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  1. Money is an 'issue' for most of us, but not for Dave... it seems(?). It shows mostly, when he decides to sell something to a board member at a price they would n e v e r find anywhere else. Who has the issue here....?
  2. Would like it... but. (Good Luck with it,summer is coming)
  3. Thanks Dave... if it is still available a little later l will stop by again.
  4. Nice bike... I wish.. I wish.. as well. .. perfect colour too.
  5. $150.00 CDN or US ?.... and does that shipping include to Canada ...
  6. Thanks for the comment on my photo's. 



    EM-Downy & Chickadee 2.jpg

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    2. Crusty


      Birds are quite adept at recognizing threats, and ones that are not, after some experience being around them, them being humans. In my case, I am out in the same areas taking photographs and do not have a dog with me.


      I often meet people walking their dogs, asking me what I am taking photos of with a big lens etc.


      I say; "birds' and they mostly respond that there are no birds that they see, must be why I use a big lens..


      I am a dog owner, but I would never walk my dog in a  wildlife reserve or wetlands sanctuary. The birds are long gone before you are even aware of them if you have a dog with you.

      This Green Heron landed about 12 feet from me, checked me out nervously, then went about his fishing while I sat and watched, and took pics.56e80d5fe5705_EM-GreenHeronClose.thumb.j

    3. blackhawkxx


      Impressive!  I wished I lived out in the country, somewhere peaceful. 

    4. Crusty


      It is a choice I made after deciding to leave city life, wearing a suit, and going to work with my back against the wall all the time.


      I was just fortunate enough to find/have  a woman that supported my walking away from a pretty good job.

  7. If I was closer... Hope you heal quickly, and all is good afterwards.
  8. Fruit bearing trees need to be 'manicured' that is; trimmed or pruned, so the branches bearing the fruit are balanced, and easy to collect the fruit from once the fruit matures. Most apple trees are manicured in the same fashion.
  9. Oh my.... if anything would get me b a c k into riding it would be this bike.... sigh... Unfortunately as good as the price is, I just don't have the Cabbage.
  10. Sigh... if I had the money, I'd buy it in a instant. Nice bike, and beautiful. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Was looking at Tankless... and came across this article. Still haven't decided, but thought I would post this link anyway as a FYI James http://www.chandlerdesignbuild.com/files/fhbDecJan08.pdf
  12. How you doin?

  13. Ooooooh sweet. And that couch ... comfy to sleep on is such a bonus
  14. Thanks.. having done a lot of manual labour in the past, you don't forget.
  15. Shit. Well at 57 years, and unloading 2 skids of them bent over, it felt like 100lbs
  16. Had the roof redone .. Used IKO Architectural shingles, they insisted on staying with the metal valleys(galvanized). They removed all old shingles, removed all vents, and replaced them, and installed five new vents as the roof was not vented properly. They put a heavy duty liner in the valley's and completely papered the whole roof, with ice barrier four feet from the eves all around. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks and the work they did. The fellow showed up with the truck and container to dump the old roof into the night before, and was by himself. He had all the shingles inside the container, and had to unload them. I helped him by off loading them form the skids in the truck, and carrying them to edge so he could pick them up. Fuck me. That shit would get you in shape fast. 125 90lb bundles of shingles, all moved bending over. Fuck me I'm in bad shape. I had a cooler filled with Water/OJ/Coke/Ginger Ale/Gatorade for them. They seemed to appreciate, and went through most of it as it was hot here, with full sun.
  17. j'aispair tout va bien !

  18. Someones picture taking is looking pretty good... Tell her to keep up the good work.

  19. Got my Hummer feeder up, but nothing yet. U better have that camera ready son.

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