police, who detected it with an RDD subsequent to a traffic stop. Fortunately, I had an early Sirius receiver with me which was known to trigger RDDs, and I went on my way with no penalty for 86/65. I couldn't tell him that I was going over a ton when I first saw him - I grabbed the brakes when I saw him in the median, about a full second before the detector went 10/10. That was literally a visual save, but he still assumed I had a detector, which his RDD backed up. It was a really interesting speed encounter from a lot of different angles, both what he perceived that was correct for the wrong reasons and incorrect for the right reasons. And the verbal interaction was great - "You have a radar detector". "I do" - so my tone went up a half octave on the last letter of my statement; it was technically not a mistruth. I have several anti-enforcement measures on the XX, from a very advanced laser jammer, to a software modified Redline to stealth IR coatings. I've found the best defense is simply to ride with a measure of maturity - know that there is a time and a place, don't do stupid shit that draws the Man into your life, and be aware of the threat landscape - shift changes, jurisdictional lines, likely enforcement spots, limitations of enforcement hardware, and of the law. Even then, the odds will probably catch up with you eventually, but at that point it has to be considered "back rent" and one can be repentant with a smile... recalling all the good times and how little each of them cost per dose.
  8. Radar detector mounting

    I keep my Redline inside the very top of my tank bag. It's high enough to clear the dash and receive a signal from about 270* around it. While the bag doesn't lock, it does come off in one swift motion and fits in my OEM Honda hard bag, which locks. It is not externally visible, so if I do meet the Man, he won't see it and give me the "professional speeder" enhancement. Audio goes BT to the iPhone and subsequently to the Sena, with no external cues. There is a slight delay - probably not quite a half second - but in my experience, the only time that would count is in an instant-on encounter, and if you're the target, a half second probably won't save you any money anyways. Obviously, the laser detection is blind through the nylon, but I have a separate solution for that.
  9. Stainless brake lines

    The K1300S was what the 'bird should have evolved into. But for the price point, the 'bird is still an AWESOME value and with minor mods, can still hold its own against modern-day sport-tourers. I don't spend a lot of time on mine anymore with dual-sport, SuMo, and adventure bikes to choose from, but I can't bring myself to turn the old girl out of the stable either.
  10. Stainless brake lines

    HERETIC!!! BURN HIM!!! (Just kidding. If only Honda made a modern-day 'bird.)
  11. Stainless brake lines

    Winter is coming. There will be time to work in the garage/shop. Parts will be on eBay cheaper than in the spring. Want incredible brakes, an inverted fork, lighter wheels?
  12. Motorcycle Maintenance Log Program

    White board on the wall in the garage. Because racism.
  13. That's a crazy good deal. It's got me thinking about how much excess .40 I have, and how I'm going to get rid of it.
  14. Metal polish

    An eBay find is probably the cheapest and least expensive option. Check the part numbers, may be the same part across several models in that era. Or take it to a powder coat place. Any color you want, and about as permanent as a coating gets.
  15. Chances of an Internet hoax

    Yes, but did you go back for seconds? Or are you just a "one course" Pastafarian?