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  1. Kelly Blue Book $4,915 In Good Condition with typical mileage When purchasing from a dealer $3,380 In Good Condition with typical mileage When trading in at a dealership
  2. If that can be connected, I would do that and eliminate the outside line. So if the pump was needed it would pump the water outside and wouldn't hurt anything as long as it wasn't a ongoing thing.
  3. You made me go look and I found this quote from him that made me smile for some reason. BTW what is wrong with tankslapper,my ex- 99 r1 was slapper happy bike.
  4. You say "lady" but I wouldn't want to see what is in it. 😀
  5. There is a way on every engine to let the pressure out from building up inside. Most expel the pressure from the Cylinder Head Cover. I don't remember were it is on our bike but I'm sure someone will tell us.
  6. I have used one on a bike tank and retained but I have no clue now what brand it was so I guess that wasn't helpful. I had no issues with it.
  7. Very nice and I like the color.
  8. I bet you wish that you still had that car. It would be worth a lot.
  9. Ya, he has always been a trouble maker. 😁
  10. Shouldn't that be "the fastest in the arena"?
  11. Is that normal for a large truck engine? I know nothing about large diesels but thought they would run thick oil because of the load and many not being turned off that often.
  12. This is a interesting thread. I have always feared the stuff and just fixed the leak but there are times when a easy fix would be great. I detest the new plastic/aluminum rads over the old copper and often it is the seal between the plastic/aluminum. Do you think this would work long term in this area? That is good to know. So you find your coolant system capacity and add the amount per the chart?
  13. I would worry about plugging the heater core. When it is zero out, you want all the heat that you can get.
  14. I found it hard to hold my larger phone and the lever plus click the photo.
  15. The no tubes comes from being a car mechanic. 😁 Don't worry, I get on my son about the same thing.
  16. Yep, we know but it never hurts to say it again.
  17. As I recall and I could be wrong, the concern was about the thinner/reducers attacking the EPS before evaporating.
  18. Looking good. When do you want me to send you some body panels? 🚴‍♂️
  19. Like ChewToy, my 97 also doesn't have any issue finding N with anything from car dino to Mobil 1. The M 1 does feel a little bit better in the shifting dept and for $25 for 5 qt, it is good enough for me. With that said, your high $ oil must be some good stuff.
  20. Thanks for the experiment. If it ever stops being 50F and rainy around here, I'll give a go also. Just for the record, yours is also a 97 with the stock braking system, right? Any idea which brand of pads? I have the green EBC HH.
  21. I don't know if I have tried the "stomp" but I'm guessing that mine will not lock. Have you done it on a Bird on dry pavement?
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