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  1. 1st world problems of lifting bike off side stand and rolling it on its own wheels. Track bikes have no side stands and even still move easily and park in wheel chock.
  2. Depends on my area of riding, this is all on 87 ethanol fuel. Motorcycle trip with a buddy, 51mpg stock gearing, saddlebags, tail bag and my 240lb butt. Then also done 100 miles and had gauge blinking after a few strolls through the favorite mountain roads in 2nd gear.
  3. 180 to 190 on average before blinking and even then got a gallon or so left.
  4. His bike is a 2002 zx7R and indeed have cooper ngk plugs in it. Cooper ngk plugs went back in also. $3 each. Maybe he should read the manual
  5. Quick search on kawi website had check/gap or replace 7,500/15,000/24,000/30,000 and add 6,000 for all mileage above 30,000 damn..
  6. The tire issue is because you replaced a worn out tire with a brand new.. hopefully it does feel better. Buddy gave me shit 2 weeks ago for changing my xx plugs, He whined that it was a waste of money and a bunch of shit based on changing plugs in cars at longer intervals than bikes. This past Saturday at the gap his bike was stumbling, burning rich and asked me to help him fix it. 19,700 miles, origional plugs were the reason. 3 were way long over due and 1 so bad off it couldn't be firing. Corroded and rusty. I let him borrow my xx to go pick up new plugs. Then read his text messages back to him and friends that were nice enough to watch us and not leave us.
  7. Was downstairs tearing down my XX and putting my sons bike back together listening to spotify. I like it better than pandora, far better better selection of songs and similar artists they throw in are better also. Bye bye pandora
  8. I use pandora and listen to pod casts constantly, probably close to 40 hrs a week. My issue with Pandora for example, I listen to Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie channels and get some pretty weak ass crap tossed in constantly. The ads don't bother me so much, but you like one different song and the channel goes from Manson to Hanson pretty damn quick. Prime is another option like Carlos mentioned along with Samsung music is another. I have yet to use spotify, would have to check with my son on the latest greatest. Podcasts and audio books tossed in breaks up the music. If someone ever looked at my podcasts and audiobook list though, I would be deemed a schizophrenia homicidal manic. Its nothing but cold cases, murder mysteries, dark stories and a couple hunting podcasts like Meat Eater by Steve Rinella. Some audio books I have listened to in the past are pretty messed up. Stephen King doesn't hold a match to some stories I have listened to,
  9. Triumph daytona has them. Only issue I have seen is the o-rings dry up and need replacing
  10. S21 or S22 Just spooned a fresh set on this past weekend and hitting the gap in 2 weeks for 4 days.
  11. i would have inserted a cat into the shed with kitty door to come and go as it pleases..
  12. Got some tri-flow left over from my sons kart racing. Seems to be good stuff, If you can ever find it. Royal purple makes a spray lube.. good stuff as well
  13. i just want to know how someone wears out the brake pads in 13k miles? that is a lot of braking either way EBC or Vesrah is what I like to use. Doubt you will find Vesrah for the XX, mostly used for track duty common bikes.
  14. Back of license plate. After destroying a couple stickers on the fork tube due to fork rebuilds I put them back there. The one and only time an officer stood there looking as I was getting my license from my tank bag I kindly said "back side of plate", he gave a quick glance and all was well again.
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