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  1. My son converted his CBR 1000RR some years ago and he had to order it from Germany. Can you follow up with the previous owner?
  2. Cops would be able to see that radar signature 3 miles away.
  3. I have to log in every time on my computer but it has been that way for a long time.
  4. Some years ago I would have been all over this apparent great deal.
  5. No. Where the bottle starts to get smaller near the top I cut most of the way through so it is hinged. A string is tied around cap and run to the rear where a paper clip (bail holder) is stuck through. The coat hanger and rubber bands are springs to close it. So the mouse pulls on the bait, the string slips off the clip and the lid closes.
  6. I made a catch alive mouse trap a couple of months ago out of a plastic bottle, two rubber bands, coat hanger, string and paper clip. It took a time or two to get right but it worked. I just wanted to see if I could do it.
  7. Maybe the 2000 was but my 97 was under the tool kit which was held down with the famed tool strap.
  8. I would guess that it is either this: or this 😀
  9. I had brand new heavy duty straps (for cars) without the clips on the front of the bike and when I got to the dragstrip, one was unhooked. I also had rear straps which saved the day. Never used them again and replaced them with super heavy duty car straps with the retaining clips. That was with a Canyon Dancer in the front and soft loops in the rears.
  10. A sign that you should keep it. Come on, you know it.
  11. Empty in the gun safe which has a dryer in it. Or if it is hot and dry in the attic, that might be OK. Like said, the light bulb is a good idea also. I wouldn't trust the bare metal not to rust if you don't live in CA or AZ.
  12. I'll take one for the Wing. I can hook you up for the postage. PM on the way. Thanks Bill.
  13. I have heard that moth balls work but I have never tried it.
  14. Or put it on the center stand and run it though the gears.
  15. That is the cheapest running Bird I have seen but without looking at it in person............
  16. That is different, something most don't pay attention to. I bet it still runs like new even with all those miles.
  17. It looks like you might have enough room for the life of the chain, if not you can always shorten it later. I agree with worrying about the tire, change it and put the old one on Craigslist for a couple of bucks.
  18. Put a meter on the battery to see what it says and make sure that the ground is good.
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