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  1. Was asking John, but thanks also. I have given away most of all parts pulled off my XX. Beats having parts laying around in a bin wasting away.
  2. Wouldnt happen to have a front fender laying around would you?
  3. Thinking about it many people would quickly go to a trike or can am spyder. Then you watch this vid of the same guy riding and realize the need to ride and still lean over. Pretty slick designs he has incorporated into a modern bike to assist him. His plate is also a nice touch... reads I'm Back
  4. Upper hose has a slightly different part number on ron But both arent available on there for a 98 but are for a 03 fi bike.. Might just have been an update of part thats all, both look the same. Less than $40 for both
  5. Have read of people cleaning the motor and system out on cars and bikes. Worth a shot to do some research and attempt to fix it. Not like it works now... Also might gain some knowledge in the process for later use.
  6. Move
  7. I did once on to take apart a yamaha on the side of the road.
  8. Well on the XX I used a torque wrench on axles nuts. Other bike bought used and rear hub had 3 bearings, 1 of the 3 was crunching at time of tire change.
  9. While changing tires be sure to always inspect your wheel bearings. Had a front go out while out of state at like 25k miles and had a rear go out on another bike at 11k miles.
  10. Shipping is free to a local shop I have used for almost 20 years. He was the one who showed me this website. They charge 10 or 15 bucks a tire to mount and balance. Also doing an alignment at same time.
  11. Stock tires on the rams suck. 20k miles and close to being need of replaced by most people. Use to run cooper lifeliners on my charger they wore awesome abd lasted forever, when to get another set after a couple years those were discontinued.
  12. after searching I decided on these was going to go up in size a weeee little bit and it doubled the price per tire.
  13. Thank you, Need tires on ram as well, going to install bilstein shocks and tires next month.
  14. Grey scotchbright pad abd go with grain of stainless. Other ways are using a media blast with fine glass or even a chemical acid wash.. I suggest a scotch bright pad..
  15. Fly and ride Will suck taking I95 back home but would meet you in Va for lunch or dinner