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  1. Is there a chain deflection amount like on the Goldwing cam belts?
  2. Just to be clear, for motorcycles? Yes I know that this is a bike forum but everything is talked about here.
  3. I wouldn't install it but that is me. If the green stuff was in the box, that means that it wasn't packaged properly to prevent shipping damage. Contact seller and show the photo.
  4. I never did until the last Bridgestone that I put on the front of the Wing. The sidewalls are so stiff that without air in the tire with the weight of the bike on it, you can't tell it is flat from looking. It was the first tire that I couldn't get on all the way, just couldn't get that last little bit over the rim and was afraid of breaking the wheel. I took it to a bike shop and it took him a few tries with a machine. It then took two guys and a strap with much trouble to get the bead to catch.
  5. Since you are no longer bikeless, be patient, it will happen.
  6. What, that BMW don't come with one? My Honda did. 😁
  7. It might just be the camera angle but in the first pic the empty stud hole doesn't look round. It would be cool to have your own dyno and test before and after mods.
  8. I bookmarked that. Sounds like a U.S. made product. Click on "about us" at the bottom of the page, it gives some good info.
  9. Crashedbirb, how was the fitment as far as the mounting holes lining up and the thickness vs the stock panels? I have always been curious about these aftermarket body kits.
  10. The part numbers that I have marked down are 53150-MCW-DOO AND 53100-MCW-OO. I don't remember the year span but was thinking 02-08 but I could be wrong. I just put these on my bike last fall. I believe they still can be bought new but I'm sure that you are looking for a better price.
  11. Not that it matters but Tasca is one of the oldest names in Ford performance history. Bob Tasca still runs a NHRA funnycar.
  12. I have found this place useful at times. https://www.tascaparts.com/auto-parts/ford
  13. Sorry, I didn't mean to start the fire.
  14. Why would you want it for street use? Just for looks? On the tire, I have never seen a rotation direction arrow point both ways but than I never had a bike slick.
  15. Usually not much ground clearance on those for the street.
  16. Are you sure, I mean really sure? Or is that what they want you to believe?
  17. I thought this was going to be about a Harley. 😀
  18. I don't think that it counts if you set it on fire. Or if you replace them with junk.😀 I put a vacuum gauge in my Mustang and the line it came with would collapse, like you, had to replace.
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