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  1. Posted 3 hours ago (edited) Probably. As you can tell my patience for his B.S. , twisting my posts, etc. run out loooooong time ago. Edited 3 hours ago by tomek Ya just never know what to expect. But that might have been the closest to honest this thread gets.
  2. Dude you need your meds checked...
  3. Your lady makes the bike look even better. Please get her some good safety training.
  4. You sound angry. Are you angry right now? I'm sorry.
  5. sorry I was overtaken by the ghastliness of the whole situation.
  6. looks like it was parked in the wrong part of town for too long
  7. May just start looking for a seat pan. Eventually likely go with the RDL. I have not seen any others who offer the same warranty.
  8. I have heard the Kawi touring seat is an improvement from the stocker. Do you still have the stocker???
  9. Incredible folks in this community!! Been here a while and not going to leave. Bird or no Bird.
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