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  1. Talk to a few people who do lot clearing and preparation for home building. The will know what you need to take care of driveway installation and how to grade it to allow proper water drainage/flow Your friend with dumptruck should know where to get the stone at contractor prices and save you some $$$ on getting stones from the quarries and not at the upcharged happy harry home owner prices they will sell to the average person. Be sure to check with any lines underground and permits that might be needed. A good equipment operator and truck driver are worth their weight in gold in doing a quality job. Talk to your buddy about anyone he recommends doing it.
  2. Fresh virgin ground? Never driven on with anything? Would start with some #3 size crushed stone which is roughly mostly 1.5 to 2.5 inch stone. Similar to what is used by loggers or contractors when placing a new driveway. Would recommend getting the chosen path you want done graded and crowned and look for proper ways to flow and control water away from the driveway and also not create large washouts or erode anything. Can use stone and corrugated pipe for drainage. After all that fun and the base size materials are placed and established into the ground.. you can go back over them later with a 57 size stone.. mostly a 1/2" to a 3/4" size stone.. but make sure the other stone is well packed and established... wont happen over night and take time for the stone to lock itself together. You got acess to equipment? Give me the diminsions of the drive you intend to put in and I can easily tell you how much stone you will need.
  3. Bird of love is the dove Bird of true love is the swallow
  4. Gotcha... the gauges look nice.. not really blinding at all. Come do mine
  5. What does the highbeam indicator light look like? That one on my 02 is blue and blinding to me when in use.
  6. Would check to make sure you are sending power from that relay to the fuel pump itself. Just because its clicking doesnt mean the power is being sent out. (Just went through this headache on a fan relay a couple weeks ago) can swap the relays around from fan to fuel pump really quick to rule out relay. If you are getting power sent to the pump, check the pump ground connections and see if that helps. My Next step would be to unplug battery from bike, unplug fuel pump connector and jump it with the battery directly to see if it even comes to life. If it does you know it works, Also gives time for ecu to clear itself before connecting battery back up and see it that helped as well..
  7. Infrared light color with matching lens gives the best performance, imagine picking a different color will help dim it down but seems counter intuitive to go down this path. Going from 25 to 90 lumens for a dash bulb just sounds extreme. Hence why i suggested trying to replace with oem bulb
  8. I would go with IR light bulbs then to be sure
  9. Might just be old bulbs being dim and need replacing. Might be worth a shot to try. Thinking thst going too bright might cause a distraction in itself. 90 lumens is bright for a display bulb
  10. Start with checking the fuse to ensure its good and clear of any possible crustiness. Then check fuel relay. If all things are really quiet turn key to on position and click the on/off switch to "on" and should hear a small click sound as the coil in the relay is given power. Report back what you find.
  11. Posting for my friend who leaves for boot camp in a month. Few of us here has rode with him in Lancaster PA. 17400 miles power commander k&n air filter secondary flies are removed New handlebars to move them forward but I still have the OEM bars. $7000 Bike is located in Spotsylvania VA Was serviced and got new tires installed last year. If interested send me a PM will get you contact info.
  12. Fan

    at idle the fan will draw more current that stator produces fans aren't made to run all the time, hook up a simple on/off switch to handlebar if you are worried about temps as opposed to leaving it on.. take it too a radiator shot to be drilled and fitted with the correct female fitting to work properly..
  13. with some little know how of ebay shopping and turning wrenches it can all be done. Pretty sure if you ran into any issues a message to Mike could probably resolve it as well.. He did an awesome write up
  14. If you have the funds and time to source the parts to do a full ZXX swap/conversion out front and back I would say yes. Gaining better suspension and braking ability really makes the XX keep up with the modern times. Her lines are timeless but her technology is 20yrs old