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  1. The Krypt Keeper

    Very special BB headers

    Yep, huge damn bottle neck shoving and squeezing all the hot exhaust gas into a small opening. Interesting find on someones bike. Cbrbear has some very nice items on his XX. Curious where it came from. Toss it on ebay and see if someone wants them to fix or make work less sucky
  2. The Krypt Keeper

    Very special BB headers

    post a pic of these damn things curious to see what they are so restrictive to flowing out HP. I talked to a local shop near few years ago about doing some exhaust work, guy hand builds exhausts for bikes and cars. would love to keep dual pipes never did get them done as my riding lately has been limited.
  3. The Krypt Keeper

    Adjustable lowering pegs 4 sale

    All good, I currently have the Buell pegs on I got from Ben. Two issues I find is they dont allow side stand all the way up and being all metal with blunt knarled surfaces my hard soled boots slide some. My XX hasnt moved since june, was hoping Nexxt would allow me to ride.
  4. The Krypt Keeper

    Adjustable lowering pegs 4 sale

    Dang, those are very nice. Oscar? What say you?
  5. The Krypt Keeper

    Replacement LED Tail Lights

    Got any pics of it in action John? Everyone bitches about my led turn signals not being bright enough. Might help with that issue, ass I have gave away my stock housings.
  6. The Krypt Keeper

    1999 Honda CBR1100XX - $2,500 OBO

    That bikini though, Yummy
  7. The Krypt Keeper

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    Political posts are like oil posts.. no one wins
  8. The Krypt Keeper

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    Sorry Scott for the drama in your sale ad,
  9. The Krypt Keeper

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    What is one sided is all those screaming at trump for all he has exposed wrong with DC. He is nuttier than squirrel turds but is clearly showing those who pay attention how currupt and fucked over the American people have been for decades. Or Could just have Hillary and continue down the same path. Sorry your family left Scott. If all they can do is pack up and leave because of what has happened and shown wrong with DC business as usual.. Good riddance, America first, your feelings second.
  10. The Krypt Keeper

    'Race' Banshee

    Seems to like you working on it. Better than the guy who cant work on it and just sells it off.. Wish we could ride at work. Only a select few can. They get away with it by saying they are checking out the property. No joy riding on site allowed.
  11. The Krypt Keeper

    Goldbird on Craigslist AZ

    6.34 gal is the FI capacity
  12. The Krypt Keeper

    'Race' Banshee

    Sell it back to him plus time, labor and beer
  13. The Krypt Keeper

    'Race' Banshee

    Talking yourself out of it...
  14. The Krypt Keeper

    'Race' Banshee

    Why sell, just enjoy. These guy did drag racing quads. They had a christmas tree and everything for their play area of local antics betting and tuning. Then would go to the sand drags at Newtown Dragway to run for money. Worked with a few and would bring to work and ride the property. People would then go buy a stock honda 450 and run 104 or 110 gas in them thinking they would have a chance to compete with people that have 10 grand in their engine alone. After you test ride it you will either keep it or be scared. Love the smell of 2stroke in the afternoon