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  1. The Krypt Keeper

    Mobil 1

    Yep, many people run it in their trucks as well. Good stuff, people have tested it at blackstone labs many times and it always tests great. I been using it for a decade I assume or longer. Also run it in sons old dirtbike, lawn tractor and sure something else.
  2. The Krypt Keeper

    Mobil 1

    Once a year or 4500 miles on average. Normally around same time I replace tires. Do everything at one time to not worry about it for rest of year. I will write mileage down on masking tape and stick to one of my tool boxes when doing tires and oil. When I went to bridgstone bto16s my mileage went up to 4500 miles. Will be going to bridgestones 21's next so will see how that goes for mileage comparison. Run it in track bike as well. Two track days on last change. Oil still golden in color just slight odor of fuel in it. Also prefer wix filters, napa gold are same filter.
  3. The Krypt Keeper

    After Market Exhaust Question

    That should be an easy fix for a welding shop with someone who can TIG weld or even cut that piece off and weld on a new inlet that will last another 100k miles.
  4. The Krypt Keeper

    Mobil 1

    Rotella T6 goes for on average $19 -$21 for 4qt jug at walmart and $28 or so at auto parts store
  5. The Krypt Keeper

    After Market Exhaust Question

    You wont blow out anything with a different exhaust for another bike. Take some measurements of the the muffler at connecting point. Check the ID or OD of the pipe and look for similar to mate up to the header pipe. The mufflers were all basically the same, headers were different. Take some pics and post of pipe and how they connect and sure we can find the exact muffler that also fit a kawi or yammer
  6. The Krypt Keeper

    After Market Exhaust Question

    The mufflers may not be listed for bird but they were all standard sizes mostly. The header pipe being the most bike specific part. If the connection between header and muffler are same size/style they will fit. Can contact 2bros about that and see what yrs and bikes were sold with that style muffler to widen search. Can take it off and depending on what type of metal, stainless, alum the end cap if you can have it welded up and smoothed back down. Titanium doubt will be welded, but can possibly be brazed. Repacking is easy, will lightly quiet down the note of it for a little bit. If rivited end caps are on the exhaust, drill them out, pull out replace wrap and pop rivet back using closed end rivet. Might be an opportunity to remove exhaust, have end cap welded and repack, two birds one stone.
  7. The Krypt Keeper

    Calorie and weight management question...

    Will try adding some eggs and see, probably get the walking farts. Doing my best to leave protein bars alone.
  8. The Krypt Keeper

    Calorie and weight management question...

    What about quantity? 2 eggs, or so many ounces. Wife tells me she hates that I only eat whatever bars and basically all my dinners are a baked or grilled form of chicken or turkey. I dont have much choice so I eat a salad, yard bird and typically some corn, broccoli or green beans. Feel 100% better but also not losing any weight.
  9. The Krypt Keeper

    Calorie and weight management question...

    Loved greek yogurt, however it hates me and aids in my kidney stones.
  10. The Krypt Keeper

    Calorie and weight management question...

    Can someone list some small meals to make or prep for an average week of real food. Trying myself to get away from Cliff bars and Kind pressed fruit bars for two weeks and failed terrible. Work out of town a lot so they are easy grab and go. Is easy for me to just eat 1 of each and then grilled chicken or turkey and veggies at dinner. Might snack on a handful of unsalted mixed nuts couple days a week. Diet restrictions are red meats, salt and carbs.
  11. The Krypt Keeper

    2003 XX Boston Craigslist

    I agree, nobody if going to pay that for a 15yr old bike.
  12. The Krypt Keeper

    Strut/Shock Replacement...Part Question

  13. The Krypt Keeper

    Strut/Shock Replacement...Part Question

    Messing with the suspension doubt everything will exactly perfect after the 10 hours of beating and shoving. If vehicle was ever aligned after first set of tires was replaced, thats easily 40 to 60k miles of wear and settling on oem equipment. Replacing with new will throw it off. Skimping of something so simple is just dumb. Most vehicles from factory are just ball park set anyways. If never aligned could benefit it still.. Yeah, fail on me for finishing the job correctly.
  14. The Krypt Keeper

    Strut/Shock Replacement...Part Question

    So much fail going on here. As I stated in my first post. " with proper knowledge and tools" this job will be easy enough. Fail 1 and 2 Now saying "technically worn out parts wont require an alignment" Fail 3 You will be back in 6 months bitching that the car tracks like crap, tires worn uneven and blame it on the design failure of the replacment parts.
  15. The Krypt Keeper

    Strut/Shock Replacement...Part Question

    I do my own. Did my personal and company truck in the past 6 month. Bilsteins are what I use. Easy to do with proper knowledge and tools. Did front end of my 4wd Ram in 2.5hrs Front of 4wd F150 in 3.5 hrs