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  1. Probably some form of galvanic corrosion from being held constantly by another tool that's exposed to a lot of peppers and scotch. 😁
  2. Biometrix


    About 20 years ago I decided to ask a programmer at work exactly what she did. I was genuinely interested and also, she was a pretty hot Japanese chick so that's why I chose her. I believe she was developing something in Visual Basic? Could have been something else. I watched for about five minutes...and in that five minutes I can attest that my lifetime curiosity quota in programming had been completely fulfilled.
  3. Its dangerous when the copper is green or white, powdery and falls apart and/or when the insulation cracks and falls off in pieces. I would have had no hesitation just using those stripped ends as-is for an extension cord but that's just me. Maybe if they were blacker I would have shined them up a bit with some emery cloth but otherwise wouldn't have fucked around with it.
  4. Also a big fan of pocket screws. Have recently switched back to dowels from biscuits for edge gluing. No specific reason, just because. Basically I'll use any method that prevents me from having to go through the face of the wood with any type of fastener. I feel like if I have to putty a nail hole or use a button to cover a screw head on a wood face that will show grain (i.e. not painted) that I've failed the project. Finish head screws are great though IMO for painted projects. Good hold but very small hole to cover.
  5. As long as you clamp it and the surfaces are prepared properly and you use decent wood glue, you can't beat a glue bond. My 8th grade shop teacher taught me that. Nails are the weakest, screws second. I share your method of minimizing or even completely avoiding mechanical fasteners when woodworking.
  6. Well perhaps, but Behr still has it in their instructions on the can: "Intermix containers of same product to ensure color and sheen uniformity"
  7. Well you haven't tried matte or satin yet. Paint could have reacted with the sealer and changed the sheen I guess. Who knows. Getting wall paint to match perfectly is always hit or miss. Paint can even be slightly different if you buy two or more gallons of the same stuff, same color at the same time. If you buy more than one gallon of the same, "technically" you're supposed to mix the gallons together in a bigger container. I saw a house painter do it once and asked why.
  8. Well that sucks although roasted is pretty good. I don't think I willingly ate any green vegetables until I was well into my 20's. It was only then when I started to learn to cook and realized the difference between frozen and fresh and steaming vs. killing them in boiling water. I have the OR26A SNP that makes cilantro taste like soap which sucks when I forget to ask or pay attention to the menu and suddenly feel like I have a mouth full of Dawn dish detergent.
  9. So I freeze fresh veggies because any bought frozen from the store simply suck in comparison. Freezing without blanching is likely to make them taste worse. It will definitely make them look worse as blanching helps maintain the color and texture. Under blanching and over blanching also make them taste bad. It's an art and science to get it right. I only steam blanch which takes a little longer but I think submersing them in boiling water leaches more flavor. That may be subjective but it's what I believe so... Anyhow, I steam blanch Broccoli for 5 minutes. Exactly 5 fucking minutes from when I put the lid on the steamer to when I dump them into ice water to stop the cooking. You can find the times for all veggies on the Google and they should be different for boiling vs. steaming. I also steam cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. Those are also 5 minutes each unless the Brussel sprouts are medium not small, then I will do them for 6 minutes. I also cut up the broccoli and cauliflower into about 1.5" florets first. Most other veggies I just buy fresh and use them up quickly enough so I don't have to freeze them but the others I use so often I like to keep them on hand frozen. So...experiment with times but no I don't suggest that you just throw fresh veggies in the freezer because that's kinda a proven sciency thing not to do for best results.
  10. Eggshell - Glossier than Flat, Flatter than Semi-Gloss. Or Matte or Satin. There are three sheens between flat and Semi-gloss.
  11. False! If you don't let the electrons drain, you can get a dangerous voltage spike the next time you use the extension cord.
  12. Lol...says the guy running unvented gas heaters that are spewing out condensation because of lack of ventilation.
  13. Amazon is your friend. There's a bunch of plug-in heating/cooling thermostats like this. EconoHome Adjustable Thermostat - Universal Plugin Heating & Cooling Thermostat - Compatible with Most EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heaters by Green N Urban Learn more: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08HNHBC8P/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_0H7NE7P97VAV80XFRAK2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Well I wouldn't say that but he was asking about condensation not killing himself and his family with unvented gas heaters. I run an LP heater in my woodshop but I make sure to have decent ventilation through other means, like opening a window and having a fan running. I think that most of the unvented gas heaters warn not to run them continuously. I would never run an unvented gas heater in my house. Seems like a good way of rolling the dice on whether you'll wake up in the morning.
  15. Yup! Unvented gas heaters produce a significant amount of moisture in the air since it's not vented out of the house and then that moisture will condensate on the coldest surfaces which appears to be your windows. It's just normal and you might be able to reduce it by better insulating the inside of the windows but that moisture is still going somewhere. Propane heat produces about 1.6 lbs of water for every 1 lb of propane burned. Natural gas will produce about 1/4 gallon of water per hour for a 20,000 BTU heater.
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