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  1. Would like a board member to get her if possible. I think she is a very good specimen for being old enough to buy her own beer. I will do an inventory to get specific on all the add ons and add pictures in the next day or so. For now I can say 35k on the clock. Not much more could be done to her. Needs nothing. Lots of extras as well. Might be forgetting a thing or two. Will do a better inventory tomorrow. Clear light turn signals Double bubble windscreen Vario bars Quick throttle Voltage indicator light Braided oil cooler lines K&N Air filter Factory Pro Ignition advancer Factory pro quick shift Cable clutch, original included Two brothers c5 fiber slip-ons Chain and sprockets have around 10k on them Plugs were done xx miles ago iridium Corbin seat with backrest Trimmed tail Ricks R/R Lion battery Hyperpro front and rear Buel pegs Carbon fibre engine case covers Some items chromed wheels and other misc Extras: stock bars 2 sets. Heli bars with throttle and cables included Extra ecu Stock seat Possibly Nelson Rigg soft bags 2 sets different sizes Frame plugs never installed
  2. cecome

    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 club Cab Transmission issue

    Love my Dodge. Kinda loved the older ones a bit more. Have a 2015 Ram. Had a 1995 Ram and a 1973 d100. Wish I still has that 73.
  3. cecome

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

  4. cecome

    Headlight upgrade

    Dropping some of these into the Connie. Not sure if they would do the job well on a Bird, but thought I would share since they are a plug and play upgrade. Auxbeam LED Lights
  5. Pretty sure it was FI fits carb without mods...unless you did mods on my bird??
  6. You do nice work Dave!! Honda Polish??
  7. Thanks for taking this picture. It was a pivotal moment!!
  8. cecome

    Very special BB headers

    Good times man!!! They were worth all the headache just to see this post.
  9. I am getting really excited. I did call dibs and this time a meant it.
  10. Dave if you get it I want dibs.
  11. That is one hell of a deal. Talk about lots of bike for the dough.
  12. cecome

    03 bird

    is it me or are there wheel issues?
  13. I actually think it looks sharp and clean....
  14. sweet job with the fairings...I am sure it will go fast (the sale)