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  1. Are you still using milk?
  2. Good info, where did you buy the products?
  3. That thing must have left hard. I always wanted to try a bike with bars, it must be a different feeling.
  4. Carbs are not that complicated and even more so when there is only one, you are missing something.
  5. It might be a great topic to start in the garage.
  6. It is a great price and I thought of getting it but can't find instructions on hooking it up to my 97. 😉 Someone should grab this.
  7. I have learned the hard way also.
  8. Always try the easy stuff first, change the bulb.
  9. I have a new 47 still in the package from when Northman did the group buy.
  10. I guess that it does pay off to take the time to call. Something I never seem to do. You saved a nice lump.
  11. Come on guys. There isn't much action in the garage and some look forward to mechanical discussions without the drama. Maybe you guys can ignore each other in the garage for the rest of us.
  12. She is not over weight, just big boned.
  13. I believe the factory pads are also HH. I put EBC on my truck also and they worked well.
  14. Is that like throwing a cranial rod? 😀
  15. +3 EBC HH. I even put them on my Wing.
  16. I don't know what it is these days but in the past it wasn't much, 50 - $100. I have had 2 to 3 bikes most of my adult life so if you add up the cost of inspection each year for all of those years, I am way ahead. The last time that I got pulled over (at double over), the local cop didn't notice. We got talking about bikes and he sent me on my way with a "slow down" which I can live with. 😊
  17. Our state requires motorcycle inspection but I don't participate.
  18. I wouldn't take that to the bank. 😊 If you are not putting a lot of miles on it these days there is no reason for for the Red Bird not to be around. In 2024 update us.
  19. It don't seem like it is worth it to me. I am got more years out a AGM battery that cost a good bit less.
  20. Maybe call around some junk yards looking for a low mileage rear. A swap might be a better way to go.
  21. Maybe we could resolve in 2019 to keep the For Sale section clean of drama?
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