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  1. Didn't someone here have one something like that?
  2. I also have used muriatic acid and then coated the tank. The acid did not harm the paint on the outside of the tank.
  3. blackhawkxx


    For people who I think are NOT in the know I use CBR 1100XX instead of Blackbird but I know, you were in a Honda shop. I should peek at mine but haven't.
  4. As long as I can afford it, AGM is the only type I will buy. They seem so much better than the regular flooded style.
  5. For most but a die hard car guy, probably too much info. Like the oil, you could say it was changed on schedule and make a list of things that were serviced. I would like the info but you also might scare some away. Maybe it is sometimes better to set the hook with less and then you can add the details later. My daughter in law had one except it was a 4x4 . Her husband (my son) did a lot of work on diesels so she had that and he had a dually.
  6. It is strange, like they don't give it even a second thought of what would help to make the sell. And why use a power washer on a bike like that?
  7. I have been running NAPA batteries in bikes and cars/trucks and have had no issues.
  8. To be honest, I don't know but the one at Advanced had cooling fans coming on like a laptop when working hard.
  9. Free battery testing at the major auto parts stores.
  10. All in fun. I enjoy reading whatever you write and photos of your adventures.
  11. It's good to see it upright.
  12. One more, slightly altered.
  13. Each to his own, I hate anything "murdered out". This is more to my liking.
  14. Sounds like you have it worked out and yes, I wouldn't put a router/modem in the attic.
  15. Maybe you can get it back when he is ready to move on? They are getting harder to find and you know what you have.
  16. Cool. You didn't have to give up the Hurricane did you?
  17. I can't imagine how that would work without ape hangers. If you do those things to a Bird, you may be the first one ever banned.
  18. That is nasty looking.
  19. That is still on TV. I watched one a few months ago and brought back the memories of the innocents of TV in those days.
  20. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174824732481?hash=item28b45db741:g:k3AAAOSwdspgw8ad
  21. Found it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174824732077?hash=item28b45db5ad:g:X9sAAOSw9s5gw8Ms&vxp=mtr Edit to add: How is the bike coming along Steve?
  22. Maybe so as I tried three different browsers and many, many tries with all other sites working.
  23. Was the oil getting changed yesterday? The site went down around 4:00 pm yesterday my time and was still down 7:00 am this morning.
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