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  1. +1. Landscape fabric + river rocks. No more mowing. Plant a bush if you have to. Any weeds either pull out easily or just spray them with Round Up or the vegetation killer of your choice. Done.
  2. Did you put the gas tank back on again? If not, that might be your problem.😉
  3. Doubtful you did any harm. I keep both our bikes on the battery tenders constantly whenever they're sitting in the garage and as John said, for months at a time over the winter. Once it's charged, the Tender should go into "maintenance" mode.
  4. I put in Reolink system from Amazon. Love it! It came with a 8 Channel Network Video Recorder with a 2TB drive. It's a PoE system so the cameras are powered through the network cables. I ran CAT 6 to 6 cameras that look at every door, my workshop and my driveway. The cameras are 5MP Super HD 2560x1920. I can view them through the NVR, my desktop computer or my phone. All local storage, no cloud, no monthly fees. The NVR with four cameras was on sale for $349 and I bought two more at about $49 each. I think the regular price for the NVR with 4 cameras was about $399. Spent another $100 or so on the CAT 6 cable (I put my own RJ45 connectors on). It actually comes with the network cables but they are only about 50 ft long and some of my runs were closer to 100-120 feet. Here's a shot of the night vision mode I just took. Except for the landscape lights out front it is pitch dark here right now. In the daytime the color and clarity is very good to excellent. I think they have a 4K system now and they also have quite a few different cameras to choose from. Edit: Added a daytime shot and a digital zoom of my mailbox from the driveway cam.
  5. This is what I know about sump pumps. You don't need them...until you do and then you'll be happy you had one. I had one in my house in NJ. It was always dry. Had cobwebs in it so never paid much attention to it. Then one winter, it snowed, then melted a little, then froze, then rained...a lot. The frozen snow formed a perfect catch basin for the rain against one of my basement windows and then basically all the rain in my back yard started draining into my basement through the window (around the frame). I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a waterfall...in my house. Sump pump was dead so I had about six inches of water in my basement before I could get another pump hooked up and running (Dad still lived nearby and had a spare). So the point is that just because you have never had water down there doesn't mean that you will never have water down there. Shit happens. Don't disable it.
  6. I'm just repeating what the electrician told me. He's putting in the sub panel and making the connection to the main panel and pounding in the new 8' ground rod. I'm just putting in the conduit and pulling the wire he specified plus the two extra that I want. He's the one who said either 1.5" or 2" conduit but it was my call. Anyhow...I went with 2".
  7. Well fuck! See, this is what happens when you blindly rely on the advice of others. One of my field techs (who normally is pretty sharp) is the guy who installed my PoE camera system and strongly suggested the shielded Cat6. Clearly based on a quick Google search it appears this was unnecessary and I know now it's not grounded at all. I think I'll have him climb up in my attic again now and replace the shielded to the other cameras with regular Cat 6 as penance. Thanks for the heads up on that.
  8. The jurisdiction in question will not be privy to this particular project. I was thinking 2" also but didn't want to over-do it. The 2" conduit body boxes just seem huge. Yes, the Cat 6 is for a PoE camera. The others are all run with shielded Cat 6. If you mean grounding of the sub panel, also yes...it will need a separate ground at the garage. If you mean some other type of grounding then I am at a loss and would welcome your advice.
  9. I'm running a 6/3 line from my main panel to a new 60 amp sub panel in a detached garage. I would also like to pull an RG6 and Cat 6 cable (both shielded). It's going in buried conduit so would you use 1-1/2" or 2" conduit?
  10. Do you mean like a dryer or rangehood vent? They have "flappers" to prevent air (and mice and bugs) from getting back in when the blower isn't running. Also, did I read correctly that your bathroom fan vents into the attic? That's not right and they should be at least vented to the eaves but ideally outside. Maybe I'm missing the problem here but I read through the posts twice.
  11. Ok so I learned something new...some people have outside dryers. Honestly didn't know that was a thing but doesn't seem to apply in this case anyhow. However with regard to the melting wire issue, I have no input on the repair but am also concerned about the cause. Two things I have heard that can cause overheat are blocked dryer vent and/or dirty lint filter. Assume you have checked both of these? Perhaps look beyond the obvious. Sometimes lint can get jammed down in the filter if it's the kind you slide in and out. Also vents can get clogged by a number of things including mice getting in through the outside vent and expiring. Just because you can feel warm air coming out the vent doesn't mean it's not at least partially blocked. Anyhow if it's neither of those then good luck and I hope you remedy the issue. Would hate to see it cause a fire or worse.
  12. Where is this happening? The only outdoors dryer I've ever seen consisted of a line strung between two points suspended above the ground or some variation of that specifically designed to expose clothes to the outside air...and sun. Is this a southern thing?
  13. Any chance you would sell just the Sargent seat? I would also give you the stock seat in return if you don't have the original?
  14. That would be my question too. Sounds like the bird is working just fine now but bike batteries can be fickle once stressed. If it's an older battery I would replace it just for peace of mind and cheap insurance so your trip doesn't get jacked up.
  15. Great deal for someone. Barely broken in with that mileage. Black Cherry is a much coveted paint color in the FJR continuum.
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