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  1. 1400 sq ft single level living space. Not heating attached garage or basement "yet" (that's another 1900 sq. ft.). Combo boiler/tankless water heater is 18K to 120K BTU/H for heating and 18K to 199K BTU/H for hot water. They installed 11 baseboard radiators, 3 zones, 420 ft. of 3/4" copper, and of course the main unit w/exhaust and intake and all the doo-dads. Also took away the old 50 gallon water heater. Already had the 500 gallon propane tank installed (buried) 2 years ago. 2-4 guys were here for a full 5 days (although one was an apprentice)...Total was about $15K.
  2. Thanks. I'm pretty happy with the final result. Will be happier this winter when I can compare electric usage vs. last year. They told me that the crimping tool (big Milwaukee deal with the crimper jaws) costs near $3000 each. I suppose you have to do a lot of plumbing to make that pay off. All said and done they ran about 420 feet of 3/4" copper. They're supposed to come in once a year to do the system maintenance and he mentioned something about de-scaling but I stopped paying attention after they said they'd be doing all the maintenance. I know how to turn it on and off, shut off the gas a
  3. This is actually a pretty compact and simple system compared to some of my prior houses. You should see one that's plumbed for hot water or steam heat cast iron radiators. You basically need to dedicate 1/4 of your basement to those systems. Innoflue S636...the installer gave me a little schooling on why they use it even though it's not code here. Guess you two would be on the same page.
  4. Meh...cold water comes in, hot water goes out to either heat the house or take a shower. I'll be happy if I can remember my kid's names in ten years.
  5. Our new to us, downsized empty nest forever home has been a work in progress for the last two years. The utilities were all electric when we bought it. Electric baseboard heat, electric water heater, electric range etc. Since we're kinda out in the boonies there was no natural gas available and I wanted to also install a gas range so I had a 500 gallon propane tank put in the ground pretty much before we even moved in. This week was the conversion to a propane fired 3-zone hot water baseboard heating system and a tank-less on-demand hot water system. I am very pleased with the workmanship, tid
  6. They actually make a tool more specific to clamping those babies down that the square part of the clamp fits into and then the tool ratchets it down to the proper tension then releases. That's what I have and have been using as I replace all the copper in my house with Pex. They are pretty sweet.
  7. Lol...Guilty! I made one of those. It's 40' long and stored right next to my generator. I'm pretty proud of it too.
  8. Oh god I wish! I have about 3-4 inches of top soil and then shale. Lots and lots of hard slivers of shale intermingled with other rocks. I cannot dig any holes without the assistance of a shale bar (digging bar, post hole bar whatever you want to call it). It fucking sucks!
  9. See, just another example of why we had to gain independence from your oppressive rule. I think the 12th or maybe its the 39th amendment to our constitution grants us freedom to run electrical power in any manner which may quite likely kill us in the future.
  10. +1. Landscape fabric + river rocks. No more mowing. Plant a bush if you have to. Any weeds either pull out easily or just spray them with Round Up or the vegetation killer of your choice. Done.
  11. Did you put the gas tank back on again? If not, that might be your problem.😉
  12. Doubtful you did any harm. I keep both our bikes on the battery tenders constantly whenever they're sitting in the garage and as John said, for months at a time over the winter. Once it's charged, the Tender should go into "maintenance" mode.
  13. I put in Reolink system from Amazon. Love it! It came with a 8 Channel Network Video Recorder with a 2TB drive. It's a PoE system so the cameras are powered through the network cables. I ran CAT 6 to 6 cameras that look at every door, my workshop and my driveway. The cameras are 5MP Super HD 2560x1920. I can view them through the NVR, my desktop computer or my phone. All local storage, no cloud, no monthly fees. The NVR with four cameras was on sale for $349 and I bought two more at about $49 each. I think the regular price for the NVR with 4 cameras was about $399. Spent another $
  14. This is what I know about sump pumps. You don't need them...until you do and then you'll be happy you had one. I had one in my house in NJ. It was always dry. Had cobwebs in it so never paid much attention to it. Then one winter, it snowed, then melted a little, then froze, then rained...a lot. The frozen snow formed a perfect catch basin for the rain against one of my basement windows and then basically all the rain in my back yard started draining into my basement through the window (around the frame). I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a waterfall...in my house. Sump pump
  15. I'm just repeating what the electrician told me. He's putting in the sub panel and making the connection to the main panel and pounding in the new 8' ground rod. I'm just putting in the conduit and pulling the wire he specified plus the two extra that I want. He's the one who said either 1.5" or 2" conduit but it was my call. Anyhow...I went with 2".
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