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  1. The Krypt Keeper

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    You will want a contractor that specializes in home drainage or basement repairs. They will have the most experience with the materials needed. There should be a waterproof membrane on the outside of the basement wall. However, this membrane can be easily damaged when putting stone in as well. Dont know the age of your home, most companies that install our systems or drainage systems apply a filter fabric to help prevent fine silts from entering the actual media layer. Just had a customer within 2 weeks complain. Pulled test samples and material was all packed tight and this was for 8 to 10 inches deep. No filter fabric layer and their 80k bio pond was full. It was a year old and installed wrong. Lots of fly by night contractors are installing these wrong, just as many contractors are producing biofilter media wrong as well. Its a newer market that has engineers putting systems in new construction projects.
  2. The Krypt Keeper

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    They may be able to create a temporary bandaid fix but thats it. My job deals with stormwater runoff and bio retention ponds. Trust me, I deal with customers all the time who scream about water back ups. They quickly learn that their cheap ass contractor installed everything wrong or actually promoted sediment to be trapped in the voids of the media. Changing the flow of water around the help is the starting point and will allow water to slowly drain from french drain. The material needs to be replaced to be done correctly.
  3. The Krypt Keeper

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    French drains cant be fixed properly without digging up and replacing with proper stone again. That is the downside to them is that the open voids slowly fill and you develop leaks as the water has no route to go to escape the intended path. Could see about doing some better water management drainage solutions around the house to promote water to flow away and around the foundation as unusual amounts of rain this year has everything saturated.
  4. The Krypt Keeper

    Fast idle

    Got a PC? Unplug and try
  5. The Krypt Keeper

    Rear suspension 'locking' up.

    Give you $50 for your bad shock and a used but working (key word) OEM shock. For $150 I would send it off and woohoo act surprised when it arrives back in top notch form.
  6. The Krypt Keeper

    Chain cleaning brushes

    Good idea and easy fix. I changed footpegs on my XX and the side stand was right against the peg. This led to my textile pants cuff hooking the side stand several times coming to a stop light. Almost fell over once and always killed the engine.
  7. The Krypt Keeper

    Chain cleaning brushes

    Dang, did you buy a harley?
  8. The Krypt Keeper

    Chain cleaning brushes

    Not leaving the chain soaked for 24hrs as in the test. There is some residual kero left but most all is wiped away within minutes or flung off. Chain is all shiny and clean, don't forget to rinse off your grunge brush also... carb or brake clean will swell the crap out of rubber. Learned that mistake years ago when rebuilding the carbs on a kawi 454 ltd Let them sit for a day or so and fit again.
  9. The Krypt Keeper

    Chain cleaning brushes

    I still use a grunge brush and kerosene takes maybe 5 minutes total scrub really good, wipe down, scrub down again, wipe down really good. Use some dupont chain wax I found at lowes in between scrub downs. got 26k miles out of last chain, still in limits but developed a tight link and front sprocket was due as well.
  10. The Krypt Keeper

    Headlight upgrade

    Thanks. Had thought about running these on my F150 next to try out. Takes about an hour to change the bulbs. Crappy design that uses 10 bolts, screws and pins to just reach them. Also lack a lot of ventilation as they have them rubber back seals to keep mud and rain out of the other part of a crappy design.
  11. The Krypt Keeper

    Headlight upgrade

    Little question on the heat output of the LED bulbs. Seen them with the built in heat sink and even small fans to keep them cool. Is this to protect the electronics or the diodes themselves from heat exposure? Do HID bulbs produce this much heat as well or do the ballasts?
  12. The Krypt Keeper

    Headlight upgrade

    Thats an awesome price on some LED lights, let us know how they work for you.
  13. The Krypt Keeper

    Very special BB headers

    Yep, huge damn bottle neck shoving and squeezing all the hot exhaust gas into a small opening. Interesting find on someones bike. Cbrbear has some very nice items on his XX. Curious where it came from. Toss it on ebay and see if someone wants them to fix or make work less sucky
  14. The Krypt Keeper

    Very special BB headers

    post a pic of these damn things curious to see what they are so restrictive to flowing out HP. I talked to a local shop near few years ago about doing some exhaust work, guy hand builds exhausts for bikes and cars. would love to keep dual pipes never did get them done as my riding lately has been limited.
  15. The Krypt Keeper

    Adjustable lowering pegs 4 sale

    All good, I currently have the Buell pegs on I got from Ben. Two issues I find is they dont allow side stand all the way up and being all metal with blunt knarled surfaces my hard soled boots slide some. My XX hasnt moved since june, was hoping Nexxt would allow me to ride.